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This is a partial list of meanings of minor planet names. See meanings of minor planet names for a list of all such partial lists.

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, among others.[1][2][3] Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
10001 Palermo 1969 TM1 Palermo, the capital of Sicily. It was at the Palermo Observatory, on the evening of 1801 Jan. 1, that Giuseppe Piazzi discovered 1 Ceres.
10002 Bagdasarian 1969 TQ1 Aleksandr Sergeevich Bagdasaryan, Russian (Armenian?) radio and electronics engineer
10004 Igormakarov 1975 VV2 Igor' Mikhajlovich Makarov (b. 1927) is known for his research on nonlinear and adaptive systems, artificial intelligence and the choice and acceptance of decisions. He was chief scientific secretary of the Russian Academy of Sciences during 1988-1996.
10005 Chernega 1976 SS2 Nikolaj Akimovich Chernega (b. 1923), a specialist in astrometry and the compilation of catalogues of highly precise stellar coordinates.
10006 Sessai 1976 UR15 Nishiyama Sessai (1735-1798), a Confucian scholar in the Edo period, born at Kamogata, Okayama prefecture.
10007 Malytheatre 1976 YF3 Maly Theatre, Moscow (a.k.a. Ostrovsky's house and "The Second Moscow University"), the oldest Russian theater (founded in 1756)
10008 Raisanyo 1977 DT2 Rai Sanyo (1780-1832), a Confucian scholar in the Edo period, born at Takehara, Hiroshima prefecture.
10009 Hirosetanso 1977 EA6 Hirose Tanso (1782-1856), a Confucian scholar in the Edo period, born at Hita, Oita prefecture.
10010 Rudruna 1978 PW3 RUDruNa, or Rossijskij Universitet Druzhby Narodov, is the Russian University of Friendship of Nations.
10011 Avidzba 1978 QY1 Anatolij Mkanovich Avidzba (b. 1951), an orchardist and viticulturist.
10012 Tmutarakania 1978 RE3 Tmutarakania, a Russian principality in the Tamanian peninsula from the tenth to the twelfth centuries.
10013 Stenholm 1978 RR8 Björn Stenholm, Swedish astronomer
10014 Shaim 1978 SE3 Shaim, a town in the Tyumen province of the Russian Federation. In its environs the first oil field in western Siberia was discovered in 1959.
10015 Valenlebedev 1978 SA5 Valentin Vital'evich Lebedev, Russian cosmonaut and author, founder and director of the Scientific Geoinformation Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences
10016 Yugan 1978 SW7 Yugan is the shortened name of Nefteyugansk, a town in western Siberia that is the center of the drilling operations of Ust'-Balyk and other oil fields.
10017 Jaotsungi 1978 UP2 Jao Tsung-i, alias Xuantang (born 1917), is a world-renowned sinologist, painter and calligrapher.
10021 Henja 1979 QC1 Karin Henja, Swedish crossword compiler
10022 Zubov 1979 SU2 Vladimir Ivanovich Zubov (1930-2000), a Russian mathematician and mechanician.
10023 Vladifedorov 1979 WX3 Vladimir Dmitrievich Fedorov (b. 1933), an outstanding Russian surgeon, scientist and professor.
10024 Marthahazen 1980 EB Martha L. Hazen, American AAVSO councilor, president, and secretary *
10025 Rauer 1980 FO1 Heike Rauer, German astronomer
10027 Perozzi 1981 FL Ettore Perozzi (b. 1957), of Telespazio, Rome, works on solar-system dynamics and on interplanetary mission analysis. He has been involved in the Cassini/Huygens mission and in proposals for missions to comets and minor planets.
10028 Bonus 1981 JM2 Shelley R. Bonus, American astronomer, creator of the "Janet Planet" and "Space E. Tracy" astronomy shows and lectures, assisted in organizing the Palomar Observatory's 1.2-m Schmidt Oschin Telescope plate archive
10029 Hiramperkins 1981 QF Hiram Perkins (1833-1924), a professor of mathematics and astronomy at the Ohio Wesleyan University from 1857 to 1907.
10030 Philkeenan 1981 QG Philip Keenan (1908-2000), a professor of astronomy with the Ohio State University at Perkins Observatory from 1946 until his death.
10031 Vladarnolda 1981 RB2 Vladimir Arnold, Russian mathematician
10034 Birlan 1981 YG Mirel Birlan, Romanian astronomer
10036 McGaha 1982 OF James E. McGaha (b. 1946), a Tucson astronomer, lecturer, U.S. Air Force pilot and skeptic, actively promotes science and the refutation of pseudoscience.
10038 Tanaro 1984 HO1 Tanaro, longest river of Piedmont, Italy.
10039 Keet Seel 1984 LK Keet Seel, an exceptionally well-preserved prehistoric cliff dwelling located in Tsegi Canyon, in what is now the Navajo National Monument in northern Arizona; the name is apparently from a Navajo phrase "kits'iil" or "kin ts'iil" meaning "houses that have been left behind" (1998 Flagstaff Festival of Science asteroid naming contest winner)
10041 Parkinson 1985 HS1 Bradford Parkinson led a team that developed the Global Positioning System with revolutionary tracking technology. The GPS has transformed navigation, recreation, law enforcement and all sciences requiring precise knowledge of location.
10042 Budstewart 1985 PL L. R. ("Bud") Stewart (1903-1979), a cofounder of the Columbus Astronomical Society in 1947 and its first president.
10043 Janegann 1985 PN Jane Gann (1910–1994), a cofounder and first female president of the Columbus Astronomical Society.
10044 Squyres 1985 RU Steven W. Squyres (b. 1956), a professor of astronomy at Cornell University.
10049 Vorovich 1986 TZ11 Izrailevich Vorovich (b. 1920), an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Iosif.
10050 Rayman 1987 MA1 Marc D. Rayman (b. 1956) has been devoted to the exploration of space since childhood and is exceptionally effective at communicating this topic to the public. At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory he was instrumental in the success of Deep Space 1 as chief mission engineer.
10051 Albee 1987 QG6 Arden L. Albee (b. 1928), a Caltech professor of geology and planetary sciences.
10054 Solomin 1987 SQ17 Yurij Mefodievich Solomin (b. 1935), People's artist of the U.S.S.R, is a Russian actor who is especially popular for his parts in several Soviet films.
10055 Silcher 1987 YC1 *
10056 Johnschorer 1988 BX3 John A. Schroer, IV (1956-2014) was a planetarium and space science educator for the Michigan Science Center in Detroit. He was also former president of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association and an avid amateur radio operator. His enthusiasm and love of astronomy opened the universe to school children and the public at large.
10057 L'Obel 1988 CO1 Matthias de L´Obel (Lobelius, 1538-1616), a Flemish physician and botanist.
10060 Amymilne 1988 GL Amy Rae Milne, Canadian environmentalist
10061 Ndolaprata 1988 PG1 Ndola de Jesus Veiga Prata, Angolan medical doctor and public health expert and lecturer
10067 Bertuch 1989 AL6 Friedrich Justin Bertuch (1747-1822), a German author, bookseller and successful liberal employer.
10068 Dodoens 1989 CT2 Rembertus Dodonaeus (1516-1585), a Flemish physician and botanist.
10069 Fontenelle 1989 CW2 Bernard Le Bovier, sieur de Fontenelle (1657-1757), well known for his famous work Entretiens sur la pluralité des mondes (1686).
10070 Liuzongli 1989 CB8 Liu Zongli (b. 1937), a professor of astronomy and astronomer at Beijing National Observatory.
10071 Paraguay 1989 EZ2 Paraguay, a South American country bordered by Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina.
10072 Uruguay 1989 GF1 Uruguay, a country in the south eastern region of South America, bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean.
10074 Van den Berghe 1989 GH4 Frits Van den Berghe (1883-1939), a Belgian painter, considered a master of Flemish Expressionism.
10075 Campeche 1989 GR4 The Bay of Campeche is surrounded by the Mexican states Campeche, Tabasco and Veracrux.
10078 Stanthorpe 1989 UJ3 Stanthorpe, Queensland's wine capital, Australia
10079 Meunier 1989 XD2 Constant Meunier (1831-1905), a Belgian sculptor and painter.
10088 Digne 1990 SG8 Digne, the town in southern France, the capital of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.
10089 Turgot 1990 SS9 Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, Baron de Laune, a French economist.
10090 Sikorsky 1990 TK15 Igor Sikorsky (1889-1972), an aircraft designer.
10091 Bandaisan 1990 VD3 Mount Bandai, Japanese active volcano in Fukushima prefecture
10092 Sasaki 1990 VD4 Katsuhiro Sasaki (b.1941), the director of the Department of Science and Engineering, National Science Museum, Tokyo.
