Meadowvale Secondary School

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Meadowvale Secondary School
6700 Edenwood Drive

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Coordinates43°34′40″N 79°45′41″W / 43.5779°N 79.7613°W / 43.5779; -79.7613Coordinates: 43°34′40″N 79°45′41″W / 43.5779°N 79.7613°W / 43.5779; -79.7613
School typeState High school
School boardPeel District School Board
SuperintendentCarol Speers
Area trusteeAllison Van Wagner
School number925551
PrincipalAnu Arora
Enrollment1100 (September 2015)
Colour(s)White and Blue         
Last updated: October 19, 2017

Meadowvale Secondary School is a part of the Peel District School Board in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The school's staff are focused on preparing the students for university, college and the workplace. With a large student population, encouraging student engagement is a critical goal. Meadowvale is a multicultural school with people of various backgrounds including Poles, Chinese, Germans, Filipino, South Asians, and Jamaicans. Meadowvale is a diverse school and it appreciates and celebrates its cultural diversity every year at the Multi-Cultural Festival. Two feeder schools for Meadowvale Secondary School are Edenwood Middle School and Lisgar Middle School. In addition, Meadowvale hosts an open house every year to welcome future students to the Meadowvale community by showcasing art work by current students, music performances, drama plays and scientific experiments.

Extra curricular activities[edit]

Meadowvale Secondary School offers many athletic opportunities. and not so athletic opportunities, including: Canadian football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, track and field, swimming, curling, badminton, tennis, cheerleading, and wrestling. Meadowvale recently won the junior ROPSSAA (Region of Peel Secondary Schools Athletic Association) Wrestling Championship, ROPSSAA Junior Boys Tier II Soccer, Senior Girls Tier II ROPSSAA Volleyball, Senior Girls Tier II Rugby twice and ROPSSAA Curling.

In recent years, Meadowvale hosted a Law Symposium where people from various schools participated in mock trials. Furthermore, Meadowvale has developed a green initiative to encourage students to be more environmentally aware of their community by hosting park clean ups and introducing appropriate waste bins.

Meadowvale also has a very active student leadership program including the Link Crew program and the Meadowvale Student Union. These student run clubs are designed to welcome future students and to improve the overall Meadowvale community.

Each year, Meadowvale Secondary School hosts an awards banquet in addition to an honour roll ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments of students in the arts, athletics and in leadership. This is a highly anticipated event that brings together the community to end of each school year with a positive attitude.

Meadowvale Secondary School is also known for its participation in e-sports. The school has its own e-sports team named the Meadowvale Kings. They routinely take part in tournaments within the school board and rarely outside of it. To date, the school has 2 bronze medals in the annual "Peel knows games" charity and 3 gold medals. Alumni of the team include Chen Fang and Yvonne Hong.

In the media[edit]

Meadowvale Secondary School was used as the school for the 1988 B-movie The Brain, in which it was renamed "Meadowvale High School".

Between 1998 and 2000, Meadowvale Secondary School was the test site for a pilot program of the Youth News Network. Based on the American Channel One News, it saw the company Athena Educational Partners provide the school with free television sets and computers. In exchange, students would watch a daily newscast (unless they opted out), which included two and a half minutes of advertising.[1] This provoked protest from a variety of community groups, who disagreed with the idea of showing commercials in the classroom.[2]

Former Meadowvale Secondary School student (Rene Charlebois) and two other former students (Giuseppe (Joseph) Manchisi, Robert Grewal) were murdered in 2004. Convicted sex offender Douglas Moore was arrested and charged for their murders but while awaiting trial in prison he allegedly took his own life to avoid prosecution.[3]

In June 2006, MSS was thrust into the international media spotlight when three of its former students, Fahim Ahmad, Saad Khalid, and Zakaria Amara were charged in an alleged terror plot.[4] A fourth student was charged later.

IBT Program[edit]

In 2013, Meadowvale started the IBT (International Business Technology) program. This regional program enhances student's thinking and gives them a better understanding of the real world, helping them out in Post-Secondary.

Notable alumni[edit]

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