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MeCard is a data file similar to vCard but used by NTT DoCoMo in Japan in QR code format for use with Cellular Phones.

It is largely compatible with most QR-readers for smartphones. It is an easy way to share a contact with the most used fields. Usually, devices can recognize it and treat it like a contact ready to import.

The following QR Code image is an example containing the text: MECARD:N:Doe,John;TEL:13035551212;;;

QR Code MeCard example


Its main advantage is the simplicity: It is very intuitive.

It is based in UTF-8 (which is ASCII compatible), the fields are separated with one semicolon (";"), the tags are very readable, they are separated with a colon (":") and --maybe the most important reason-- compared with vCard it needs very few chars which is important for the size of a QR Code.


Compared to vCard, MeCard format only stores one single contact, a few labels, and a few data pieces to be set in a typical phonebook.


MeCard format starts with the tag "MECARD:" and it finishes with two semicolons (";;")

The supported tags include:

Tag i-mode compatible bar code recognition function Description Example
ADR 3.0 The physical delivery address. The fields divided by commas (,) denote PO box, room number, house number, city, prefecture, zip code and country, in order. ADR:,,123 Main St.,Springfield,IL,12345,USA;
BDAY 3.0 8 digits for date of birth: year (4 digits), month (2 digits) and day (2 digits), in order. BDAY:19700310;
EMAIL 1.0 The address for electronic mail communication.;
N 1.0 A structured representation of the name of the person. When a field is divided by a comma (,), the first half is treated as the last name and the second half is treated as the first name. N:Doe,John;
NICKNAME 3.0 Familiar name for the object represented by this MeCard. NICKNAME:Johnny;
NOTE 1.0 Specifies supplemental information to be set as memo in the phonebook. NOTE:I am proficient in Tiger-Crane Style,\nand I am more than proficient in the exquisite art of the Samurai sword.;
SOUND 1.0 Designates a text string to be set as the kana name in the phonebook. When a field is divided by a comma (,), the first half is treated as the last name and the second half is treated as the first name.
TEL 1.0 The canonical number string for a telephone number for telephony communication. TEL:(123) 555-5832;
TEL-AV 2.0 The canonical string for a videophone number communication. TEL-AV:(123) 555-5832;
URL 3.0 A URL pointing to a website that represents the person in some way. URL:

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