10093 Diesel 1990 WX1 Rudolf Diesel, a German thermal engineer and inventor of the diesel engine.
10094 Eijikato 1991 DK Eiji Kato (b. 1942), together with his wife Naomi, runs a bed and breakfast in Australia and introduces their guests to the wonders of the night sky from their in-house observatory. He also translates comet hunter Seki's webpage into English to reach wider audiences outside Japan.
10095 Carlloewe 1991 RP2 Johann Carl Gottfried Loewe, German composer*
10099 Glazebrook 1991 VB9 Karl Glazebrook (b. 1965), an astronomer at Johns Hopkins University.
10100 Bürgel 1991 XH1 As detailed in his autobiography, Vom Arbeiter zum Astronomen, Bruno H. Bürgel (1875-1948), first employed as a shoemaker, became an assistant at the Urania Sternwarte in Berlin, and later the best known German popular astronomical writer of his time.
10101 Fourier 1992 BM2 Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, French mathematician*
10102 Digerhuvud 1992 DA6 Digerhuvud, stack area on Fårö, Gotland island, Sweden
10103 Jungfrun 1992 DB9 Jungfrun, largest stack on Gotland island, Sweden
10104 Hoburgsgubben 1992 EY9 Hoburgsgubben, a stack on Gotland island, Sweden
10105 Holmhällar 1992 EM12 Holmhällar stack area on Gotland island, Sweden
10106 Lergrav 1992 EV15 Lergrav, a settlement with stacks on Gotland island, Sweden
10107 Kenny 1992 FW1 Kenneth Robert Steel, father of the discoverer
10108 Tomlinson 1992 HM Ray Tomlinson led the way in high-speed communication by developing a software program making it possible to send messages from one mainframe to another and to be sure they went to the right machine through the symbol for "at". Thus, he invented e-mail and revolutionized our lives.
10111 Fresnel 1992 OO1 Augustin-Jean Fresnel, French physicist*
10114 Greifswald 1992 RZ Greifswald, Germany*
10116 Robertfranz 1992 SJ2 *
10117 Tanikawa 1992 TW *
10119 Remarque 1992 YC1 Erich Maria Remarque, German writer*
10120 Ypres 1992 YH2 Ypres, Belgium*
10121 Arzamas 1993 BS4 Arzamas, Russia, on the Tesha River
10122 Fröding 1993 BC5 Gustav Fröding, 19th-century Swedish poet and journalist, several of whose poems were set to music by Sibelius
10123 Fideöja 1993 FJ16 Fide and Öja, sockens on Gotland island, Sweden
10124 Hemse 1993 FE23 Hemse, socken on Gotland, Sweden
10125 Stenkyrka 1993 FB24 Stenkyrka, coastal socken on Gotland, Sweden
10126 Lärbro 1993 FW24 Lärbro, socken on Gotland, Sweden
10127 Fröjel 1993 FF26 Fröjel, socken on Gotland, Sweden
10128 Bro 1993 FT31 Bro, socken on Gotland, Sweden, where an old cairn from the Bronze Age is found, said to be the burial site of Baldur
10129 Fole 1993 FO40 Fole, socken on Gotland, Sweden, where the well-preserved mediaeval house Vatlings is found
10130 Ardre 1993 FJ50 Ardre, a socken on the eastern side of Gotland, Sweden
10131 Stånga 1993 FP73 Stånga, socken on Gotland, Sweden, where annual summer games have been held since 1924
10132 Lummelunda 1993 FL84 Lummelunda, socken on Gotland, Sweden, where a 4-km long cave is found
10136 Gauguin 1993 OM3 Paul Gauguin, French painter*
10137 Thucydides 1993 PV6 Thucydides, Ancient Greek historian*
10138 Ohtanihiroshi 1993 SS1 Ohtani Hiroshi Japanese astronomer*
10139 Ronsard 1993 ST4 Pierre de Ronsard, French poet*
10140 Villon 1993 SX4 François Villon, French poet*
10141 Gotenba 1993 VE *
10142 Sakka 1993 VG1 *
10143 Kamogawa 1994 AP1 *
10146 Mukaitadashi 1994 CV1 *
10147 Mizugatsuka 1994 CK2 Mizugatsuka Park near Mount Fuji*
10148 Shirase 1994 GR9 *
10149 Cavagna 1994 PA Marco Cavagna, Italian amateur astronomer
10151 Rubens 1994 PF22 Peter Paul Rubens, Flemish painter
10152 Ukichiro 1994 RJ11 *
10153 Goldman 1994 UB Stuart J. Goldman, Associate Editor, Sky & Telescope
10154 Tanuki 1994 UH *
10155 Numaguti 1994 VZ2 *
10157 Asagiri 1994 WE1 *
10158 Taroubou 1994 XK *
10159 Tokara 1994 XS4 The Tokara Islands of southern Japan
10160 Totoro 1994 YQ1 *
10161 Nakanoshima 1994 YZ1 Nakanoshima, largest island in the Tokara Islands, Japan, dominated by the picturesque Mount Ontake (Tokara Fuji)
10162 Issunboushi 1995 AL *
10163 Onomichi 1995 BH1 *
10164 Akusekijima 1995 BS1 Akusekijima, an island in the Tokara Islands, Japan, known for its hot spring
10166 Takarajima 1995 BN3 Takarajima, southernmost inhabited island of the Tokara Islands, Japan, famous as the model of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island
10167 Yoshiwatiso 1995 BQ15 Yoshikazu Watanabe (Iso was his mother's maiden name), Japanese meteor observer, council member of the Oriental Astronomical Association, and surveyor of historical records of comets and meteors
10168 Stony Ridge 1995 CN Stony Ridge Observatory, an amateur facility in California
10169 Ogasawara 1995 DK *
10170 Petrjakeš 1995 DA1 Petr Jakeš, Czech geologist and geochemist
10171 Takaotengu 1995 EE8 Takaotengu, legendary supernatural creature of Mount Takao
10172 Humphreys 1995 FW19 *
10173 Hanzelkazikmund 1995 HA Miroslav Zikmund and Jiří Hanzelka, Czech travelers, photographers and documentarists cs:Jiří Hanzelka
10174 Emička 1995 JD Ema Moravcová, daughter of the discoverer
10175 Aenona 1996 CR1 Nin, Croatia
10176 Gaiavettori 1996 CW7 *
10177 Ellison 1996 CK9 Harlan Ellison, American science fiction writer.[4]
10178 Iriki 1996 DD Iriki, an historical town in the Satsuma area, Kagoshima prefecture, Japan (now merged into Satsumasendai, Kagoshima)
10179 Ishigaki 1996 DE *
10181 Davidacomba 1996 FP3 C. David A. Comba, of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada?*
10182 Junkobiwaki 1996 FL5 *
10183 Ampère 1996 GV20 André-Marie Ampère, French physicist*
10184 Galvani 1996 HC19 Luigi Galvani, Italian physicist*
10185 Gaudi 1996 HD21 Antoni Gaudí, Catalan architect*
10186 Albéniz 1996 HD24 *
10188 Yasuoyoneda 1996 JY *
10189 Normanrockwell 1996 JK16 Norman Rockwell, American artist*
10193 Nishimoto 1996 PR1 *
10195 Nebraska 1996 RS5 Nebraska, USA*
10197 Senigalliesi 1996 UO *
10198 Pinelli 1996 XN26 *
10199 Chariklo 1997 CU26 Chariclo, Greek nymph, wife of Chiron*
10200 Quadri 1997 NZ2 *
10201 Korado 1997 NL6 Korado Korlević, Croatian astronomer
10203 Flinders 1997 PQ Matthew Flinders, British navigator and explorer, or his grandson the archaeologist and Egyptologist Flinders Petrie*
10204 Turing 1997 PK1 Alan Turing, British mathematician, logician, cryptographer, and computer scientist*
10205 Pokorný 1997 PX1 Zdeněk Pokorný, Czech astronomer
10207 Comeniana 1997 QA *
10209 Izanaki 1997 QY1 *
10210 Nathues 1997 QV3 *
10211 La Spezia 1997 RG3 *
10213 Koukolík 1997 RK7 František Koukolík, Czech neuropathologist and popularizer of science
10215 Lavilledemirmont 1997 SQ Henri de la Ville de Mirmont or Jean de la Ville de Mirmont, both French writers*
10216 Popastro 1997 SN3 *
10217 Richardcook 1997 SN4 *
10218 Bierstadt 1997 SJ23 *
10219 Penco 1997 UJ5 Umberto Penco, Italian physicist at the University of Pisa
10220 Pigott 1997 UG7 *
10221 Kubrick 1997 UM9 Stanley Kubrick, American film director*
