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This is a partial list of meanings of minor planet names. See meanings of minor planet names for a list of all such partial lists.

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names. Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, among others.[1][2][3] Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative.

Minor planets not yet given a name have not been included in this list.

Name Provisional Designation Source of Name
250,001–251,000 [edit]
250164 Hannsruder 2002 TM69 Hanns Ruder (1939-2015), astrophysics professor at Tübingen, Germany.
250354 Lewicdeparis 2003 SP244 The WIC de Paris (Women International Club), welcomes women of all nationalities living in and around Paris and provides them a friendly environment for sharing cultures.
250374 Jírovec 2003 UL4 Vojtěch Matyáš Jírovec (1763–1850), also known as Adalbert Gyrowetz, was a Bohemian composer born in České Budějovice.
250526 Steinerzsuzsanna 2004 PO42 Zsuzsanna Steiner (1927–2012), a Hungarian physics and mathematics teacher.
250606 Bichat 2005 EL222 Marie François Xavier Bichat (1771–1802) was a French anatomist and physiologist.
250840 Motörhead 2005 UT158 The British heavy metal group Motörhead, established in 1975.
251,001–252,000 [edit]
251001 Sluch 2006 OM14 Sluch, a river that flows through Ukraine in the basin of the Dniper.
251018 Liubirena 2006 QC31 Liubov Grinishyn (born 1955) and Irene Malinovska (born 1967) are poets and lyric story writers.
251325 Leopoldjosefine 2007 CX26 Leopold Gierlinger (b. 1935) and Josefine Gierlinger (b. 1935), the parents of the discoverer.
251449 Olexakorol' 2008 CK117 Oleksiy Kostyantynovych Korol' (1913–1977) worked in the Main Astronomical Observatory of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and was a member of IAU Commission No. 9. He obtained observations of celestial bodies to help solve problems in fundamental astrometry.
251595 Rudolfböttger 2009 HA36 Rudolf Christian Böttger (1806–1881), a German chemist and physicist at the Physikalischer Verein of Frankfurt am Main.
251621 Lüthen 2009 RR2 Hartwig Lüthen (born 1960), associate professor of plant physiology at the University of Hamburg.
251625 Timconrow 2010 DD21 Tim Conrow (b. 1958), a senior engineer at the California Institute of Technology’s Infrared Processing and Analysis Center.
251627 Joyceearl 2010 JV16 Joyce (1920-2003) and Earl (1914-1979) Bonar were the grandparents of Amy Mainzer, the PI of the NEOWISE project to study minor planets.
252,001–253,000 [edit]
252470 Puigmarti 2001 UE14 Josep Puigmarti (born 1932), an artist known for dreamlike and automatic surrealism over six decades of exhibitions throughout five continents.
252794 Maironis 2002 FL7 Maironis, pseudonym of Jonas Maciulis (1862–1932), one of the most famous Lithuanian romantic poets.
253,001–254,000 [edit]
253412 Ráskaylea 2003 QU29 Lea Ráskay was a Hungarian nun and scholar of the 16th century. She was a member of the Dominican monastery on Margaret Island, Budapest.
253536 Tymchenko 2003 SB215 Mykhajlo Todosovych Tymchenko (1943–2013), a Ukrainian physical education teacher in the Andrushivka gymnasium and a sports coach, who taught many generations of local schoolchildren.
254,001–255,000 [edit]
254299 Shambleau 2004 RT288 "Shambleau" (1933) is a short story by the American writer C. L. Moore (1911–1987).
254422 Henrykent 2004 VR122 Henry Kent, an inventor with a passion and curiosity for science and engineering.
254749 Kurosawa 2005 PE6 Akira Kurosawa (1910–1998), a Japanese film director, producer, screen writer and editor.
254846 Csontváry 2005 RT3 Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry (1853-1919), a Hungarian painter.
254863 Robinwarren 2005 SM4 Robin Warren (b. 1937), an Australian pathologist.
254876 Strommer 2005 ST19 Gyula Strommer (1920–1995), a Hungarian mechanical engineer and mathematician, and a full professor of the Budapest University of Technology
