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McSweeney Is a surname of Irish origin. It is the Anglicized form of the Old Irish "MacSuibhne", son of Suibhne, a male given name from "suibneus, suaimhneas", easy-going, pleasant. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ailis McSweeney (born 1983), Irish sprinter specialising in the 100 metre event
  • Alex McSweeney, British actor who appeared on the TV show EastEnders (2003–2004)
  • Alf McSweeney, printer who founded the magazine Race Walking Record in 1941, and edited the magazine for 16 years
  • Barry McSweeney, Irish scientist and the first Chief Science Advisor to the Government of Ireland
  • Dave McSweeney (born 1981), English footballer, senior career began in 2000
  • David McSweeney (politician) (born 1965), Investment banker who was the Republican candidate in Illinois's 8th congressional district election, 2006
  • Ella McSweeney (born ca. 1975), Irish radio and television presenter and producer
  • Ervin McSweeney (born 1957), New Zealand cricketer who played 16 One Day Internationals in the 1980s
  • James McSweeney (born 1980), English mixed martial arts fighter and former Muay Thai kickboxer
  • John McSweeney, known as John Zewizz (born 1955), English-born American industrial music performer
  • John McSweeney (politician) (1890–1969), United States congressman representing Ohio
  • Joyelle McSweeney (born 1976), poet, critic, and professor at the University of Notre Dame
  • Leah McSweeney (born 1982), founder and CEO of the "Married to the MOB" clothing line
  • Leon McSweeney (born 1983), Irish footballer, senior career began in 2000
  • Miles Benjamin McSweeney (1855–1909), 87th Governor of South Carolina (1899–1903)
  • Neil McSweeney (born 1976) Songwriter and musician based in Sheffield, England
  • Peter McSweeney (1842–1921), merchant and politician who represented the Northumberland division in Canadian Senate (1899–1921)
  • Robyn McSweeney (born 1957), Australian politician, member of the Legislative Council in the state of Western Australia
  • Trash McSweeney, Australian musician and lead singer for the band The Red Paintings

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