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This is a partial list of meanings of minor planet names. See meanings of minor planet names for a list of all such partial lists.

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, among others.[1][2][3] Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
230,001–231,000 [edit]
230151 Vachier 2001 QZ72 Frederic Vachier (born 1974) works at IMCCE-Observatoire de Paris as a celestial mechanician and observer. He has studied binary asteroids, both as an observer and as a theorist for orbit determinations.
230155 Francksallet 2001 QC111 Franck Sallet (born 1970), a French amateur astronomer.
230415 Matthiasjung 2002 MQ5 Matthias Jung (born 1961), a German amateur astronomer.
230648 Zikmund 2003 SL15 Zikmund Lucemburský or Sigismund of Luxembourg (1368-1437), son of Charles IV, became the Holy Roman Emperor, king of Hungary, Croatia, Germany and Bohemia.
230656 Kovácspál 2003 SX111 Pál Kovács (1912–1995), a Hungarian Olympic fencer and sports leader.
230691 Van Vogt 2003 UD18 Alfred Elton Van Vogt (1912–2000), a Canadian-born science-fiction writer.
230736 Jalyhome 2003 WV2 Jalyhome is a school/orphanage for lepers in Pondicherry, India.
230765 Alfbester 2003 XN15 Alfred Bester (1913–1987), an American science-fiction writer.
230975 Rogerfederer 2005 AQ25 Roger Federer, Swiss tennis player.
231,001–232,000 [edit]
231265 Saulperlmutter 2006 AS4 Saul Perlmutter (b. 1959), an American physicist.
231278 Kárpáti 2006 BY26 Rudolf Kárpáti (1920–1999), a Hungarian fencer who won six gold medals in sabre at four Olympic Games between 1948 and 1960.
231307 Peterfalk 2006 BD186 Peter Falk (1927–2011), an American actor.
231346 Taofanlin 2006 EL67 Tao Fan-Lin, director of the Taipei amateur astronomers association.
231470 Bedding 2007 RH5 Timothy R. Bedding (born 1966), a full professor at the University of Sydney.
231486 Capefearrock 2008 PQ2 Since 1996 dozens of students in Harlan Devore's physics and astronomy research classes at the Cape Fear High School in Fayetteville, NC, have submitted thousands of NEO observations to the Minor Planet Center.
231555 Christianeurda 2008 TT2 Christiane-Urda Suessenberger (born 1967), wife of the discoverer.
231649 Korotkiy 2009 WW Stanislav Alexandrovich Korotkiy (born 1983), a Russian amateur astronomer.
231666 Aisymnos 1960 SX Aisymnos, a ruler of the Danaans, a Greek soldier who was killed by Hektor.
232,001–233,000 [edit]
232553 Randypeterson 2003 SX218 Randy Peterson (born 1948), a longtime member of the East Valley Astronomy Club of Phoenix, Arizona, and an accomplished visual observer.
232763 Eliewiesel 2004 PC27 Elie Wiesel (born 1928), Romanian-born human rights activist, author and recipient of the 1986 Nobel Prize for Peace.
232923 Adalovelace 2005 AA29 Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (1815–1852), daughter of George Gordon Byron, was an English mathematician and writer known mainly for her work on Babbage's analytical engine.
232949 Muhina 2005 EN8 The Museum of Natural History of Fribourg in Switzerland, founded in 1823, assures the conservation of its collections and offers unique information and research possibilities to researchers.
233,001–234,000 [edit]
233292 Brianschmidt 2006 BV Brian Schmidt (b. 1967), an American physicist
233383 Assisneto 2006 EP Vicente Ferreira de Assis Neto (1936–2004), a Brazilian amateur astronomer.
233472 Moorcroft 2006 KB143 Donald Ross Moorcroft (b. 1935), a Canadian physicist.
233522 Moye 2007 HB4 Marcel Moye (1873-1939), a founding member of the Flammarion Astronomical Society of Montpellier, which administered the Babote observatory from 1902 to 1922.
233547 Luxun 2007 JR27 Lu Xun (or Lu Hsün), the pen name of Zhou Shuren (1881–1936), one of the major Chinese writers of the twentieth century.