255,001–256,000 [edit]
255019 Fleurmaxwell 2005 TN52) Fleur Maxwell (born 1988), Luxembourg's 2005 national champion figure skater.
255073 Victoriabond 2005 UR8 Victoria Bond, popular Australian science radio presenter of "Diffusion Science Radio".
255257 Mechwart 2005 VR1 András Mechwart (1834-1907), a Hungarian industrialist.
255308 Christianzuber 2005 WB5 Christian Zuber (1930–2005), a French journalist, writer, film producer and lecturer.
255703 Stetson 2006 QN90 Peter Brailey Stetson (born 1952), developer of freely-available software for the analysis of CCD images and spectra.
255989 Dengyushian 2006 TU94) Deng Yu-Shian (1906–1944), known as the Father of Taiwanese Folk Music, wrote many famous melodies which are considered to be the symbols of Taiwan's mind and spirit.
256,001–257,000 [edit]
256369 Vilain 2006 YB3 Christiane Vilain (b. 1949), a retired researcher and teacher of physics and the history of physics.
256374 Danielpequignot 2006 YZ13 Daniel Pequignot (b. 1945), an astronomer at Paris Observatory.
256537 Zahn 2007 GX4 Jean-Paul Zahn (b. 1935), a specialist in fluid dynamics and internal structure of stars.
256547 Davidesmith 2007 HA15 David E. Smith (born 1939), a planetary scientist.
256697 Nahapetov 2008 AZ1 Rodion Rafailovich Nahapetov (born 1944), an outstanding Ukrainian-born, Russian actor, People's Artist of Russia, film director and screenwriter.
256699 Poudai 2008 AZ2 Poudai Town (Puqian Zhen) is a town in Vunsiang City (Wenchang Shi), Hainan
256795 Suzyzahn 2008 CS68 Suzy Collin-Zahn (b. 1938), a specialist of quasars and Active Nuclei of Galaxies.
256796 Almanzor 2008 CN69 Plaza del Moro Almanzor is the highest peak (2592 m) in the Sierra de Gredos, Avila, Spain.
256797 Benbow 2008 CA70 Admiral Benbow Inn, the fictional home of Jim Hawkins in Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel "Treasure Island".
256813 Marburg 2008 CW116 Marburg, a German city.
256892 Wutayou 2008 DW40 Ta-You Wu (1907–2000) was a renowned physicist who introduced modern physics to China.
257,001–258,000 [edit]
257005 Arpadpal 2008 EW152 Árpád Pál (1929–2006), a Romanian astronomer and professor at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca.
257234 Güntherkurtze 2009 DD112 Günther Kurtze (1921–1986), a physicist and professor of acoustics at TH Karlsruhe.
257248 Chouchiehlun 2009 FA19 Chouchiehlun (born 1979) is one of the most famous musicians in Taiwan, best known for "Ting Ma Ma De Hua" ("Listen to Mother's Words").
257261 Ovechkin 2009 FS47 Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin (b. 1985), a Russian ice-hockey winger who began his career with the Dynamo Moscow.
257296 Jessicaamy 2009 HT57 Jessica Amy Todd (b. 1994) is a daughter of the discoverer.
257336 Noeliasanchez 2009 JA1 Noelia Sanchez (b. 1975) is an aeronautical engineer and co-founder of the DEIMOS space company, where she works as Head of the Space Situational Awareness Division for NEO and Space Debris.
257371 Miguelbello 2009 PM4 Miguel Bello (b. 1961), the founder and CEO of the DEIMOS space company.
257439 Peppeprosperini 2010 PL23 Giuseppe Prosperini (1937–2005), an active amateur astronomer who observed lunar and minor-planet occultations.
257515 Zapperudi 1997 CD6 Rudolf Zappe (b. 1928) has been a member of the Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft since 1953.
257533 Iquique 1998 CN4 Iquique, a port city in northern Chile.
259,001–260,000 [edit]
259344 Paré 2003 GQ Ambroise Paré (1510–1590), a French surgeon and one of the fathers of modern surgery.
259387 Atauta 2003 KT13 Atauta is a very small Spanish town located in the province of Soria, famous for the production of high-quality Ribera del Duero wine.
259905 Vougeot 2004 EO9 The Burgundy village of Vougeot is situated between Beaune and Dijon, France.


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