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This is a partial list of meanings of minor planet names. See meanings of minor planet names for a list of all such partial lists.

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names.

Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, among others.[1][2][3] Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative. Meanings marked with an asterisk (*) are guesswork, and should be checked against the mentioned sources to ensure that the identification is correct.


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
84011 Jean-Claude 2002 OB25 Jean-Claude George Pelle, French amateur astronomer JPL
84012 Deluise 2002 PR Fiore De Luise, Italian astronomer JPL
84075 Peterpatricia 2002 PL165 Peter M. and Patricia Lowe, parents of the discoverer
84095 Davidjohn 2002 QV48 David John Matson, father of the discoverer JPL
84096 Reginaldglenice 2002 QD58 Reginald J. and Glenice E. Harding, parents-in-law of the discoverer
84100 Farnocchia 2002 RP8 Davide Farnocchia, is a mathematician who earned a PhD in Celestial Mechanics at the University of Pisa. JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
84200 Robertmoore 2002 RM122 Robert Moore, American space engineer, who worked for the Mercury program, Titan missiles, Fleetsatcom and the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
84224 Kyte 2002 RB233 Frank Kyte, American geochemist and meteoriticist JPL
84225 Verish 2002 RO236 Robert S. (Bob) Verish, American meteor observer and meteorite hunter


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
84340 Jos 2002 TO58 Jos Dianovich Claerbout, American writer, web engineer, film producer, and creator of magnificent hats


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
84417 Ritabo 2002 TE202 Rita Boles, wife of the discoverer JPL
84447 Jeffkanipe 2002 TU240 84447 Jeffkanipe Discovered 2002 Oct. 6 by NEAT at Haleakala. While working on a publication for the fortieth anniversary of Arp's Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, astronomical author and editor Jeff Kanipe (b. 1953) became interested in a spike extending out of the image of Arp 192 = NGC 3303. This led to its recognition in 2009 as a prediscovery trail of (84447) on 1964 Feb. 19.JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
There are no named minor planets in this number range


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
There are no named minor planets in this number range


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
There are no named minor planets in this number range


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
84882 Table Mountain 2003 CN16 Table Mountain, California JPL
84884 Dorismcmillan 2003 FS20 Doris McMillan, 20th-century American science educator, influential with many amateur and professional astronomers, space scientists and educators JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
84902 Porrentruy 2003 UU11 Porrentruy, Switzerland JPL
84919 Karinthy 2003 VH 84919 Karinthy Discovered 2003 Nov. 3 by K. Sárneczky and S. Mészáros at Piszkéstető. Frigyes Karinthy (1887-1938) was a Hungarian author, playwright, poet, journalist and translator. His sense of humor and criticism already appeared in his early diaries. He started his writing career as a journalist and remained a writer of short, humorous blurbs until his death. He is one of the most popular Hungarian writers.JPL
84921 Morkoláb 2003 VN1 The Morkoláb (or Markolaáb), Hungarian mythical animal that eats the Sun or Moon during an eclipse; this object was discovered during a total lunar eclipse JPL
84926 Marywalker 2003 WR3 Mary Walker (b. 1960), the Instrument Systems Manager for the OSIRIS-REx Mission. JPL
84928 Oliversacks 2003 WE13 Oliver Sacks, CBE, English neurologist and author JPL
84943 Timothylinn 2003 WC148 Timothy Linn (b. 1970), the Systems Engineering Manager for the OSIRISREx Asteroid Sample Return Mission. JPL
84945 Solosky 2003 WP153 Phil (b. 1945) and Sueko (b. 1950) Solosky were active members of the Sunset Astronomical Society in Michigan in the 1970s. JPL
84951 Kenwilson 2003 XX4 84951 Kenwilson Discovered 2003 Dec. 1 by the Catalina Sky Survey. Kenneth Dale Wilson (b. 1954) is the former planetarium director with the Virginia Museum of Natural Sciences and a co-author of several books on amateur astronomy.JPL
84991 Bettyphilpotts 2003 YM94 Betty Philpotts Wilson, a board member of the Richmond Astronomical Society and was their first female President. JPL
84994 Amysimon 2003 YW106 Amy Simon (b. 1971), the Deputy Instrument Scientist for the OVIRS instrument on OSIRIS-REx. JPL
84995 Zselic 2003 YB108 Zselic, one of Hungary`s most beautiful wooded regions. JPL
84996 Hortobágy 2003 YW110 Hortobágy National Park, an 800-square-km national park in eastern Hungary. JPL


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