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This is a partial list of meanings of minor planet names. See meanings of minor planet names for a list of all such partial lists.

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names.

Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, among others.[1][2][3] Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative. Meanings marked with an asterisk (*) are guesswork, and should be checked against the mentioned sources to ensure that the identification is correct.


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
9001 Slettebak 1981 QE2 Arne Slettebak (1925-1999) was for 16 years chair of the department of astronomy of Ohio State University. His principal research interests were stellar rotation and spectroscopy, particularly the study of Be stars. He led the effort to move the 1.8-m Perkins telescope from Ohio to the Lowell Observatory. JPL
9003 Ralphmilliken 1981 UW21 Ralph E. Milliken (b. 1978), a planetary science professor at Brown University. JPL
9005 Sidorova 1982 UU5 Sophia Ivanovna Sidorova (b. 1943), public education worker in Ukraine and leader of the Crimean Republic Committee for the education of workers. JPL
9006 Voytkevych 1982 UA7 Vanda Georgievna Voytkevych, friend of discoverer
9007 James Bond 1983 TE1 James Bond, "agent 007", fictional British spy
9008 Bohšternberk 1984 BS Bohumil Šternberk, Czech astronomer
9009 Tirso 1984 HJ1 Tirso, the scepter of Dionysus; Italian acronym of the Circolo eno-g-astronomico TIRSO (for "all together enjoying, studying, observing"), a scientific and cultural circle JPL
9010 Candelo 1984 HM1 Candelo, Italy, a small town in northern Piedmont, famous for its Ricetto fortified village, and host of cultural and astronomical events JPL
9012 Benner 1984 UW Lance A. M. Benner (b. 1964), a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL
9013 Sansaturio 1985 PA1 Maria Eugenia Sansaturio (b. 1959), a mathematician at the University of Valladolid. JPL
9014 Svyatorichter 1985 UG5 Svyatoslav Richter (1915-1997), Russian pianist and People's artist of the U.S.S.R. JPL
9016 Henrymoore 1986 AE Henry J. Moore (1928-1998), a geologist with the U.S. Geological Survey since 1960. JPL
9017 Babadzhanyan 1986 TW9 Arno Babajanian (1921-1983), a Soviet composer and pianist. JPL
9018 Galache 1987 JG 9018 Galache Discovered 1987 May 5 by A. C. Gilmore and P. M. Kilmartin at Lake Tekapo. José Luis Galache (b. 1975) has worked at the Minor Planet Center (MPC) since 2009 and handles, amongst other things, the MPC's social media presence. For his doctoral work, he studied X-ray binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud.JPL
9019 Eucommia 1987 QF3 Named for Eucommiaceae, a family with only one member, the elmlike Eucommia ulmoides, a vigorous and decorative plant. It is the only tree from temperate regions that produces latex in small quantities. JPL
9020 Eucryphia 1987 SG2 Named for Eucryphiaceae, a family with five species in a single genus. Eucryphia cordifolia (Chilean elm) may reach a height of 12 m. Hybrids between the different species are cultivated for the garden. JPL
9021 Fagus 1988 CT5 Named for Fagaceae, the beech family, with eight genera and over 1000 species, including oaks and chestnuts. Well-known species are fagus grandifolia (American beech) and fagus sylvatica (European beech). JPL
9022 Drake 1988 PC1 Michael J. Drake, American cosmochemist and geochemist
9023 Mnesthus 1988 RG1 Mnesthus, a Trojan who went to what is present-day Italy to fight the Latins as an officer of Aeneas. JPL
9025 Polanskey 1988 SM2 Carol A. Polanskey (b. 1960), a science operations expert at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL
