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This is a partial list of meanings of minor planet names. See meanings of minor planet names for a list of all such partial lists.

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, among others.[1][2][3] Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
180,001–181,000 [edit]
180141 Sperauskas 2003 FA123 Julius Sperauskas (b. 1950), President of Lithuanian Astronomical Union (2003–2007), is Senior Researcher at the Astronomical Observatory of Vilnius University.
180367 Vonfeldt 2003 YQ110 Kevin Joseph VonFeldt (1983–2009), of Stafford, Texas, husband of Thanh, son of Randy and Mary and brother of Brian, was a licensed aircraft mechanic who loved family, baseball and motorcycles
180643 Cardoen 2004 GK20 Dany Cardoen, French amateur astronomer and optician
180739 Barbet 2004 KX7 Alix Barbet, French archaeologist and author, and Jean Barbet, French aeronautical engineer
180824 Kabos 2005 GU8 Gyula Kabos, Hungarian actor and comedian
180857 Hofigéza 2005 HG7 Géza Hofi, an actor and comedian, had a strong influence on Hungarian cabaret
181,001–182,000 [edit]
181043 Anan 2005 PV Anan, a city which located in eastern Shikoku Island, Japan
181136 Losonczrita 2005 QA152 Rita Losoncz (born 1985) is the fiancee of Krisztián Vida who participated with many observations in the minor planet survey at the Konkoly Observatory
181241 Dipasquale 2005 UD7 Pietro Di Pasquale(b. 1947), a cardiologist at the hospital in Palermo city.
181249 Tkachenko 2005 UZ158 Viktor Tkachenko (born 1953) has been director of the Kyiv Palace of Sports
181279 Iapyx 2006 BF8 Iapyx, son of Iasus and favourite of Apollo, the healer of Aeneas during the Trojan War, and mythological founder of Apulia
181298 Ladányi 2006 QY Tamás Ladányi (b. 1972), a Hungarian amateur astronomer and a member of the “The World At Night” group.
181483 Ampleforth 2006 TA95 Ampleforth, England, home to the Benedictine community of Ampleforth Abbey, to Ampleforth College where the discoverer was educated, and to the churchyard of Our Lady and St. Benedict's where his stepfather is buried
181569 Leetyphoon 2006 VD21 Typhoon Lee (b. 1948) is a member of Taiwan's Academia Sinica, who specializes in isotope geochemistry and nuclear astrophysics.
181627 Philgeluck 2006 XZ5 Philippe Geluck, Belgian comedian, humorist and cartoonist, creator of "Le Chat"
181670 Kengyun 2008 BO15 KengYun (1924-2000) was a master of Zen, who taught others how to understand themselves, and to recognize the laws of universe and reality. He helped others accomplish their completeness and human evolution toward the bliss of lives.
181702 Forcalquier 1988 RC9 Forcalquier is a French community in front of the Luberon Massif, in the Alpes-de Haute Provence department.
181751 Phaenops 1996 HS12 Phaenops, the father of Xanthos and Thouon, was left in bitter grief and anguish, after hearing that Diomedes had killed both of his sons
181824 Königsleiten 1998 SY35 The village of Königsleiten is part of Wald im Pinzgau, in the Austrian province of Salzburg
182,001–183,000 [edit]
182262 Soléne 2001 HA Soléne Delavier (b. 1996), the daughter of Anne-Véronique, wife of Michel Hernandez, one of the St. Véran observers.
182592 Jolana 2001 TF257 Jolana Kürtiova, wife of Stefan Kürti, who discovered and measured the early positions of this object
183,001–184,000 [edit]
183114 Vicques 2002 RU140 Vicques, in the Swiss Jura, home to the Jurassien-Vicques Observatory
183182 Weinheim 2002 SB51 Weinheim is a scenic town near Heidelberg at the western side of the Odenwald mountain range, Germany
183287 Deisenstein 2002 TJ318 Daniel Eisenstein (b. 1970), is an American astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
183288 Eyer 2002 TH331 Laurent Eyer (b. 1965), a Swiss astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
183294 Langbroek 2002 TB382 Marco Langbroek, Dutch archeologist and amateur astronomer
183403 Gal 2002 XW115 Roy Gal (b. 1973), is an American astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
183560 Křišťan 2003 KO18 Kristan z Prachatic, Medieval Czech astronomer (or Cristannus de Prachaticz)
183635 Helmi 2003 UF413 Amina Helmi (b. 1970), is an Argentinian-Dutch astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
184,001–185,000 [edit]
184011 Andypuckett 2004 FT4 Andrew Wayne Puckett (b. 1977), a college professor dedicated to creating authentic astronomical research opportunities for undergraduates and other ambitious young students, and has co-discovered over 40 minor planets.
