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Mainland China version cover
Studio album by Super Junior-M
Released China April 23, 2008
South Korea April 30, 2008
Taiwan May 2, 2008
August 1, 2008 (Re-release)
Recorded 2007–2008
Genre Mandopop, alternative, R&B, dance, electropop
Length 46:05
Language Mandarin
Label SM Entertainment, Avex Taiwan
Producer Soo-Man Lee
Super Junior-M chronology
Super Girl
(2009)Super Girl2009
Singles from 迷 (Me)
  1. "U"
    Released: April 8, 2008
  2. "Me"
    Released: September 14, 2008

Me (Chinese: ; pinyin: ) is the first studio album by Mandopop boy band Super Junior-M. Me was released in CD stores in selected provinces of China starting April 23, 2008. A Korean version of the album with three bonus Korean tracks was released in South Korea on April 30, 2008. Modified versions of the album were distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, and other Asian countries on May 2, 2008.[1]

Avex Taiwan released an Asia Deluxe Edition repackage of the album on August 1, 2008, which not only includes the three bonus Korean tracks, but also a DVD.[2]


Super Junior-M is Super Junior's third official sub-unit after Super Junior-K.R.Y and Super Junior-T, and debuted in China on April 8, 2008 with the release of their first promotional single, "U", a Mandarin remake of Super Junior's 2006 best-selling Korean single, "U." The album was recorded in Korea and took over three months to complete. Henry, a new addition to Super Junior-M, contributed in the album with violin instrumentals while Zhou Mi, also a new addition to the group, composed the lyrics of three tracks.

Unlike the original version, the title song "U" involved new incorporations of a new jazz swing style, with new acoustic guitar arrangements and an added hip-hop dance bridge and violin bridge. Other remakes in the album, such as "Miracle", "Full of Happiness", "Don't Don", "Marry U" and "A Man In Love" are all previous hit singles by Super Junior, and are re-arranged to sound more suitable for the Chinese language, however nonetheless, keeping close to original K-pop vibe. "At Least There's Still You" (至少還有你) is a remake of Sandy Lam's 2000 hit single of the same name. The song is rearranged to a more elegant and modern arrangement, with gentle harmonization that the original single did not have. New tracks such as "Me", "Love Song", "In my Arms", and "The Moment" showcase a variety of music styles representing Super Junior-M's balance in pop music. "Me" is exhilarating modern rock style dance music with refreshing rhythm and an acoustic guitar accompaniment. It is also the album's second single.[3] "Love Song" is a medium tempo dance song with light-hearted lyrics and melodies. "In My Arms" is a mellow R&B ballad with a powerful tempo drum beat; however, it brightens the song with a dreamlike melody and chorus. "The Moment" is a fast dance track with sensuous rap and splendid string incorporation. The last track, "The One", is a composition dedicated to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The ballad incorporates a magnificent and rich chorus behind the melody of a grand violin accompaniment.[4]

Commercial performance[edit]

Me debuted in various Mainland Chinese music charts as soon as it was released on April 30, 2008. Pre-order sales immediately jumped to #1 on Amazon China and other electronic commerces. Me debuted in Taiwan music charts as #2 after its May 2, 2008 release, competing with Sodagreen's new release. The album debuted in Korea's MIAK Monthly Charts as #10.[5] After several weeks of release, Me finally reached #1 in China's Top in Music chart.[6]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "迷 (Me)" – 3:59
  2. "U" (remake of "U") – 4:08
  3. "至少还有你" (remake of "至少還有你" by Sandy Lam) – 4:14
  4. "你是我的奇迹 (Miracle)" (remake of "Miracle") – 3:19
  5. "爱你爱你 (Love Song)" – 2:57
  6. "我抱着我 (In my Arms)" – 3:44
  7. "Don't Don" (remake of "돈 돈! (Don't Don)") – 4:12
  8. "Marry U" (remake of "Marry U") – 3:17
  9. "我的二分之一 (Full of Happiness)" (remake of "행복") – 3:29
  10. "渴望 (A Man In Love)" (remake of "갈증 (A Man In Love)") – 4:33
  11. "这一秒 (The Moment)" – 3:12
  12. "The One" – 5:01
  13. "迷 (Me)" (KOREAN VER.) 1 – 3:59 (Korea bonus track)
  14. "당신이기에" ("至少还有你" KOREAN VER.) 1 – 4:14 (Korea bonus track)
  15. "아이니아이니" ("爱你爱你" KOREAN VER.) 1 – 2:57 (Korea bonus track)

1 Tracks also appear on "Asia Deluxe Edition".

English track listing[edit]

  1. "Charm (Me)" – 3:59
  2. "U" (remake of "U") – 4:08
  3. "At Least There's Still You" (remake of "At Least There's Still You") – 4:14
  4. "You Are My Miracle (Miracle)" (remake of "Miracle") – 3:19
  5. "Love You Love You (Love Song)" – 2:57
  6. "I Hug Myself (In my Arms)" – 3:44
  7. "Don't Don" (remake of "Money Money! (Don't Don)") – 4:12
  8. "Marry U" (remake of "Marry U") – 3:17
  9. "My Half (Full of Happiness)" (remake of "Full of Happiness") – 3:29
  10. "Thirst (A Man In Love)" (remake of "Thirst (A Man In Love)") – 4:33
  11. "This Second (The Moment)" – 3:12
  12. "The One" – 5:01
  13. "Charm (Me)" (KOREAN VER.) 1 – 3:59 (Korea bonus track)
  14. "Because Of You" ("At Least There's Still You" KOREAN VER.) 1– 4:14 (Korea bonus track)
  15. "Ainiaini" ("Love Song" KOREAN VER.) 1— 2:57 (Korea bonus track)

Asia Deluxe Edition DVD track listing[edit]

  1. Debut short trailer clip – Han Geng
  2. Debut short trailer clip – Siwon and Donghae
  3. Debut short trailer clip – Kyuhyun and Henry
  4. Debut short trailer clip – Ryeowook and Zhou Mi
  5. "U - Music video", The Making (Traditional Chinese subtitles)
  6. "U" - Music video" (Traditional Chinese subtitles)


Chart positions[edit]

Mainland China
Chart Debut position Peak position
Beijing Music Charts 1 1
Top in Music 3 1
South Korea
Chart Debut position Peak position
Hanteo Charts 28 16
MIAK K-pop Charts 10 10
Chart Debut position Peak position
G-Music Combo Charts 2 2
G-Music Mandarin Charts 2 2


Derived from both offline and online sales.[5]

Album sales (South Korea)
Month 1
Position 10 23
Sales (7,915) (1,976)
Total 7,915 9,891


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