Meandu Creek Dam

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Meandu Creek Dam
Location 26 km South of Kingaroy, Queensland
Coordinates 26°46′28″S 151°53′46″E / 26.7744°S 151.8962°E / -26.7744; 151.8962Coordinates: 26°46′28″S 151°53′46″E / 26.7744°S 151.8962°E / -26.7744; 151.8962
Type reservoir
Basin countries Australia

The Tarong and Tarong North Power Stations source water from the Brisbane River catchment via a pipeline from Wivenhoe Dam. Cooling tower blowdown water is either discharged directly to Tarong Energy's Meandu Creek Dam or supplied to the nearby Tarong Mine owned by Rio Tinto Coal Australia. Excess water from the mine is discharged back to Meandu Creek Dam. Releases from Meandu Creek Dam supply downstream irrigators on Meandu Creek.

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