184096 Kazlauskas 2004 HB4 Algirdas Kazlauskas, Lithuanian astronomer
184275 Laffra 2005 AX Maurice Laffra (1886–1936) established the Orchestre Symphonique du Creusot in 1920 and served as its conductor during 1920–1922
184280 Yperion 2005 AQ47 According to Apollodorus, Yperion was a son of Priam and therefore a Trojan Millennia later a watchful telescope also named Yperion and a son of Greek.
184501 Pimprenelle 2005 PV5 Caroline "Pimprenelle" Christophe (born 1978) is the discoverer's daughter. Pimprenelle was a puppet character on the 1970s French television show Bonne nuit les petits
184508 Courroux 2005 PR16 Courroux is a village in the Swiss Jura near Delémont
184535 Audouze 2005 QN30 Jean Audouze, French astrophysicist.
184620 Pippobattaglia 2005 RA24 Pippo Battaglia, an excellent science popularizer
184784 Bettiepage 2005 TZ41 Bettie Page (1923–2008), an American model and actor who became known as The Queen of the Pin-ups.
184878 Gotlib 2005 UK187 Marcel Gotlieb, French cartoonist
184930 Gobbihilda 2005 VU4 Hilda Gobbi (1913–1988), one of Hungary’s most recognizable character actresses.
185,001–186,000 [edit]
185020 Pratte 2006 QV33 John R. Pratte (born 1941) is an associate who has been instrumental in the construction of instrumentation at the Astronomical Research Observatory
185150 Panevezys 2006 SP161 Panevezys, capital of the Aukstaitija region in North Lithuania
185164 Ingeburgherz 2006 SL218 Ingeburg Herz, one of the most successful German entrepreneurs
185216 Gueiren 2006 TA57 Gueiren (meaning all to be benevolent), is the earliest developed area in Taiwan
185250 Korostyshiv 2006 UY62 Korostyshiv, an ancient city in Ukraine located on the Teteriv river
185325 Anupabhagwat 2006 VE14 Anupama Bhagwat (b. 1974), an Indian sitar musician and composer of Hindustani classical music.
185364 Sunweihsin 2006 VQ103 Wei-Hsin Sun (b. 1957), director of National Museum of Natural Science.
185448 Nomentum 2006 YK13 Mentana is an Italian town, near Rome, founded as Nomentum in the 1st millennium BC
185535 Gangda 2007 WH56 GangDa, the Chinese abbreviation for the University of Hong Kong (Xiang Gang Da Xue), is the first and foremost tertiary institution in Hong Kong
185538 Fangcheng 2007 XD28 Fang Cheng, Chinese astrophysicist
185546 Yushan 2007 YU31 Yushan, in the Jade Mountains, is the highest peak of the Taiwan Central Mountains
185554 Bikushev 2008 AB5 Artyom Bikushev, 20th-century promising astronomical student at Kazan State University, dead prematurely
185560 Harrykroto 2008 AQ31 Sir Harry Walter Kroto (b. 1939), Fellow of the Royal Society, an English chemist.
185576 Covichi 2008 BL15 Nickname of Covadonga Lacruz Camblor, daughter of the discoverer
185577 Hhaihao 2008 BA16 Hhaihao City (Haikou Shi) is the capital and most populous city of Hainan province, China.
185633 Rainbach 2008 DO Rainbach, Austria, location of Sternwarte Gaisberg (Gaisberg Observatory), the discovery site
185636 Shiao Lin 2008 DV40 Literally "Little Forest" in Mandarin Chinese, a village in Kaohsiung, Taiwan which was buried in a landslide caused by Typhoon Morakot on August 8, 2009
185638 Erwinschwab 2008 EU7 Erwin Schwab, German amateur astronomer
185639 Rainerkling 2008 EH8 Rainer Kling, German amateur astronomer
185640 Sunyisui 2008 EB34 Sun Yisui is an astronomer who has made contributions to both celestial mechanics and nonlinear dynamics. Elected an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1997
185641 Judd 2008 EH69 Michele Judd (born 1965) was a senior engineer in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Science Division 32 from 2003 to 2008
185733 Luigicolzani 1998 WW30 Luigi Colzani (1922-2015), an enthusiastic and helpful collaborator at Sormano Astronomical Observatory.
