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Country  Lebanon
Governorate Beqaa
District Rashaya
 • Total 5.86 sq mi (15.18 km2)
Elevation 3,261 ft (994 m)
Mdoukha is located in Lebanon
Shown within Lebanon
Alternate name Jebel Kassir
Location 72 kilometres (45 mi) east of Beirut
Region Rashaya
Coordinates 33°36′23″N 35°52′37″E / 33.606389°N 35.876944°E / 33.606389; 35.876944
Cultures Roman
Site notes
Condition Ruins
Public access Yes
Website Mdoukha Village Website

Mdoukha (Arabic: مدوخا‎) is a village and municipality situated 72 kilometres (45 mi) east of Beirut in Rashaya District, Beqaa Governorate, Lebanon.[1][2] The village's population is Sunni.[3]

عدنان حسين عساف Mdoukha , one of the most beautiful villages in the Rachaya District of Lebanon. It lies in the Beqaa Valley, about 15 Km northwest of Mount Hermon, 70 Km from the capital Beirut and lays 1150 m above sea level. Villages that surround Mdoukha are Kherbet Rouha , Ayn Araab, , Al-Berih, Bakka , Al-Rafid and Kafardenis. Mdoukha's Population : 3300 people and 60% of them live in London Ontario Canada . With modern architecture and the building of new home , Mdoukha never lost its historical image represented by the old houses. Mdoukha's Family Names : Abdo , Abdulhamid , Abdulkarim , Assaff , Birani , Borhot , Chahbar , Chams , Elkhateb , Hage , Hammoud , Jambein , Meddoui , Merhi , Moussa , Nazzali , Omar , Soufan , Zabian and Youssef . you will feel so Welcomed when you enter any home of Mdoukha . Alternate name for Mdoukha is Jebel Kassir . Adnan Hussein Assaff . Thanks


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