233559 Pizzetti 2007 PJ Gianpaulo Pizzetti, Italian amateur astronomer.
233653 Rether 2008 QR Romanian-born Hagen Rether (born 1969), a well-known cabaret artist in Germany.
233661 Alytus 2008 QZ32 Alytus, a city in southern Lithuania.
233707 Alfons 2008 SA83 Emmanuel Peterfalvi (b. 1967), known as "Alfons", is a French-German cabaret artist.
233880 Urbanpriol 2008 WF93 Urban Priol (b. 1961), a German cabaret artist.
233893 Honthyhanna 2008 YW5 Hanna Honthy (1893–1978), a Hungarian opera singer and actress.
233943 Falera 2008 YW5 Falera, a municipality in the district of Surselva in the Swiss canton of Graubünden.
233967 Vierkant 2010 BN4 Gisela Vierkant (born 1919), mother of the discoverer.
234,001–235,000 [edit]
234026 Unioneastrofili 1998 SJ35 The Italian Amateur Astronomers Union (UAI) was founded in 1967, counts over 1000 members and releases the peer-reviewed magazine Astronomia. The UAI has many research sections and undertakes scientific popularization and didactics, with the co-operation of the Ministry of Education and Universities.
234294 Pappsándor 2000 YD32 Sándor Papp (b. 1949) is a Hungarian amateur astronomer, who has made more than 100,000 visual brightness estimation of variable stars.
234750 Amymainzer 2002 NX69 Amy Mainzer (born 1974), an American astronomer and member of the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) team.
234761 Rainerkracht 2002 OU32 Rainer Kracht (born 1948), a German amateur astronomer.
235,001–236,000 [edit]
235027 Pommard 2003 FH2 Pommard, a French village.
235201 Lorántffy 2003 SG158 Zsuzsanna Lorántffy (1602-1660), a Hungarian aristocrat, the wife of György Rákóczi I, prince of Transylvania.
235281 Jackwilliamson 2003 UV17 Jack Williamson (1908–2006), an American writer.
235621 Kratochvíle 2004 RK3 Kratochvíle, a South Bohemian Renaissance chateau built by B. Maggi in 1583–1589.
236811 Natascharenate 2007 RE16 Natascha Renate Gierlinger (b. 1997), the daughter of the discoverer.
235990 Laennec 2005 FP2 René Laennec (1781–1826), a French physician.
235999 Bucciantini 2005 GA22 Niccolò Bucciantini (born 1976), an astronomer at the Arcetri Observatory in Florence.
236,001–237,000 [edit]
236111 Wolfgangbüttner 2005 RW4 Wolfgang Büttner (1905–1998), a German educator and sidewalk astronomer in Dresden.
236170 Cholnoky 2005 VP7 Jenő Cholnoky (1870-1950), one of the greatest Hungarian geographers and professor of geography at the University of Budapest.
236305 Adamriess 2006 BU Adam Riess (b. 1969), an American physicist.
236463 Bretécher 2006 FF Claire Bretécher (born 1940), a cartoonist who contributed to many comic-strip magazines, including Spirou, Tintin and Pilote.
236484 Luchijen 2006 FQ35 Lu Chi-Jen, an active amateur astronomer in Taiwan.
236616 Gray 2006 JR61 David Frank Gray (b. 1938), a stellar spectroscopist.
236683 Hujingyao 2006 QE111 Hu Jing-Yao (b. 1937), a leading astronomer of National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a pioneer optical astronomer in China.
236728 Leandri 2007 HP14 Andree Fernandez (b. 1939, née Leandri), a retired software engineer at Meudon Observatory.
236743 Zhejiangdaxue 2007 JU34 Named for the 115th anniversary of the Zhejiang University, one of China's oldest institutions of higher education.
236784 Livorno 2007 PU27 Livorno, an important port city of Italy.
236785 Hilendarski 2007 PN29 Paisiy Hilendarski (1722-1773) was the author of Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya, the second modern Bulgarian history.
236800 Broder 2007 QU3 Henryk M. Broder (born 1946) of Katowice, Poland, studied German law and political economics at Cologne, Germany.