10222 Klotz 1997 UV10 Alain Klotz, French astronomer*
10223 Zashikiwarashi 1997 UD11 *
10224 Hisashi 1997 UK22 Hisashi Hirabayashi, Japanese senior chief officer of JAXA Space Education and director of the Space Education Center, who led the Very Long Baseline Interferometer and Space Observatory Program with the radio satellite HALCA
10226 Seishika 1997 VK5 *
10227 Izanami 1997 VO6 *
10233 Le Creusot 1997 XQ2 *
10234 Sixtygarden 1997 YB8 60 Garden Street, address of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
10237 Adzic 1998 SJ119 *
10239 Hermann 1998 TY30 *
10241 Miličević 1999 AU6 Nikola Miličević, Croatian astronomer and last administrator of Blaca hermitage (or Pustinja Blaca – Blaca monastery) on Brač, Croatia
10242 Wasserkuppe 2808 P-L Wasserkuppe, high plateau, the highest peak in the Rhön Mountains, in the German state of Hesse*
10243 Hohe Meissner 3553 P-L Hohe Meissner*
10244 Thüringer Wald 4668 P-L Thüringer Wald, Thuringia, Germany*
10245 Inselsberg 6071 P-L Inselsberg Mountain, Germany*
10246 Frankenwald 6381 P-L Frankenwald, German mountain range*
10247 Amphiaraos 6629 P-L *
10248 Fichtelgebirge 7639 P-L Fichtelgebirge, German mountain range*
10249 Harz 9515 P-L Harz, German mountain range*
10250 Hellahaasse 1252 T-1 Hella S. Haasse, Dutch novelist
10251 Mulisch 3089 T-1 Harry Mulisch, Dutch writer
10252 Heidigraf 4164 T-1 Heidi Graf, former Head of ESTEC Communications Office (1977–2006) at European Space Agency (ESA); "founding mother" of permanent exhibition Space Expo in Noordwijk, Netherlands (since 1990)
10253 Westerwald 2116 T-2 Westerwald, German mountain range*
10254 Hunsrück 2314 T-2 Hunsrück, German mountain range*
10255 Taunus 3398 T-3 Taunus, German mountain range*
10256 Vredevoogd 4157 T-3 Loek Vredevoogd, former president of the School of Management of the University of Leiden
10257 Garecynthia 4333 T-3 *
10259 Osipovyurij 1972 HL *
10261 Nikdollezhal' 1974 QF1 *
10262 Samoilov 1975 TQ3 *
10263 Vadimsimona 1976 SE5 *
10264 Marov 1978 PH3 *
10265 Gunnarsson 1978 RY6 Marcus Gunnarsson, Swedish astronomer
10266 Vladishukhov 1978 SA7 Vladimir Grigor'evich Shukhov, Russian engineer*
10269 Tusi 1979 SU11 Nasīr al-Dīn al-Tūsī
10270 Skoglöv 1980 FX3 Erik Skoglöv, Swedish astronomer
10283 Cromer 1981 JE2 *
10285 Renémichelsen 1982 QX1 René Michelsem, Danish astronomer
10286 Shnollia 1982 SM6 Simon Shnoll, Russian biophysicist
10287 Smale 1982 UK7 *
10288 Saville 1983 WN *
10289 Geoffperry 1984 QS Geoffrey Perry, physics teacher at Kettering Grammar School*
10290 Kettering 1985 SR Kettering Group, the satellite tracking group established by Geoffrey Perry at the school at which he taught*
10293 Pribina 1986 TU6 *
10295 Hippolyta 1988 GB Hippolyta, mythological queen of the Amazons*
10300 Tanakadate 1989 EG1 Aikitsu Tanakadate (also written Aikitu Tanakadate), Japanese geophysicist, founder of the International Latitude Observatory at Mizusawa
10301 Kataoka 1989 FH *
10303 Fréret 1989 RD2 *
10304 Iwaki 1989 SY *
10305 Grignard 1989 YP5 *
10306 Pagnol 1990 QY Marcel Pagnol, French novelist, playwright, and filmmaker*
10310 Delacroix 1990 QZ8 Eugène Delacroix, French painter*
10311 Fantin-Latour 1990 QL9 Henri Fantin-Latour, French painter*
10313 Vanessa-Mae 1990 QW17 Vanessa-Mae (Vanakorn Nicholson), Singaporean-British violinist*
10315 Brewster 1990 SC4 Sir David Brewster, Scottish scientist*
10316 Williamturner 1990 SF9 William Turner, British ornithologist and botanist*
10318 Sumaura 1990 TX *
10319 Toshiharu 1990 TB1 *
10320 Reiland 1990 TR1 C. Thomas Reiland, long-time member of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh, founder of Nicholas E. Wagman Observatory, possibly the first observer to do the Messier Marathon*
10321 Rampo 1990 UN2 Rampo Edogawa a.k.a. Hirai Taro, 20th-century Japanese mystery writer
10322 Mayuminarita 1990 VT1 *
10323 Frazer 1990 VW6 *
10324 Vladimirov 1990 VB14 *
10325 Bexa 1990 WB2 *
10326 Kuragano 1990 WS2 *
10327 Batens 1990 WQ6 *
10330 Durkheim 1991 GH3 Emil Durkheim, French sociologist*
10331 Peterbluhm 1991 GM10 Peter Bluhm, German amateur astronomer
10332 Défi 1991 JT1 Défi Corporatif Canderel, Canadian cancer research fundraising event
10334 Gibbon 1991 PG5 Edward Gibbon, 18th-century British historian, author of the six-volume The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
10340 Jostjahn 1991 RT40 Jost Jahn, German amateur astronomer
10343 Church 1991 VW8 Frederic Edwin Church, American painter
10346 Triathlon 1992 GA1 Triathlon, sports competition*
10347 Murom 1992 HG4 Murom, Russia, on the left bank of the Oka river
10348 Poelchau 1992 HL4 Harald Poelchau, German theologian, socialist, humanist, prison chaplain at Tegel in Berlin, surviving member of the Kreisau Circle*
10350 Spallanzani 1992 OG2 Lazzaro Spallanzani, 18th-century Italian biologist, a precursor of Pasteur
10351 Seiichisato 1992 SE1 *
10352 Kawamura 1992 UO3 *
10353 Momotaro 1992 YS2 *
10354 Guillaumebudé 1993 BU5 Guillaume Budé, medieval French scholar*
10355 Kojiroharada 1993 EQ *
10356 Rudolfsteiner 1993 RQ4 Rudolf Steiner, Austrian thinker*
10358 Kirchhoff 1993 TH32 Gustav Kirchhoff, German physicist*
10361 Bunsen 1994 PR20 Robert Bunsen, German chemist*
10364 Tainai 1994 VR1 *
10365 Kurokawa 1994 WL1 *
10366 Shozosato 1994 WD4 *
10367 Sayo 1994 YL1 *
10368 Kozuki 1995 CM1 *
10369 Sinden 1995 CE2 *
10370 Hylonome 1995 DW2 *
10371 Gigli 1995 DU3 Paolo Gigli, co-discoverer of the object and co-founder of the Pian dei Termini Observatory
10372 Moran 1995 FO10 *
10373 MacRobert 1996 ER *
10374 Etampes 1996 GN19 Etampes, France
10375 Michiokuga 1996 HM1 Michio Kuga, mathematician, late of State University of New York at Stony Brook? *
10376 Chiarini 1996 KW *
10377 Kilimanjaro 1996 NN4 Kilimanjaro, a dormant volcano and the highest mountain in Africa.
10378 Ingmarbergman 1996 NE5 Ingmar Bergman, Swedish theatre and film director*
10379 Lake Placid 1996 OH Lake Placid, New York*
10380 Berwald 1996 PY7 Franz Adolf Berwald, Swedish Romantic composer*
10381 Malinsmith 1996 RB Konrad Gayelord Malin-Smith, Amateur astronomer and life-member of the Croydon Astronomical Society
10382 Hadamard 1996 RJ3 Jacques Hadamard, French mathematician after whom the Hadamard transform is named*
10385 Amaterasu 1996 TL12 *
10386 Romulus 1996 TS15 Romulus*
10387 Bepicolombo 1996 UQ Giuseppe 'Bepi' Colombo, Italian astronomer
10388 Zhuguangya 1996 YH3 *
10389 Robmanning 1997 LD *
10390 Lenka 1997 QD1 *
10392 Brace 1997 RP7 *
10395 Jirkahorn 1997 SZ1 *
10399 Nishiharima 1997 UZ8 *
10400 Hakkaisan 1997 VX *
10403 Marcelgrün 1997 WU3 Marcel Grün, Czech astronomer
10404 McCall 1997 WP14 Robert T. McCall (b. 1919?), a legendary space artist whose work has not only documented the development of NASA's efforts to place men on the moon but has provided a far-reaching vision of man's future in Space. His works include murals at the National Air and Space Museum and illustrations for 2001: A Space Odyssey.
