Meadow Hall and Wincobank railway station

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Meadowhall and Wincobank
Wincobank Station 09-03-05.jpg
Place Wincobank
Area Sheffield
Coordinates 53°25′29″N 1°25′00″W / 53.424720°N 1.416530°W / 53.424720; -1.416530Coordinates: 53°25′29″N 1°25′00″W / 53.424720°N 1.416530°W / 53.424720; -1.416530
Grid reference SK388921
Original company South Yorkshire Railway
Pre-grouping Great Central Railway
Post-grouping LNER
Platforms 2
1868 Opened
7 December 1953 Closed
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Meadowhall and Wincobank railway station, also known in the 19th century as Meadow Hall, at the time of the Meadow Hall Iron Works, was a railway station on the South Yorkshire Railway near Sheffield, England.

History and description[edit]

The station on the Barnsley to Sheffield branch ("Blackburn Valley Line") of the South Yorkshire Railway, the last station on the southern end of the line before the junction with the Sheffield and Rotherham Railway (Midland Railway).

It served the communities of Brightside, Wincobank and Blackburn.

This southern connection closed in August 1864 when the line to Woodburn Junction opened and a passenger service inaugurated between Sheffield Victoria and Barnsley station. Meadowhall station was opened in August 1868 and had two flanking platforms. The main station building, alongside Blackburn Road, remains and is in good condition. The station closed to passengers on 7 December 1953.

The line through Meadowhall closed completely from Friday, 31 July 1987 having not seen any traffic since 3 April when Class 20 20150 worked from Tinsley yard to Roe Brothers scrap yard and return. The line, from Tinsley South Junction to Meadowhall, was lifted during the following year.

The line was transformed into a cycle path when the South Yorkshire Railway Preservation Society closed in 2004.