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Me TV (and its variations) is a branding used for the following television entities:

  • MeTV, a brand of classic television programming, owned by Weigel Broadcasting
  • ME:TV, a former weekday programming block on Nickelodeon, replaced by TEENick
  • ME, the former name of the Italian shopping and movie TV channel previously called "for you"
  • Middle East Television, a Middle Eastern family channel owned by LeSEA Broadcasting, which uses the METV acronym
  • Music & Entertainment Television, an Austin, Texas cable music channel that also uses the ME TV acronym
  • Me TV, a digital television viewer for GNOME
  • MeTV, a fictional television network in the Grand Theft Auto universe, parodying MTV
  • Mētele, a television station broadcasting on channel 6 (digital) in Nagoya, Japan