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Concrete transport truck

McNeilus manufactures concrete transport trucks, and refuse collection vehicles in Dodge Center, Minnesota, where it is the largest employer.

The firm was created by Garwin and his brother Dennis McNeilus on July 21, 1970, and later sold to Oshkosh Corporation (NYSEOSK), in 1997. In addition to manufacturing and new vehicle sales and leasing, McNeilus also sells parts and used vehicles, and provides parts and service for past products.


  • Concrete Mixer Products
    • Standard Mixer
    • Bridgemaster
    • Oshkosh S-Series
    • Revolution SMS Sliding Mixer
    • S-Series Revolution

Garbage Trucks

  • Front Loaders
    • Atlantic
    • Contender
    • Meridian
  • Side Loaders
    • ZR Side Loader
    • AutoReach Automated
    • M/A Manual/ Automated Side Loader
  • Rear Loaders
    • Standard
    • Tag Axle
    • Heavy Duty
    • XC Extra Compaction
    • Metro-PAK
    • McNeilus M5



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