10405 Yoshiaki 1997 WT23 Yoshiaki Mogami (1546-1614), a military commander during the Japanese feudal period.
10412 Tsukuyomi 1997 YO4 According to myth, Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto, the Japanese god of night and the moon, was born from the right eye of the god Izanaki. It is said that he made his older sister, the goddess Amaterasu, very angry and caused the separate appearance of the sun in the day and the moon at night.
10413 Pansecchi 1997 YG20 Luigi Pansecchi (b. 1940) has made fine studies of cometary tails. As a member of the Gruppo Astrofili Giovanni e Angelo Bernasconi and of the Italian Astronomical Society, he collaborated with the Osservatorio San Vittore in Bologna and with the Osservatorio Astronomico of Brera in Milan.
10415 Mali Lošinj 1998 UT15 Mali Lošinj, Croatian island and city, known for the nautical school and the Astronomsko Drustvo "Leo Brenner" (Leo Brenner Astronomical Society)
10416 Kottler 1998 VA32 Herbert Kottler (b. 1939), MIT Lincoln Laboratory associate director in 1984-1996.
10421 Dalmatin 1999 AY6 Herman Dalmatin (Hermanus Dalmata), 12th-century Croatian translator of astronomical and mathematical Arabic books
10423 Dajčić 1999 BB Mario Dajčić, Croatian amateur astronomer, telescope builder and educator, founder of the Astronomical Society of Pula
10424 Gaillard 1999 BD5 Boris Gaillard (b. 1976) is an amateur astronomer and software engineer.
10425 Landfermann 1999 BE6 Dietrich Wilhelm Landfermann (1800-1882) emphasized classical languages as a base for humanism in science and society, notably at the Landfermann-Gymnasium in Duisburg, which he headed during 1835-1841.
10426 Charlierouse 1999 BB27 Charles (Charlie) Rouse (1924-1988), an American jazz tenor saxophonist.
10427 Klinkenberg 2017 P-L Dirk Klinkenberg, Dutch mathematician and astronomer, discoverer of several comets
10428 Wanders 2073 P-L Adriaan Wanders, Dutch astronomer and author
10429 van Woerden 2546 P-L Hugo van Woerden, Dutch astronomer
10430 Martschmidt 4030 P-L Maarten Schmidt, Dutch-born American astronomer
10431 Pottasch 4042 P-L Stuart R. Pottasch, Dutch astronomer
10432 Ullischwarz 4623 P-L Ulrich Schwarz, Dutch astronomer
10433 Ponsen 4716 P-L Jaap Ponsen, Dutch astronomer
10434 Tinbergen 4722 P-L Jaap Tinbergen, Dutch astronomer
10435 Tjeerd 6064 P-L Tjeerd van Albada, Dutch astronomer
10436 Janwillempel 6073 P-L Jan Willem Pel, Dutch astronomer
10437 van der Kruit 6085 P-L Pieter van der Kruit, Dutch astronomer
10438 Ludolph 6615 P-L Ludolph van Ceulen, Dutch mathematician who calculated the value of Pi to 35 decimal places
10439 van Schooten 6676 P-L Frans van Schooten, Dutch mathematician
10440 van Swinden 7636 P-L Jean van Swinden, Dutch physicist
10441 van Rijckevorsel 9076 P-L Elie van Rijckevorsel, who collaborated on the first geomagnetic survey in the Netherlands
10442 Biezenzo 4062 T-1 Cornelis Biezenzo, Dutch physicist
10443 van der Pol 1045 T-2 Balthasar van der Pol, Dutch experimental physicist
10444 de Hevesy 3290 T-2 George de Hevesy, Hungarian chemist
10445 Coster 4090 T-2 Dirk Coster, Dutch chemist and co-discoverer of the element Hafnium
10446 Siegbahn 3006 T-3 Kai Siegbahn, Swedish physicist, winner of the 1981 Nobel Prize in physics.
10447 Bloembergen 3357 T-3 Nicolaas Bloembergen, Dutch physicist, winner of the 1981 Nobel Prize in physics
10448 Schawlow 4314 T-3 Arthur Leonard Schawlow, American physicist, winner of the 1981 Nobel Prize in Physics.
10449 Takuma 1936 UD Hitoshi Takuma (b. 1949), an active solar observer in Japan.
10450 Girard 1967 JQ Terrence Girard, American astronomer
10452 Zuev 1976 SQ7 Vladimir Evseevich Zuev (b. 1925), a professor at Tomsk University, is a scientist in the field of atmospheric physics and a pioneer in laser sounding methods.
10453 Banzan 1977 DY3 Kumazawa Banzan (1619-1691), a Confucian scholar in the Edo period.
10454 Vallenar 1978 NY Vallenar, capital of the Chilean province of Huasco, is located some 90 km north of the La Silla observatory site.
10455 Donnison 1978 NU3 John Richard Donnison, British astronomer
10456 Anechka 1978 PS2 Daughter of a friend of the discoverer in the town of Cherkassy, Anya (Anechka) Ivanchenko (1987-1999).
10457 Suminov 1978 QE2 Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Suminov (b. 1932), a professor and head of the faculty at the Moscow Aviation-Technological Institute.
10458 Sfranke 1978 RM7 Sigbrit Franke, Swedish educator
10459 Vladichaika 1978 SJ5 Vladimir Dmitrievich Chaika, Ukrainian naval architect
10461 Dawilliams 1978 XU David Allen Williams (b. 1966), an associate research professor in Earth & Space Exploration at Arizona State University.
10464 Jessie 1979 SC Jessica Lynne Peterson, from Harvard MA, (1994–2009), loved for her smile and kind spirit.
10478 Alsabti 1981 WO Abdul Athem Alsabti (b. 1945) introduced astronomy teaching into Iraq in 1970, was project leader in building the National Astronomical Observatory.
10481 Esipov 1982 QK3 Valentin Feodorovich Esipov (b. 1933), head of the radioastronomy department at the Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow University.
10482 Dangrieser 1983 RG2 Daniel Grieser (1926-1999), an optical engineer with Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio.
10483 Tomburns 1983 RP2 Under the leadership of Tom Burns (b. 1952) since 1993, the Perkins Observatory began a new life as the premier public astronomy venue in central Ohio. With his weekly newspaper column and visits to area schools Burns has inspired and educated thousands of people.
10484 Hecht 1983 WM For more than a decade, Martin D. Hecht (b. 1926) has volunteered to help organize the Lowell Observatory's archives.
10487 Danpeterson 1985 GP1 Dan Peterson (b. 1949), a juvenile probation director who works with troubled youth to keep them in school and help them find direction in their lives. He served previously as a smoke jumper in Alaska and is a piano player extraordinaire.
10489 Keinonen 1985 TJ1 Juhani Keinonen (b. 1946), an emeritus professor and a long-serving director of the Department of Physics, University of Helsinki.
10498 Bobgent 1986 RG3 Robert Gent (b. 1947), an enthusiastic amateur astronomer and International Dark-Sky Association volunteer.
10500 Nishi-koen 1987 GA Nishi-koen park is the location of the Sendai Astronomical Observatory, which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary on 2005 Feb. 1. The observatory will be moved to near the Ayashi Station in 2008.
10501 Ardmacha 1987 OT The Irish Gaelic name of the city of Armagh in Northern Ireland
10502 Armaghobs 1987 QF6 Armagh Observatory, Ireland
10504 Doga 1987 UF5 Evgenii Dmitrievich Doga, Russian composer
10506 Rydberg 1988 CW4 Johannes Rydberg, 19th-20th-century Swedish physicist, after whom the Rydberg constant is named
10509 Heinrichkayser 1989 GD4 Heinrich Gustav Johannes Kayser, 19th-20th-century German physicist who demonstrated the presence of helium in the Earth's atmosphere
10510 Maxschreier 1989 GQ4 Max Schreier, Austrian-born Bolivian astronomer, founder of observatories in Santa Ana and Patacamaya, and author of Einstein desde los Andes de Bolivia
10515 Old Joe 1989 UB3 "Old Joe" is the students' name for the Joseph Chamberlain Clock Tower at the University of Birmingham, which received its charter in 1900 and is now celebrating its centenary. Birmingham, England's "second city", prospered from metal-working trades, from which enlightened industrialists founded the university.
