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The Meads Cup is a rugby union trophy named after King Country and All Blacks player Colin Meads. It is contested during the Heartland Championship. It was first awarded in 2006, when the Heartland Championship format was introduced.


Regular Season[edit]

At present, all 12 Heartland Championship teams play 8 games over 8 weeks before the finals. Once finished, the top 4 advance to the Meads Cup finals. The teams ranked 5-8 play for the Lochore Cup. Previously, a pool system was used between 2006 and 2010.


The Meads Cup winner is determined in four-team single-elimination tournament. The semi-final matchups are seeded 1-4 and 2-3, with the higher seed receiving home field advantage. The highest remaining seed hosts the Meads Cup final.


Year Meads Cup Winner
2006 Wbush.png Wairarapa Bush
2007 Northotago.png North Otago
2008 Whanganuicolors.png Wanganui
2009 Whanganuicolors.png Wanganui
2010 Northotago.png North Otago
2011 Whanganuicolors.png Wanganui
2012 Ecoast.png East Coast
2013 Mcantab.png Mid Canterbury
2014 Mcantab.png Mid Canterbury
2015 Whanganuicolors.png Wanganui
2016 Whanganuicolors.png Wanganui
2017 Whanganuicolors.png Wanganui
2018 Thamesvalley.png Thames Valley

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