Meadow Branch

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Meadow Branch
Meadow Branch 20160806.jpg
Meadow Branch within Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area, downstream of the Sleepy Creek Lake impoundment, August 2016.
Country United States
State West Virginia
Counties Berkeley, Morgan
 - right Roaring Run
Landmark Sleepy Creek Lake
 - location West of Shanghai, Berkeley County
 - coordinates 39°26′55″N 78°11′46″W / 39.44861°N 78.19611°W / 39.44861; -78.19611 [1]
Mouth Sleepy Creek
 - location Mount Trimble, Morgan County
 - coordinates 39°38′16″N 78°06′57″W / 39.63778°N 78.11583°W / 39.63778; -78.11583Coordinates: 39°38′16″N 78°06′57″W / 39.63778°N 78.11583°W / 39.63778; -78.11583 [1]
Length 16.7 mi (27 km)
Location of the mouth of Meadow Branch in West Virginia

Meadow Branch is a 16.7-mile-long (26.9 km)[2] tributary stream of Sleepy Creek in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle region. It passes through the Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area, where it is dammed to form the 205-acre (0.83 km2) Sleepy Creek Lake.


Meadow Branch's source lies between Sleepy Creek Mountain (1,905 feet [581 m]) and Third Hill Mountain (2,172 feet [662 m]) near Locks-of-the-Mountain in Berkeley County. Meadow Branch continues between the two mountains northward through the Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area where it joins Roaring Run. Meadow Branch is dammed to form Sleepy Creek Lake, a 205-acre (0.83 km2) impoundment. The stream flows into Morgan County where it meanders through the steep valley created at the northern ends of both Sleepy Creek and Third Hill Mountains. From the valley, Meadow Branch parallels West Virginia Route 9 and empties into Sleepy Creek in Spruce Pine Hollow.

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