Meadowfoam seed oil

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Meadowfoam seed oil is a seed oil, extracted from the seeds of Limnanthes alba (meadowfoam). The seeds contain 20-30% oil. Meadowfoam seed oil is extraordinarily stable, primarily because it contains over 98% long chain fatty acids.[1] Meadowfoam oil is most similar to rapeseed oil, with which it competes directly for the high-volume industrial oilseed applications.[2] Meadowfoam oil is widely used in cosmetic and hair-care applications due to its stability, emolliency and smooth, soft skin feel.[3] The oil in its unpurified form is not suitable for human consumption, primarily because of its erucic acid content.[citation needed]

Average fatty acid content of meadowfoam seed oil[1]
Name Composition range
Eicos-5-enoic acid 58-64%
Docos-5-enoic acid 3-6%
Docos-13-enoic acid (Erucic acid) 10-14%
Docosa-5,13-dienoic acid 15-21%


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