236810 Rutten 2007 RH14 Harrie G. J. Rutten (b. 1950), a Dutch optician, and the author of Teleskop Optics, and numerous articles and speeches on popular astronomy that have been well received by the public.
236851 Chenchikwan 2007 RA139 Chen Chi-Kwan (1921–2007), a renowned Taiwanese artist and architect whose designs on the campus of National Central University are some of his masterpieces.
236984 Astier 2008 PP21 Alexandre Astier (b. 1974), a French humorist, actor, scriptwriter and movie director.
236987 Deustua 2008 QX9 Susana E. Deustua (born 1961), an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.
236988 Robberto 2008 QE12 Massimo Robberto (born 1958), an astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.
237,001–238,000 [edit]
237187 Zhonglihe 2008 UA212 Zhong Li-he (1915–1960), a Taiwanese writer.
237265 Golobokov 2008 WQ96 Gennady G. Golobokov (1935–1978), a talented fiction-artist, bed-ridden for 26 years following a spinal injury.
237276 Nakama 2008 XD2 Nakama is a Japanese word meaning a group of persons who spontaneously come together and work for common purposes in education, community services, and other fields of work.
237277 Nevaruth 2008 XR2 Neva Ruth Daniel (1910–2000), a loving mother of three, was a gifted teacher of English and literature at Colorado Mountain College and a teacher of the Progoff System of Intensive Journal Writing.
237845 Neris 2002 FJ5 Neris, also known as Vilija, is the second longest river in Lithuania.
238,001–239,000 [edit]
238129 Bernardwolfe 2003 QK31 Bernard Wolfe (1915–1985), an American science-fiction writer.
238593 Paysdegex 2005 AS The French astronomy club Orion is situated in Pays de Gex, near Geneva.
238710 Halassy 2005 GW21 Olivér Halassy (1909-1946), a Hungarian water polo player and freestyle swimmer, who won two gold and one silver medal in three Summer Olympics Games between 1928 and 1936.
238771 Juhászbalázs 2005 JB94 This minor planet is dedicated to the memory of Balázs Juhász (1992–2012), who died during his night assistant work at the Konkoly Observatory.
238817 Titeuf 2005 PQ16 Titeuf is the title of a comic strip and the name of its teenage hero, created by Swiss cartoonist Philippe Chappuis (born 1957), better known as Zep.
239,001–240,000 [edit]
239046 Judysyd 2006 DQ212 Judith J. (b. 1937) and Sydney P. (b. 1933) Levine, orthopedic surgeon and maritime economic consultant respectively, supported and nurtured the creative and scientific aspirations of their children, one of whom discovered this asteroid.
239071 Penghu 2006 GF Penghu, the only island county of Taiwan and consists of 64 small islands.
239105 Marcocattaneo 2006 HP57 Marco Cattaneo (b. 1963), a science journalist and director of the Italian edition of Scientific American.
239200 Luoyang 2006 MD13 Luoyang, an ancient city situated on the central plain of China.
239203 Simeon 2006 OK14 Simeon (864-927) ruled over Bulgaria from 893 to 927.
239307 Kruchynenko 2007 QS3 Vitaliy Grygorovych Kruchynenko (born 1934), professor and doctor of physics and mathematics.
239593 Tianwenbang 2008 UD55 Tianwenbang is an alliance of the astronomy clubs of several senior high schools in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
239611 Likwohting 2008 UC212 Kwoh-Ting Li (born 1911) was trained as a physicist but became the mastermind of Taiwan's industrial revolution and economic miracle between 1960 and 1990.
239675 Mottez 2008 YW24 Fabrice Mottez (b. 1963) works on plasma astrophysics at the Paris Observatory. His work has contributed to the physics of Earth’s polar auroras, to radio emissions of solar-system planets and satellites, as well as pulsars and their electromagnetic interaction with orbiting companions, including asteroids.
239792 Hankakováčová 2010 EM34 Hanka Kovácová (born 1986), a director and dramaturgist.
239890 Edudeldon 2000 RX11 Eduardo Delgado Donate (1977–2007), an astrophysicist who mainly studied the formation of multiple-star and brown-dwarf systems.


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