10516 Sakurajima 1989 VQ Mount Sakurajima, a volcano on the southern tip of Kyūshū, Kagoshima prefecture, Japan. It is said that it "changes colour seven times a day"
10523 D'Haveloose 1990 SM6 José D´Haveloose (1922–1996), a surgeon in the West Flanders town of Tielt.
10524 Maniewski 1990 SZ7 Jan Maniewski (born 1933), a medical doctor in Antwerp.
10526 Ginkogino 1990 UK1 Ginko Ogino, 19th-20th-century Japanese physician, the first registered woman doctor in Japan.
10529 Giessenburg 1990 WQ4 Rudolf Charles d'Ablaing van Giessenburg, Dutch writer and freemason
10538 Torode 1991 VP2 In a 1992 study of 170 astrolabes, British industrial chemist Rowland K. E. Torode (born 1923) measured the ecliptic longitudes of the stars depicted and thereby determined, with allowance for precession, the ages of the instruments. He was also secretary of the Kidderminster Astronomical Society for several years.
10540 Hachigoroh 1991 VP4 Hachigoroh Kikuchi (1926–1999) was the executive committee chief of the Haramura star party and was instrumental in getting it started.
10541 Malesherbes 1991 YX Chrétien-Guillaume de Malesherbes (1721-1794), a botanist and a French statesman.
10542 Ruckers 1992 CN3 Hans Ruckers (1555–1623) was the most famous of all harpsichord makers and founder of a dynasty of Flemish instrument makers. His earliest (1581) known instrument is a virginal with two independent keyboards, now in New York City. These instruments were so prized that they were often rebuilt, enlarged and copied.
10543 Klee 1992 DL4 Paul Klee (1879-1940), a Swiss painter and graphic artist.
10544 Hörsnebara 1992 DA9 Hörsne and Bara Gotland parishes, Sweden, joined to become a single parish in 1883
10546 Nakanomakoto 1992 FS1 Makoto Nakano (b. 1956), an associate professor in the Faculty of Education and Welfare Science at Oita University.
10547 Yosakoi 1992 JF Yosakoi, a popular Japanese folk song about the forbidden love between a monk and a girl
10549 Helsingborg 1992 RM2 Helsingborg, Sweden.
10550 Malmö 1992 RK7 Malmö, Sweden.
10551 Göteborg 1992 YL2 Göteborg, Sweden.
10552 Stockholm 1993 BH13 Stockholm, Sweden.
10554 Västerhejde 1993 FO34 Västerhejde socken on Gotland, Sweden.
10555 Tagaharue 1993 HH Harue Taga (born 1951), astronomy curator of Chiba Municipal Planetarium.
10557 Rowland 1993 RL5 Henry Augustus Rowland, American astronomer.
10558 Karlstad 1993 RB7 Karlstad, Sweden.
10559 Yukihisa 1993 SJ1 Yukihisa Matsumoto (born 1962), a former researcher of the Nishi Mino Observatory.
10560 Michinari 1993 TN Michinari Yamamoto (born 1970), a researcher at Ayabe City Observatory.
10561 Shimizumasahiro 1993 TE2 Masahiro Shimizu (born 1956), the president of the Shimizu Clinic.
10563 Izhdubar 1993 WD Izhdubar, an ancient Chaldean sun-god.
10566 Zabadak 1994 AZ2 Zabadak is a name of a Japanese music group that is led by Tomohiko Kira.
10567 Francobressan 1994 CV Franco Bressan (b. 1947), an Italian mathematics teacher and amateur astronomer.
10568 Yoshitanaka 1994 CF1 Yoshiji Tanaka (1948–2003), a Japanese science magazine editor instrumental in starting the Haramura star party.
10569 Kinoshitamasao 1994 GQ Masao Kinoshita, Japanese discoverer of the Kinoshita effect
10570 Shibayasuo 1994 GT Yasuo Shiba, Japanese data manager of the Japan Meteor Society, specializing in fireballs
10573 Piani 1994 WU1 Franco Piani, Italian amateur astronomer
10577 Jihčesmuzeum 1995 JC Jihočeské Muzeum (South Bohemian Museum), České Budějovice, Czech Republic
10579 Diluca 1995 OE Roberto Di Luca, Italian amateur observer of lunar and asteroidal occultations, network manager at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Bologna, and a frequent collaborator with the group at the Osservatorio San Vittore in Bologna
10581 Jeníkhollan 1995 OD1 Jeník Hollan, Czech astronomer, environmentalist, and proponent of dark skies
10582 Harumi 1995 TG Harumi Ikari, Japanese wife of the discoverer
10583 Kanetugu 1995 WC4 Kanetugu Naoe, 16th-17th-century Japanese military commander
10584 Ferrini 1996 GJ2 Federico Ferrini, Italian astronomer at the University of Pisa
10585 Wabi-Sabi 1996 GD21 Wabi-sabi, Japanese aesthetic of minimalism
10586 Jansteen 1996 KY4 Jan Havickszoon Steen, 17th-century Dutch genre painter
10587 Strindberg 1996 NF3 Arthur Strindberg, 19th-20th-century Swedish playwright and novelist.
10588 Adamcrandall 1996 OE The discoverer's stepson, Adam Crandall Rees.
10591 Caverni 1996 PD3 Raffaello Caverni, a priest born in Montelupo, was also an amateur scientist.
10593 Susannesandra 1996 QQ1 Susanne Sandness (born 1956), wife of 34 years of the discoverer.
10596 Stevensimpson 1996 TS For two decades the graphic innovations of Steven Simpson (born 1958), especially those involving star charts, have allowed (Sky & Telescope) readers to understand the universe better, whether they do so by locating planets in a starry sky or by visualizing the inner workings of atoms.
10598 Markrees 1996 TT11 The discoverer's stepson, Mark B. Rees.
10601 Hiwatashi 1996 UC Kenji Hiwatashi, electrical engineer at NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) from 1947 to 1979.
10604 Susanoo 1996 VJ Susanoo-no-mikoto is the Japanese god of heroes and the ancestor soul and a younger brother of the goddess Amaterasu.
10605 Guidoni 1996 VC1 Umberto Guidoni, Italian astronaut
10602 Masakazu 1996 UG3 Masakazu Kusakabe, a ceramic artist.
10606 Crocco 1996 VD1 Gaetano Arturo Crocco, Italian pioneer of aeronautics and space science
10607 Amandahatton 1996 VQ6 Amanda H. Hatton, the discoverer's stepdaughter.
10608 Mameta 1996 VB9 Katsuhiko Mameta, one of Japan's top meteor observers.
10609 Hirai 1996 WC3 Yuzo Hirai, a professor at the Institute of Information Sciences and Electronics.
10612 Houffalize 1997 JR17 Houffalize, Belgium, on the Ourthe River
10613 Kushinadahime 1997 RO3 *
10616 Inouetakeshi 1997 UW8 *
10617 Takumi 1997 UK24 *
10619 Ninigi 1997 WO13 *
10626 Zajíc 1998 AP8 *
10627 Ookuninushi 1998 BW2 *
10628 Feuerbacher 1998 BD5 Berndt P. Feuerbacher, German physicist, head of the Institute of Space Simulation at the German Aerospace Center in Cologne since 1981
10633 Akimasa 1998 DP1 *
10634 Pepibican 1998 GM1 Josef "Pepi" Bican, Czech footballer*
10637 Heimlich 1998 QP104 *
10638 McGlothlin 1998 SV54 *
10639 Gleason 1998 VV41 *
10642 Charmaine 1999 BF8 Charmaine Wilkerson, American-born writer and broadcaster. Discovered by Andrea Boattini
10645 Brač 1999 ES4 Brač island, Croatia, home of the Pustinja Blaca Observatory ("Blaca Desert" Observatory)
10646 Machielalberts 2077 P-L Machiel Alberts, one of the first people in the Netherlands to photograph a meteor
10647 Meesters 3074 P-L Piet Meesters, Dutch amateur astronomer
10648 Plancius 4089 P-L Petrus Plancius (Pieter Platevoet), Dutch cartographer and astronomer for the Dutch East India Company
10649 VOC 4098 P-L Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie, Dutch for Dutch East India Company
10650 Houtman 4110 P-L Frederick de Houtman, Dutch navigator who travelled to the East Indies in 1595 as assistant to Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser
10651 van Linschoten 4522 P-L Jan Huyghen van Linschoten, Dutch cartographer and spy for the Dutch East India Company
10652 Blaeu 4599 P-L Willem Janszoon Blaeu, Dutch cartographer and hydrographer for the Dutch East India Company
10653 Witsen 6030 P-L Nicolaas Witsen, Dutch mayor of Amsterdam and member of the board of the Dutch East India Company
10654 Bontekoe 6673 P-L Willem Ysbrandtszoon Bontekoe, Dutch East India Company skipper whose ship flew into a hundred thousand pieces on the way to the East Indies
10655 Pietkeyser 9535 P-L Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser, Dutch navigator who travelled to the East Indies in 1595 with Frederik de Houtman as his assistant
10656 Albrecht 2213 T-1 Carl Theodor Albrecht (1843–1915), German astronomer and geodesist, first director of the International Latitude Service.
