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Astoria 2
Astoria theatre london oct 2008.jpg
Workmen preparing to demolish the Astoria in October 2008. The entrance to Astoria 2 is on the right of the building under scaffolding.
LocationSoho, London, England
OwnerFestival Republic

The Astoria 2, subsequently known as the LA2 then the Mean Fiddler,[1] was a nightclub at 165 Charing Cross Road in London, England.


The venue was originally a ballroom in the basement of the London Astoria theatre and connected by stairways, so that the two venues could function as a single venue when needed. Like the Astoria, the venue was used for live music as well as night club promotions. At one point the venue was called Bang and was a gay nightclub.[2]

A venue also called Mean Fiddler was previously set up in Harlesden, north west London in 1982.

In June 2006, the Mean Fiddler was sold — together with the London Astoria — to property group Derwent Valley Central, who planned to convert the site into a combination of shops and offices.[3]

In January 2009, the property was compulsorily purchased for Crossrail. Astoria 2 had a closing party, headlined by rock band Open The Skies, with support from Outcry Fire, F.A.T.E and Orakai. The final club night PUSH was held the following day on 15 January 2009, with Cajun Dance Party and Good Shoes being the very last acts to play at Astoria 2.[4] The entire venue has now been demolished.



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