9026 Denevi 1988 ST2 Brett W. Denevi (b. 1980), a planetary scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory and an expert in the composition and evolution of asteroid surfaces. JPL
9028 Konrádbeneš 1989 BE1 Konrád Beneš, Czech planetologist
9032 Tanakami 1989 WK4 Tanakami, extending over Shiga, Mie and Kyoto prefectures, is the site of the largest meteorite found in Japan. JPL
9033 Kawane 1990 AD Kawane, a small town about 230 km west of Tokyo. JPL
9034 Oleyuria 1990 QZ17 Oleyuria, Ukrainian piano duo of Olga Scherbakova and Yuri Scherbakov. JPL
9038 Helensteel 1990 VE1 Helen Margaret Steel, wife of discoverer
9040 Flacourtia 1991 BH1 Named for Flacourtiaceae, the Indian plum family, with almost 90 genera and 900 species. Flacourtia indica (governor's plum) is one of the species, and the southeast Asian genus Hydnocarpus produces an oil that is used for treating some skin diseases. JPL
9041 Takane 1991 CX Takane, name of the town in which the Otomo observatory is located. JPL
9044 Kaoru 1991 KA Kaoru Ikeya (b. 1964), lecturer and curator of the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo. JPL
9052 Uhland 1991 UJ4 Johann Ludwig Uhland (1787-1862), a German poet. JPL
9053 Hamamelis 1991 VW5 Named for Hamamelidaceae, the witch-hazel family, with about 25 genera and 100 species, typical in South America and Africa. Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) is not a true hazel, although the leaves are similar. JPL
9054 Hippocastanum 1991 YO Named for Hippocastanaceae, the horse-chestnut family, with only two genera and 15 species. Aesculus hippocastanum (common horse-chestnut) is known for its creamy yellow flowers, in large, conical, upright panicles. JPL
9055 Edvardsson 1992 DP8 Bengt Edvardsson, Swedish astronomer
9056 Piskunov 1992 EQ14 Nikolai Piskunov, Swedish astrophysicist
9059 Dumas 1992 PJ Alexandre Dumas (1802-1870), the grandson of a French marquis and the son of a French general in Napoleon's army, a very well known writer. JPL
9060 Toyokawa 1992 RM Hideji Toyokawa (1926-1995), a curator of the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo. JPL
9062 Ohnishi 1992 WO5 Michikazu Ohnishi (b. 1933), a chemical plant engineer and lecturer in descriptive geometry. JPL
9063 Washi 1992 YS Shinsho Washi (b. 1951), the director of the Sakai City Planetarium. JPL
9064 Johndavies 1993 BH8 John Keith Davies, British astronomer/aviation engineer
9067 Katsuno 1993 HR Gentaro Katsuno (b. 1933), chief editor of Gekkan Tenmon Guide ("Monthly Astronomy Guide") from 1975 to 1987. JPL
9069 Hovland 1993 OV Larry E. Hovland (b. 1947), a senior engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL
9070 Ensab 1993 OZ2 Leo Enright and Denise Sabatini, Canadian astronomers
9071 Coudenberghe 1993 OB13 Peeter van Coudenberghe, Flemish botanist and pharmacist. JPL
9073 Yoshinori 1994 ER Yoshinori Kobayashi (b. 1929), a professor emeritus at Hiroshima University and professor at Tokushima Bunri University. JPL
9074 Yosukeyoshida 1994 FZ Yosuke Yoshida (b. 1945), chief editor of Gekkan Tenmon Guide ("Monthly Astronomy Guide") from 1988 to 1993. JPL
9076 Shinsaku 1994 JT Shinsaku Takasugi (1839-1867), Japanese revolutionary, who though a lower-ranking samurai, attracted many followers with his innovative ideas and extraordinary drive to modernize Japan. As a primary leader of anti-shogunate forces, he played the most important role in the success of the Meiji Restoration. JPL
9077 Ildo 1994 NC Ildo Lombardi (1934-1954), Italian gymnast and brother of Giuseppe Lombardi, a member of the team of amateur astronomers. JPL
9079 Gesner 1994 PC34 Conrad Gesner, a versatile Swiss scientist. JPL
9080 Takayanagi 1994 TP Yuichi Takayanagi (b. 1939), a leading science commentator and producer of science programs of NHK Broadcasting Corporation in Japan. JPL