10657 Wanach 2251 T-1 Bernhard Karl Wanach (1867–1928), Latvian-born astronomer and geodesist, second head of the International Latitude Service.
10658 Gretadevries 2281 T-1 *
10659 Sauerland 3266 T-1 Sauerland, German rural hilly area*
10660 Felixhormuth 4348 T-1 Felix Hormuth, German astronomer
10661 Teutoburgerwald 1211 T-2 Teutoburg Forest of Germany*
10662 Peterwisse 3201 T-2 Peter Wisse, Dutch curator of the "Museon", the Dutch Center for educational exhibitions
10663 Schwarzwald 4283 T-2 Schwarzwald, the Black Forest of Germany*
10664 Phemios 5187 T-2 *
10665 Ortigão 3019 T-3 *
10666 Feldberg 4171 T-3 *
10667 van Marxveldt 1975 UA Cissy van Marxveldt (Setske de Haan), 19th-20th-century Dutch writer, author of the humorous Joop ter Heul novels for teenage girls; Anne Frank addressed her diary letters to an imaginary friend based on one of van Marxveldt's characters
10669 Herfordia 1977 FN *
10670 Seminozhenko 1977 PP1 *
10671 Mazurova 1977 RR6 *
10672 Kostyukova 1978 QE *
10675 Kharlamov 1978 VE15 *
10676 Jamesmcdanell 1979 MD2 *
10681 Khture 1979 TH2 *
10683 Carter 1980 LY *
10684 Babkina 1980 RV2 *
10685 Kharkivuniver 1980 VO V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (В. Н. Каразіна Харківський Національний Університет) of Ukraine
10702 Arizorcas 1981 QD The Arizona Orchestra Association represents Arizona's forty-one orchestras.
10709 Ottofranz 1982 BE1 Otto G. Franz (b. 1931), a Lowell Observatory astronomer.
10711 Pskov 1982 TT2 Pskov, an old Russian city located on the banks of the Velikaya river where it enters the Pskov lake.
10712 Malashchuk 1982 UE6 Valentina Mikhailovna Malashchuk, accountant general of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory.
10713 Limorenko 1982 UZ9 Leonid Pavlovich Limorenko, assistant director of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory.
10715 Nagler 1983 RL4 Al Nagler, optical designer.
10716 Olivermorton 1983 WQ Oliver Morton (b. 1965) writes about the growth of scientific knowledge and its consequences, with a particular interest in planetary science and the interdisciplinary perspective that it offers.
10717 Dickwalker 1983 XC Richard L. ("Dick") Walker (1938-2005) was an astronomer at the U.S. Naval Observatory.
10718 Samus' 1985 QM5 Nikolaj Nikolaevich Samus' (b. 1949) is a scientist in stellar astrophysics at the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow University.
10719 Andamar 1985 TW Anne and David Marren, long-standing friends of the discoverer
10720 Danzl 1986 GY Nichole Danzl, a biology student, artist and a past Spacewatch Observer.
10721 Tuterov 1986 QO4 Vladimir Lukich Tuterov (b. 1960), a splendid builder, is a friend of the discoverer's family.
10722 Monari 1986 TB Luisa Monari (b. 1961), elementary-school teacher, is the wife of Ermes Colombini, one of the codiscoverers of this minor planet.
10724 Carolraymond 1986 VR5 Carol A. Raymond (b. 1960), a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
10725 Sukunabikona 1986 WB Sukunabikona, the Japanese god of a naughty character.
10726 Elodie 1987 BS2 Élodie Bouteille, French friend of the discoverer?
10727 Akitsushima 1987 DN Akitsushima, an old name for Japan, used by the first emperor Jinmu.
10728 Vladimirfock 1987 RT5 Vladimir Aleksandrovich Fock, 20th-century Russian physicist.
10729 Tsvetkova 1987 RU5 Valentina Petrovna Tsvetkova, Russian artist.
10730 White 1987 SU Nathaniel Miller White, American astronomer.
10733 Georgesand 1988 CP1 George Sand, French writer.
10734 Wieck 1988 CT4 Clara Josephine Wieck (1819-1896), a German child prodigy and by 1835 had established a reputation as a pianist throughout Europe.
10736 Marybrück 1988 DD3 Máire (Mary) Teresa Brück (1925-2011), an Irish astronomer.
10737 Brück 1988 DZ4 Hermann Alexander Brück (1905-2000), a German astronomer
10738 Marcoaldo 1988 FW2 Marco Aldo Ferreri (b. 1981), son of the discoverer.
10739 Lowman 1988 JB1 Margaret D. Lowman (b. 1953) has worked to understand the role tropical forests play in Earth's interconnected ecosystem. As a canopy biologist, field work has taken her to the treetops of Australia, Belize, Panama, Peru and Africa. She directs research and conservation at Florida's Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.
10740 Fallersleben 1988 RX2 August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben, German poet and philologist who composed the German national anthem, the Deutschlandlied.
10745 Arnstadt 1989 AK6 Arnstadt, a town in Thuringia with a 1300-year history.
10746 Mühlhausen 1989 CE6 In Carolinian times the Thuringian town of Mühlhausen was the haunt of emperors and kings. It became a Reichstadt in 1180 and a member of the Hanse in 1418. J. S. Bach was an organist here during 1707-1708. The intact city is a jewel of town planning in medieval times.
10747 Köthen 1989 CW7 Köthen, a Saxon-Anhaltian town.
10749 Musäus 1989 GH8 Johann Karl August Musäus (1735-1787), a private tutor at the court of Weimar.
10753 van der Velde 1989 WU4 Henry Clemens van der Velde, Belgian artist and architect.
10758 Aldoushuxley 1990 SM7 Aldous Leonard Huxley (1894-1963), an English writer
10760 Ozeki 1990 TJ3 Takaaki Ozeki (b. 1952), previously a teacher of science, is now astronomy curator of the Hoshinoko Yakata Observatory.
10761 Lyubimets 1990 TB4 Lyubimets, the Russian word for darling, seems to be an appropriate name for Grigorij (b. 2000), grandson of the Crimean astronomer Lyudmila Karachkina.
10762 von Laue 1990 TC4 Max von Laue (1879-1960), student of Planck, discovered the diffraction of x-rays in crystals, thereby permitting their structural analysis. For this he received the 1914 Nobel Prize in physics. He extended the theory of relativity, and he stood up for outlawed Jewish physicists like Einstein.
10763 Hlawka 1990 TH13 Edmund Hlawka, Austrian mathematician.
10764 Rübezahl 1990 TK13 Rübezahl, mountain spirit (woodwose) of the Giant Mountains in German folklore.
10767 Toyomasu 1990 UF1 Shinji Toyomasu (b. 1967) is a research fellow of the Misato Observatory.
10768 Sarutahiko 1990 UZ1 Sarutahiko-no-Oh-Kami, kami (Japanese Shinto deity), guardian of Earth.
10769 Minas Gerais 1990 UJ5 The Brazilian state of Minas Gerais (general mines).
10770 Belo Horizonte 1990 VU5 Belo Horizonte is the beautiful capital (1897) of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.