185744 Hogan 1999 FK90 Craig Hogan (b. 1955), an American astrophysicist and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
186,001–187,000 [edit]
186007 Guilleminet 2001 QS100 Guilleminet Pierre Francois (1691-1755), an astronomer and mathematician of the Montpellier Royal Society of Sciences. He designed the Babote Observatory.
186832 Mosser 2004 FD76 Mosser Roger, famous French self-taught optician
186835 Normanspinrad 2004 FE92 Norman Spinrad, American science-fiction writer
187,001–188,000 [edit]
187123 Schorderet 2005 QO84 Jean-Marcel Schorderet, retired director and producer at the Swiss public television
187125 Marxgyörgy 2005 QD87 György Marx (1927-2002), a Hungarian physicist and astrophysicist.
187276 Meistas 2005 TM48 Edmundas Meistas, Lithuanian astronomer
187283 Jeffhopkins 2005 TC66 Jeffrey Hopkins, leading amateur photometrist
187514 Tainan 2006 TM94 Tainan is located in southern Taiwan and is the oldest and the fifth-largest city on the island
187638 Greenewalt 2007 CH26 Crawford Greenewalt, witness of Fermi's first atomic chain reaction in 1942
187679 Folinsbee 2008 DC5 Robert E. Folinsbee, 20th-century Canadian geologist at the University of Alberta
187680 Stelck 2008 DE5 Charles R. Stelck, Canadian paleontologist, stratigrapher and teacher
187700 Zagreb 2008 EG8 Zagreb, the capital and the largest city of Croatia.
187707 Nandaxianlin 2008 EQ35 Nandaxianlin is the new campus of Nanjing University
187709 Fengduan 2008 EW36 Feng Duan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
188,001–189,000 [edit]
188061 Loomis 2001 VJ131 Craig P. Loomis (b. 1961), an American computing engineer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
188446 Louischevrolet 2004 HY5 Louis Chevrolet, co-founder of the well-known motor car company.
188534 Mauna Kea 2004 RA252 Mauna Kea (meaning "White Mountain"), a dormant volcano on the island of Hawaii
188576 Kosenda 2005 EL30 Setsuo Kosenda (born 1955) established the Mikawa Astronomical Observatory, located in the Niigata region of Japan
188847 Rhipeus 2006 FT9 Rhipeus, Trojan warrior who died fighting alongside Aeneas in the fall of Troy
188973 Siufaiwing 2008 EX36 Siu Fai Wing, distinguished Chinese painter and sculptor
189000 Alfredkubin 2008 JZ20 Alfred Kubin (1877–1959) is considered an important representative of expressionism
189,001–190,000 [edit]
189004 Capys 3184 T-3 Capys was the son of Assaracus and the father of the Anchises
189011 Ogmios 1997 NJ6 Ogmios, Celtic patron god of scholars and the personification of eloquence and persuasiveness
189188 Floraliën 2003 FL6 The Gentse Floraliën (Floralies of Ghent) is a world-famous flower exhibition held in Ghent (Belgium) every five years
189202 Calar Alto 2003 SM15 Calar Alto Observatory, in the Sierra de los Filabres in Andalusia, southern Spain
189261 Hiroo 2004 XO62 Hiroo Itagaki was the discoverer's brother
189264 Gerardjeong 2005 GY108 Gerard K. Jeong, humanitarian, healer, and spine surgeon at Tucson Orthopedic Institute
189310 Polydamas 2006 AJ82 Polydamas was a Trojan commander whose battle strategy was more cautious than that of his friend Hektor
189347 Qian 2008 BQ15 Qian Zhongshu, Chinese literary scholar and writer
189396 Sielewicz 2008 JB6 Henryk Sielewicz, Lithuanian amateur astronomers
189398 Soemmerring 2008 JG20 Samuel Thomas von Soemmerring, German anthropologist, anatomist, paleontologist and inventor
189795 McGehee 2002 ER159 Peregrine McGehee (b. 1960), an American astronomer and a contributor to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.[MPC 85412]
189848 Eivissa 2003 FF2 Eivissa (Ibiza in Spanish) is the westernmost of the Balearic islands
189930 Jeanneherbert 2003 SR200 Jeanne Herbert (born 1958), a grants management specialist for the Bisbee (Arizona) Unified School District
189944 Leblanc 2003 TX Thierry Leblanc (b. 1967), the group supervisor of the Atmospheric Lidar Group, and Principal Investigator of stratospheric and tropospheric ozone, and temperature lidar measurements at JPL's Table Mountain Facility.
189948 Richswanson 2003 UM4 Rich Swanson (born 1964) is an intelligence specialist for a contractor to the Department of Defense at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona


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