9081 Hideakianno 1994 VY Hideaki Anno (b. 1960), a Japanese animator and director. JPL
9082 Leonardmartin 1994 VR6 Leonard J. Martin, planetary astronomer and cartographer at the Lowell Observatory. JPL
9083 Ramboehm 1994 WC4 Jeff Ramos (b. 1962) and Art Boehm (born 1944) are friends of the discoverers. JPL
9084 Achristou 1995 CS1 Apostolos Christou, Planetary astronomer, Armagh Observatory
9087 Neff 1995 SN3 Vladimír Neff, Czech novelist and his son Ondřej Neff, science fiction author
9088 Maki 1995 SX3 Fusao Maki (1916-2001), a songwriter who wrote many children's songs, school songs, home songs, citizen's songs and left hundreds of works. JPL
9090 Chirotenmondai 1995 UW8 Chiro Astronomical Observatory (Chiro tenmondai) in Western Australia. JPL
9091 Ishidatakaki 1995 VK Takaki Ishida (b. 1948), principal of Sanyo Girls' High and Junior High School in Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture. JPL
9092 Nanyang 1995 VU18 Nanyang City, in the southwest of Henan Province, is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. JPL
9093 Sorada 1995 WA Toshiyuki Sorada (b. 1954), an amateur astronomer in Hiroshima City. JPL
9094 Butsuen 1995 WH Kazunari Butsuen (b. 1952), an amateur astronomer in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture. JPL
9096 Tamotsu 1995 XE1 Tamotsu Fujii (b. 1947), a member of the Oriental Astronomical Association since 1960 and president of the Yamashiro Astronomical Association since its founding in 1962. JPL
9097 Davidschlag 1996 AU1 Davidschlag, Upper Austria, small Austrian village, some 10 km to the north of Linz, at the entrance to the Sterngartl ("small garden of stars") region, home of the Privatobservatorium Meyer/Obermair (Private Observatory Meyer/Obermair)
9098 Toshihiko 1996 BQ3 Toshihiko Osawa (1935-2001) was a genius in visual planetary observing. He began observing with his self-made telescope at age 12 and discovered "Osawa's spots" on Saturn in 1952. For more than half of his life he was ill, but he continued observing with his telescope on the roof of a hospital. JPL
9099 Kenjitanabe 1996 VN3 Kenji Tanabe (b. 1944), a professor at Okayama University of Science. JPL
9100 Tomohisa 1996 XU1 Tomohisa Ohno (b. 1948), a Japanese amateur astronomer. JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
9102 Foglar 1996 XS18 Jaroslav Foglar, Czech children's author
9103 Komatsubara 1996 XW30 Mitsugu Komatsubara, Japanese reporter and amateur astronomer who, together with Tomohisa Ohno, has recently rehabilitated the late comet and nova hunter Minoru Honda's observatory "Seijin-Sanso" JPL
9104 Matsuo 1996 YB Atsushi Matsuo, Japanese astronomy educator and historian JPL
9105 Matsumura 1997 AU Masafumi Matsumura, Japanese astronomer JPL
9106 Yatagarasu 1997 AY1 Yatagarasu, the holy crow with three legs of Japanese mythology, who guided Jinmu, the so-called first emperor, and his troops from Kumano to Nara (The Chinese counterpart of the crow with three legs is said to live in the Sun, and could be a naked-eye sunspot) JPL
9107 Narukospa 1997 AE4 Naruko-onsen is a town famous for its hot springs, visited by tourists all year long. Narukokyo is a gorge, 100 meters deep and known for its beautiful autumn leaves. Onikobe geyser ejects hot water 20 meters into the air. The Naruko crater on Mars is also named for the town.JPL
9108 Toruyusa 1997 AZ6 Toru Yusa (b. 1966) is director of the planetarium and observatory at the Osaki Lifelong Learning Center in Miyagi Prefecture and a member of the board of directors of the Japan Public Observatory Society. In addition to being a popularizer of astronomy, he is an enthusiastic observer of comets.JPL