10771 Ouro Prêto 1990 VK6 Ouro Preto, ancient capital of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
10773 Jamespaton 1991 AK2 James Paton (1903-1973), a Scottish meteorologist.
10774 Eisenach 1991 AS2 Eisenach, Germany.
10775 Leipzig 1991 AV2 Leipzig, Germany.
10776 Musashitomiyo 1991 CP1 Musashitomiyo, the Minor Stickleback (Pungitius sp.), seen only in the Kumagaya river, a natural treasure of Japan
10778 Marcks 1991 GN10 Gerhard Marcks (1889-1981), sculptor and graphic artist.
10780 Apollinaire 1991 PB2 Guillaume Apollinaire, French poet.
10781 Ritter 1991 PV31 Johann Wilhelm Ritter, German scientist.
10782 Hittmair 1991 RH4 Otto Hittmair (b. 1924), a well-known Austrian theoretical physicist.
10784 Noailles 1991 RQ11 Anna de Noailles (1876-1933), the daughter of a Romanian prince and granddaughter of a Turkish pasha.
10785 Dejaiffe 1991 RD12 René Dejaiffe, Belgian astronomer.
10786 Robertmayer 1991 TC3 Julius Robert Mayer (1814-1878), a German doctor and naturalist.
10787 Ottoburkard 1991 TL3 Otto M. Burkard (b. 1908), professor emeritus of meteorology and geophysics of the University of Graz.
10789 Mikeread 1991 VL10 Mike Read (b. 1978) is a student working with Spacewatch as an observer and engineer.
10792 Ecuador 1992 CQ2 Ecuador, on the west coast of South America and on the equator, is a country containing an immense variety of terrain in the coastal plain, Andes mountain ranges and Amazonian rainforest.
10793 Quito 1992 CU2 Quito, astride the equator, is the capital of Ecuador and the oldest of all the South American capitals.
10797 Guatemala 1992 GO4 Guatemala, a country on the western Pacific Coast of the Central American isthmus.
10799 Yucatán 1992 OY2 Yucatán, Mexico.
10801 Lüneburg 1992 SK26 Lüneburg, one of the richest Hanse towns, more than 1000 years old.
10802 Masamifuruya 1992 UL6 Masami Furuya (b. 1973), a research fellow at the Kawabe Observatory of Kawabe Cosmic Park.
10803 Caléyo 1992 UK9 Jose M. Caréyo (b. 1938), a jazz composer living in Havana. Inspired by the striking image of comet C/1965 S1 (Ikeya-Seki) on its approach to the sun, he improvised music that vividly depicts the remarkable sunbound comet and sent the score to the two discoverers.
10804 Amenouzume 1992 WN3 Amenouzume is the mythical Japanese goddess who managed to free the goddess Amaterasu by dancing in front of the rock door when she shut herself up in the cave Ama-no-iwayado. After that Amenouzume descended from heaven, following the god Ninigi-no-mikoto.
10805 Iwano 1992 WG5 Hisaka Iwano (b. 1957), an engineer and amateur astronomer in Japan.
10806 Mexico 1993 FA2 Mexico, a country in the southern part of North America.
10807 Uggarde 1993 FT4 Uggarde rojr, cairn on Gotland island, Sweden
10808 Digerrojr 1993 FT5 Digerrojr, cairn on Gotland island, Sweden
10809 Majsterrojr 1993 FS14 Majsterrojr, cairn on Gotland island, Sweden
10810 Lejsturojr 1993 FL15 Lejstu rojr, cairn on Gotland island, Sweden
10811 Lau 1993 FM19 Lau, Gotland, socken on southern Gotland island, Sweden
10812 Grötlingbo 1993 FZ25 Grötlingbo, socken on Gotland island, Sweden
10813 Mästerby 1993 FE31 Mästerby, socken on Gotland island, Sweden
10819 Mahakala 1993 HG Mahakala, or "Great Time", is one of the destructive aspects of Shiva in Vedic Hinduism
10820 Offenbach 1993 QN4 Jacques Offenbach (1819-1880), a German-French composer.
10821 Kimuratakeshi 1993 SZ Takeshi Kimura (b. 1943), the senior executive officer at a consulting company in Tokyo and is also a well-known amateur astronomer.
10822 Yasunori 1993 SK1 Yasunori Harada (b. 1971), a research engineer and amateur astronomer in Japan.
10823 Sakaguchi 1993 SM1 Naoto Sakaguchi (b. 1962), an amateur astronomer.
10825 Augusthermann 1993 SF4 August Hermann Francke (1663-1727), a German theologian and pedagogue.
10827 Doikazunori 1993 TC3 azunori Doi (b. 1952), a Japanese architect and amateur astronomer.
10828 Tomjones 1993 TE5 Thomas D. Jones (b. 1955), a planetary scientist.
10830 Desforges 1993 UT6 Jacques Desforges (1723-1791), a French priest at Etampes.
10831 Takamagahara 1993 VM2 Takamagahara was the heaven that appears in Japanese ancient myth. The place was ruled by the goddess Amaterasu.
10832 Hazamashigetomi 1993 VN2 Hazama Shigetomi (1756-1816), an astronomer in the Japanese Edo period who studied positional astronomy.
10834 Zembsch-Schreve 1993 VU5 Guido Zembsch-Schreve, Dutch secret agent working for SOE who was active in occupied France in World War II and survived Buchenwald concentration camp
10835 Fröbel 1993 VB8 Friedrich Wilhelm August Fröbel (1782-1852), a Thuringian pedagogue.
10837 Yuyakekoyake 1994 EJ1 Yuyakekoyake, Japanese popular nursery rhyme
10838 Lebon 1994 EH7 Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931), a French social psychologist.
10839 Hufeland 1994 GY9 Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland, German physician.
10841 Ericforbes 1994 PP1 Eric Gray Forbes (1933-1984), a professor and director of the History of Medicine and Science Unit at Edinburgh University.
10847 Koch 1995 AV4 Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch, German physician and Nobelist.
10850 Denso 1995 BU4 Denso Corporation, for which the discoverer worked for eight years as an electrical engineer, is the largest manufacturer of automobile parts in Japan.
10856 Bechstein 1995 EG8 Carl Bechstein (1826-1900), born in the Thuringian town of Gotha, founded a piano factory in Berlin in 1853. His instruments were used by Liszt, Bülow, Rubinstein and Wagner. Branches of his factory in London, Paris and St. Petersburg testify to the esteem in which Bechstein's instruments are held.
10857 Blüthner 1995 EZ8 Julius Blüthner (1824-1910) founded a piano factory in Leipzig in 1853. His instruments found high recognition because of their sonority, tone color and several technical innovations. The name Blüthner inspired friends of music around the world. Despite the elements of mass production, every piano remained a work of art.
10861 Ciske 1995 MG1 Ciske Staring, member of the Dutch resistance in World War II
10863 Oye 1995 QJ3 Jacob and Martha Oye are the grandparents of Paul Kervin, AMOS technical director.
10864 Yamagatashi 1995 QS3 The city of Yamagata, in the center of Yamagata prefecture.
10865 Thelmaruby 1995 SO33 Thelma Ruby, British actress and playwright.
10866 Peru 1996 NB4 Peru, on the west coast of South America, is dominated by the great Andes mountain ranges, and it extends east to include the headwaters of the Amazon river.
10867 Lima 1996 NX4 Lima, Peru.
10870 Gwendolen 1996 SY4 Mary Gwendolen Ellery Read Aikman, the discoverer's mother
10872 Vaculík 1996 TJ9 Ludvík Vaculík, Czech writer and journalist
10874 Locatelli 1996 TN19 Pietro Antonio Locatelli, Italian violinist and composer
10875 Veracini 1996 TG28 Francesco Maria Veracini, Italian violinist and composer
10878 Moriyama 1996 VV Moriyama, a city on east side of Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, in Shiga Prefecture.
10880 Kaguya 1996 VN4 SELENE, a lunar explorer developed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), nicknamed Kaguya after a Japanese folktale character
10882 Shinonaga 1996 VG5 Kouji Shinonaga (b. 1952), the director of Kamagari Observatory since 1991.
10884 Tsuboimasaki 1996 VD9 Masaki Tsuboi (b. 1954), the president of the Hiroshima Astronomical Society and a leader of the amateur astronomy community in western Japan.
10885 Horimasato 1996 VE9 Masato Hori (b. 1957), a specialist in civil engineering and a member of the Hiroshima Astronomical Society.
10886 Mitsuroohba 1996 VR30 Mitsuro Ohba, Japanese polar adventurer.
10888 Yamatano-orochi 1996 XT30 Yamatano-orochi is a giant snake appearing in Japanese ancient mythology. The snake had eight heads and eight tails and was long enough to cover eight valleys and eight peaks. It was defeated by the god Susanoo-no-mikoto.
10891 Fink 1997 QR3 Uwe Fink (b. 1939), at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, has made major contributions in the fields of planetary atmospheres, the surface composition of small bodies, reflection spectra, absorption coefficients of ices and cometary coma production rates.
