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The Meadowmount School of Music, founded in 1944 by Ivan Galamian, is a 7-week summer school in the town of Lewis (mailing address Westport) in Upstate New York for accomplished young violinists, cellists, violists, and pianists training for professional careers in music.[1] The students receive instruction in chamber music and solo performance techniques, practice four to five hours per day, attend masterclasses, studio classes, guest artist workshops, Alexander Technique and yoga. The extensive campus contains a dining hall, student lounge, infirmary, practice cabins, faculty studios, a concert hall, performance space, recreation areas (tennis, basketball, soccer, table tennis) and student dormitories. Field trips, hiking and off campus events are also offered. Concerts are held three time a week and feature students, faculty and/or guest artists. Master classes are held daily.

The campus was originally the home of suffragist Inez Milholland, who spent summers there on her family's property.

Some of the school's more distinguished alumni include:

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Notable members of the school's faculty have included:


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