9109 Yukomotizuki 1997 AH7 Yuko Motizuki (b. 1965) is an associate professor at Saitama University. Her speciality is the theoretical study of nucleosynthesis, supernovae and neutron stars. She is also leading a team to examine the effects of solar cycles and supernovae on Antarctic ice cores.JPL
9110 Choukai 1997 AM19 Mount Choukai (2230 m) and the Choukai volcanic mountain range, Japan, national park and part of the border between Akita and Yamagata prefectures JPL
9111 Matarazzo 1997 BD2 Giuseppe "Corrado" Matarazzo, Italian amateur astronomer
9112 Hatsulars 1997 BU3 Hatsulars is the name of a women's chorus. Its members are mainly housewives of farming families of Kakegawa City. Founded in 1997, the chorus frequently makes public performances of songs in praise of nature, including the starry sky. "Hatsulars" is a coined word meaning "cheerful people".JPL
9114 Hatakeyama 1997 CU19 Hideo Hatakeyama (b. 1955) is a first-class registered architect and also an amateur astronomer. His projects include the design of Japanese astronomical facilities, as well the architectural design of business complexes. He is also interested in understanding the mechanisms of solar activity.JPL
9115 Battisti 1997 DG Lucio Battisti, Italian singer
9116 Billhamilton 1997 ES40 William O. Hamilton, American professor of physics and astronomy at Louisiana State University, a pioneer in the development of an observational technique for gravitational radiation JPL
9117 Aude 1997 FR1 AUDÉ, the Association des utilisateurs de détecteurs électroniques JPL
9119 Georgpeuerbach 1998 DT Georg Aunpekh von Peuerbach, 15th-century Austrian mathematician, astronomer, poet, early humanist and teacher of Regiomontanus
9121 Stefanovalentini 1998 DJ11 Stefano Valentini, Italian amateur astronomer
9122 Hunten 1998 FZ8 Donald M. Hunten, American astronomer, who has participated in space missions from Pioneer to Cassini JPL
9123 Yoshiko 1998 FQ11 Yoshiko Nakano, Japanese director of the Gekko Observatory and educator JPL
9126 Samcoulson 1998 FR64 Samuel Harold Coulson (born 1998) is a finalist in the 2012 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competition for middle-school students, for his earth and space sciences project JPL
9127 Brucekoehn 1998 HX51 Bruce W. Koehn, American astronomer*
9128 Takatumuzi 1998 HQ52 Mount Takatumuzi (693 m), Japan, east of Nanyo city, Yamagata prefecture, where the discovery site is located JPL
9130 Galois 1998 HQ148 Évariste Galois, French mathematician*
9132 Walteranderson 2821 P-L Walter Anderson, chief executive officer of Entreé International. JPL
9133 d'Arrest 3107 P-L Heinrich Louis d'Arrest (1822-1875), a German astronomer. JPL
9134 Encke 4822 P-L Johann Franz Encke (1791-1865), an eminent German astronomer. JPL
9135 Lacaille 7609 P-L Nicolas Louis de Lacaille (1713-1762), a French astronomer. JPL
9136 Lalande 4886 T-1 Jérôme Lalande (1732-1807), a French astronomer. JPL
9137 Remo 2114 T-2 John L. Remo, American physicist
9138 Murdoch 2280 T-2 Jean Iris Murdoch (1919-1999), a prolific novelist and philosopher. JPL
9139 Barrylasker 4180 T-2 Barry Lasker, American astronomer. JPL
9140 Deni 4195 T-3 Named after the Department of Education for Northern Ireland for its support of the support of the Armagh Observatory. JPL
9141 Kapur 5174 T-3 Shekhar Kapur, Indian actor
9142 Rhesus 5191 T-3 Rhesus of Thrace, the king of the Thracians and ally of the Trojans. JPL
9143 Burkhead 1955 SF Martin S. Burkhead (b. 1933), an emeritus professor at Indiana University. JPL
9144 Hollisjohnson 1955 UN1 Hollis R. Johnson (b. 1928), an emeritus professor at Indiana University. JPL
9145 Shustov 1976 GG3 Boris Mikhailovich Shustov (b. 1947), a deputy director at the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. JPL
