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#MeTwo is a hashtag that spread to the general public and the mass media from mid-2018 as a result of the controversy surrounding Mesut Özil. The hashtag goes back to the social activist Ali Can, who encouraged those affected to use it in their tweets to draw attention to the extent of racist harassment and racist attacks. Since then, this hashtag has been used thousands of times in Germany. International media also reported on this hashtag, which is based on the MeToo movement. "MeTwo" was chosen to draw attention to the fact that one can also have two nationalities.


Ali Can opened the "hotline for concerned citizens" to fight racism as a result of the rise of right-wing populist forces in Europe. Later, with the hashtag "MeTwo", he wanted to draw attention to the increasing racism of everyday life. After the Mesut Özil debate on racism, who raised serious accusations against the DFB and civil society, the hashtag gained wide recognition. The hashtag was shared a thousand times and met with a broad response in national and international media.[1][2][3]


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