10894 Nakai 1997 SE30 R. Carlos Nakai, musician and cultural anthropologist of Navajo-Ute descent
10895 Aynrand 1997 TC18 Ayn Rand (1905-1982), Russian-born philosopher and writer, emigrated to the United States at age 21. She was the author of several novels and books, of which The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957) are best known. The discoverer also named his observatory as a tribute to her.
10907 Savalle 1997 XG5 Renaud Savalle (born 1971), astronomical software programmer.
10908 Kallestroetzel 1997 XH9 Karl-Heinz Stroetzel (born 1935), at the DLR Institute of Space Sensor Technology and Planetary Exploration, was a major contributor to the development and construction of the CCD cameras for the search programs at Caussols, Kvistaberg and Asiago.
10914 Tucker 1997 YQ14 Roy Tucker (born 1951), an instrumentalist at Kitt Peak National Observatory, is owner and chief observer of southern Arizona's Goodricke-Pigott Observatory.
10918 Kodaly 1998 AS1 Zoltán Kodály, Hungarian composer[5] and
10919 Pepíkzicha 1998 AQ8 Josef Zicha (b. 1939) was the head engineer for the 2-m telescope at Ondřejov.
10921 Romanozen 1998 BC2 Romano Zen (born 1946) is famous in Italy and abroad for his high-quality optical instruments.
10924 Mariagriffin 1998 BU25 Maria Anna Griffin, wife of the discoverer*
10925 Ventoux 1998 BK30 Mont Ventoux, France*
10927 Vaucluse 1998 BB42 Vaucluse, France*
10928 Caprara 1998 BW43 Giovanni Caprara (born 1948) is science and space editor of Il Corriere della Sera, the most authoritative newspaper in Italy.
10929 Chenfangyun 1998 CF1 Fangyun Chen (born 1916), an initiative contributor of the research on radio electronics in China.
10930 Jinyong 1998 CR2 Jinyong (pen-name of Louis Cha), Chinese writer
10931 Ceccano 1998 DA Ceccano, where the discovery observations of this minor planet were made, is a small city, some 90 km southeast of Rome.
10932 Rebentrost 1998 DL1 David Rebentrost (1614–1703), a vicar, doctor and herbalist in Drebach.
10934 Pauldelvaux 1998 DN34 Paul Delvaux, Belgian artist*
10937 Ferris 1998 QW54 Timothy Ferris, science writer, or William D. Ferris,[citation needed] American amateur astronomer*
10938 Lorenzalevy 1998 SW60 Lorenza Levy (born 1976), an observer for LONEOS since mid-1999.
10943 Brunier 1999 FY6 Serge Brunier (born 1958), a reporter and editor -in-chief of Ciel et Espace magazine and wrote several articles on the world's observatories.
10947 Kaiserstuhl 2061 P-L Kaiserstuhl, German hill chain*
10948 Odenwald 2207 P-L Odenwald, German mountain chain*
10949 Königstuhl 3066 P-L The Königstuhl, second highest mountain of the Odenwald range of Germany, site of the Landessternwarte Heidelberg-Königstuhl and the Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie
10950 Albertjansen 4049 P-L Albert Jansen, Dutch first director of the Hague Planetarium, later active as an amateur astronomer in South Africa
10951 Spessart 4050 P-L Spessart, German hill chain*
10952 Vogelsberg 4152 P-L Vogelsberg, German mountain chain*
10953 Gerdatschira 4276 P-L Gerda Tschira, German founder and director of the Carl Bosch museum, Heidelberg
10954 Spiegel 4545 P-L Beate Spiegel, German head of the office of the Klaus Tschira Foundation
10955 Harig 5011 P-L Ludwig Harig, German writer
10956 Vosges 5023 P-L The Vosges, mountain range*
10957 Alps 6068 P-L The Alps, mountain range*
10958 Mont Blanc 6188 P-L Mont Blanc, European mountain*
10959 Appennino 6579 P-L Apennine Mountains of Italy*
10960 Gran Sasso 6580 P-L Gran Sasso mountain, or the Gran Sasso National Park, Italy*
10961 Buysballot 6809 P-L C. H. D. Buys Ballot, Dutch meteorologist, founder of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute
10962 Sonnenborgh 9530 P-L Sonnenborgh Observatory founded in 1853 at Utrecht and the first home of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute
10963 van der Brugge 2088 T-1 Aad van der Brugge, member and board member of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde (Royal Netherlands Meteorological and Astronomical Society)
10964 Degraaff 3216 T-1 Willem de Graaff, Dutch astronomer and public lecturer
10965 van Leverink 3297 T-1 Simon van Leverink, member of the Working Group on Meteors of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological and Astronomical Society
10966 van der Hucht 3308 T-1 Karel A. van der Hucht, Dutch astronomer, appointed IAU Assistant General Secretary in 2003
10967 Billallen 4349 T-1 William H. Allen, New-Zealand electrical engineer and amateur astronomer
10968 Sterken 4393 T-1 Christiaan Leo Sterken, Belgian astronomer, Research Director of the Belgian Fund For Scientific Research, and co-founder of the Journal of Astronomical Data
10969 Perryman 4827 T-1 Michael Perryman, Dutch project scientist of the HIPPARCOS and GAIA missions of the European Space Agency
10970 de Zeeuw 1079 T-2 Pieter Timotheus (Tim) de Zeeuw, Dutch astrophysicist, director of Sterrewacht Leiden (Leiden Observatory) and of the Netherlands Research School for Astronomy (NOVA)
10971 van Dishoeck 1179 T-2 Ewine Fleur van Dishoeck, Dutch astronomer, director of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Laboratory for Astrophysics at Sterrewacht Leiden (Leiden Observatory), holder of a Dutch Spinoza award
10972 Merbold 1188 T-2 Ulf Merbold, German physicist, first European astronaut to perform research on board the European Space Agency's Spacelab
10973 Thomasreiter 1210 T-2 Thomas Reiter, German test-pilot, first European astronaut to fly long-duration space missions on board the Mir Space Station and the International Space Station
10974 Carolalbert 2225 T-2 Carol (Handahl) and Albert O. Grender, are aunt and uncle of and godparents to D. W. E. Green, who made the identifications involving this object. The Grenders, interested in astronomy since their college days, celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in June 2002.
10977 Mathlener 3177 T-2 Edwin Mathlener, Dutch astronomy amateur, director of Dutch astronomy information center "De Koepel" and editor of its magazine "Zenit" and almanac "Sterrengids".
10978 Bärbchen 4095 T-2 Bärbchen was the pet name of Barbara Börngen (1934–2010) who always supported the activities of her husband at the Tautenburg Observatory.
10979 Fristephenson 4171 T-2 Francis Richard Stephenson, British historian of astronomy
10980 Breimer 4294 T-2 Douwe Breimer, Dutch pharmaceutical scientist, Rector Magnificus and President of Leiden University
10981 Fransaris 1148 T-3 Frans Saris, Dutch atomic and molecular physicist, Dean of Sciences at Leiden University
10982 Poerink 2672 T-3 Urijan Poerink, Dutch meteor researcher
10983 Smolders 3196 T-3 Petrus L. L. Smolders, Dutch scientist, writer and journalist, spaceflight and astronomy popularizer
10984 Gispen 3507 T-3 Willem Hendrik Gispen, Dutch neuroscientist, rector of Utrecht University 2001–2007, who contributed to the establishment of the Museum Sterrenwacht Sonnenborgh (Sonnenborgh museum and observatory)
10985 Feast 4017 T-3 Michael Feast, South African astronomer
10986 Govert 4313 T-3 Govert Schilling, Dutch amateur astronomer and science writer, journalist, and astronomy popularizer.
10988 Feinstein 1968 OL Alejandro Feinstein Argentinian astronomer, cofounder of the Asociación Argentina de Astronomía (Argentinian Astronomical Association)
10989 Dolios 1973 SL1 Dolios, the faithful servant of Laërtes at Ithaca.
10990 Okunev 1973 SF6 German Okunev, Russian composer, 1931–1973*
10991 Dulov 1974 RY1 Professor Viktor Georgievich Dulov (1929–2001) was known for his work in theoretical gas dynamics and applied mathematics.
10992 Veryuslaviya 1974 SF Vera Ivanovna Chubenko, Ukrainian editor of the "Элита" (Elita) gazette, and her sons Yury, a journalist, and Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Astrov-Chubenko, journalist and writer
10997 Gahm 1978 RX7 Gösta Gahm, Swedish astronomer


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