Meander River (Tasmania)

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Meander River
The Meander, flowing through the Deloraine Green.
Origin Great Western Tiers
Mouth South Esk River at Hadspen
Length 112 kilometres (70 mi)
Source elevation approximately 1,300 metres (4,300 ft)[1]
Basin area 1,600 square kilometres (620 sq mi)[1]
River system South Esk
Right tributaries Western Creek, Quamby Brook, Liffey River

The Meander River is a river in the central north of the state of Tasmania, Australia. Until the founding of Westbury in the early 1820s the river was known as The Western River.[2]

It flows from the Great Western Tiers, past its namesake town, Meander, through the major regional town of Deloraine, then eastward, where it flows into the South Esk River near Hadspen.[1]

The damming of the river in 2007 created the artificial reservoir Lake Huntsman. The Meander Hydro Dam provides both electricity and water to the region, and is the second dam on the Meander River.


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