Meadow Valley Wash

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Meadow Valley Wash
Meadow Valley Wash 1.jpg
The wash at the Union Pacific gate, north of Moapa
Country United States
State Nevada
Region Lower Colorado-Lake Mead subregion
Counties Lincoln, Clark
 - coordinates 38°11′29″N 114°11′15″W / 38.1913492°N 114.1874827°W / 38.1913492; -114.1874827 [1]
Mouth Muddy River
 - coordinates 36°39′50″N 114°34′19″W / 36.6638612°N 114.5719316°W / 36.6638612; -114.5719316Coordinates: 36°39′50″N 114°34′19″W / 36.6638612°N 114.5719316°W / 36.6638612; -114.5719316 [1]
Basin 2,840 sq mi (7,356 km2) [2]
GNIS feature ID

The Meadow Valley Wash is a southern Nevada stream draining the Meadow Watershed that is bordered on 3 sides by the Great Basin Divide. The wash's Lincoln County headpoint is in the Wilson Creek Range, and the wash includes 2 upper confluences (e.g., the Patterson Wash). Panaca is along the upper wash, and downstream of Caliente is the wash's confluence with its east fork. Just prior to the junction with the Muddy River, the wash flows from Lincoln County into northeastern Clark County. It flows into the Muddy in the Moapa Valley just west of Glendale adjacent to Interstate 15 approximately 40 miles (64 km) northwest of Las Vegas.

In addition to the Wilson Creek Range, the watershed's drainage divide is in the Delamar Mountains (to the west) and the Meadow Valley Range (east). The northern tip of the watershed is a triple watershed point with 2 Great Basin subregions, the Central Nevada Desert Basins & the Escalante-Sevier subregion.[3]


1914 railroad map showing Pioche.
(Expandable photo in WikiCommons)

William Andrews Clark's 1903-1910 railroad that linked Pioche and Panaca operated through the wash until washed out by flooding.[4]


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