Mom, Dad and Her

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Mom, Dad and Her
Mom, Dad and Her FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Anne Wheeler
Written by Story:
Becky Ayers
Tia Ayers
Anna Sandor
Starring Melora Hardin
Paul McGillion
Music by Graeme Coleman
Cinematography Paul Mitchnick
Edited by Tony Kent
Insight Film Studios
Distributed by Lifetime Television
Release date
12 July 2008 (Canada)
Country United States
Language English

Mom, Dad and Her (also called Just Breathe) is a 2008 television film directed by Anne Wheeler starring Melora Hardin and Paul McGillion. It was filmed in Fort Langley, Langley Township, British Columbia, Canada.


A bitter teen (Sydney), from a broken home, is sent to live with her remarried father (Ben), who hopes to make amends with his daughter as he moves on with his new wife (Emma) and baby. At first Sydney lashes out, feeling abandoned yet again. Sydney misses her boyfriend, her city life and doesn't get on with her dad or stepmom. She unexpectedly finds herself connecting with her new stepmother, who is nervously expecting her first child. Slowly she starts to settle in as she makes friends with Jess, a local girl whose mother died of cancer. However, it is the relationship with her stepmother, and the birth of the new baby that finally heals the wounds left by her parent's bitter divorce.


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