9146 Tulikov 1976 YG1 Sergeevich Tulikov (b. 1914), a composer and an artist in the U.S.S.R. JPL
9147 Kourakuen 1977 DD1 Kourakuen in Okayama is one of the three most outstanding gardens in Japan. JPL
9148 Boriszaitsev 1977 EL1 Boris Petrovich Zaitsev (1925-2000), People's artist of Ukraine. JPL
9150 Zavolokin 1978 SE1 Gennadij Dmitrievich Zavolokin (1943-2001), a famed player of the bayan (Russian accordion). JPL
9152 Combe 1980 VZ2 Jean-Philippe Combe (b. 1977), a research scientist on the Dawn mission team analyzing the mineralogy of Vesta using visible and near-infrared mapping data. JPL
9153 Chikurinji 1981 UD2 Chikurinji is the mountain on which the Okayama Astrophysical Observatory is situated. JPL
9154 Kol'tsovo 1982 SP6 Kol'tsovo, a suburb of Novosibirsk, is the site of the State Scientific Institute of Virology and Biotechnology of the Russian Ministry of Public Health. JPL
9155 Verkhodanov 1982 SM7 Vyacheslav Gennadievich Verkhodanov (b. 1942), a Ukrainian economics and management specialist. JPL
9156 Malanin 1982 TQ2 Ivan Ivanovich Malanin, Russian accordionist
9158 Platè 1984 MR Nikolaj Alfredovich Platè (b. 1934), a chief scientific secretary of the Russian Academy of Sciences and director of the Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis in Moscow. JPL
9159 McDonnell 1984 UD3 J. A. M. ("Tony") McDonnell (b. 1938) is recognized for his research on cosmic dust. With colleagues, he was the first to demonstrate the intact capture of space particulates in aerogel. He has flown instruments on a number of missions and has analyzed impact craters on lunar samples and satellite surfaces exposed to space. JPL
9161 Beaufort 1987 BZ1 Rear Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort, an admiral of the British Navy who devised the scale for classifying wind force at sea. JPL
9162 Kwiila 1987 OA Kwiila ("Black Oak"), one of the First People in the Luiseno creation story (the black oak is indigenous to Palomar Mountain, the discovery site) JPL
9164 Colbert 1987 SQ Edwin H. Colbert (b. 1905), a distinguished U.S. vertebrate paleontologist. JPL
9165 Raup 1987 SJ3 David M. Raup, paleontologist and biological historian at the University of Chicago. JPL
9167 Kharkiv 1987 SS17 Kharkiv (Kharkov), an industrial and cultural center, is one of the largest cities in Ukraine. JPL
9168 Sarov 1987 ST17 Sarov, a small town in the Nizhnij Novgorod region of the Russian Federation where the All-Russian Research Institute of Experimental Physics is located. JPL
9171 Carolyndiane 1989 GD5 Carolyn Diane Young (b. 1940) has been a great support in encouraging her husband, veteran New Zealand amateur astronomer Albert Jones, in his endeavor to monitor variable stars and comets. JPL
9172 Abhramu 1989 OB Abhramu, the "cloud-knitter", was the original female elephant who was a supernatural winged being who could change her shape at will, like the clouds that resemble her children. According to Indian legend, Abhramu's tribe lost its wings and magic by mischance. JPL
9175 Graun 1990 OO2 Ken Graun (b. 1955) has written two astronomical books. What's Out Tonight? is a major compilation of what the night sky will look like for the next 50 years. His introduction to the planets is intended for young children. JPL
9176 Struchkova 1990 VC15 Raisa Stepanovna Struchkova (b. 1925), a brilliant Russian ballerina at the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre since 1944. JPL
9178 Momoyo 1991 DU Momoyo Urata, the wife of the second discoverer. JPL
9179 Satchmo 1991 EM1 Louis Armstrong (Louis `Satchmo' Armstrong) (1901-1971), American jazz musician. JPL
9180 Samsagan 1991 GQ The son of Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan, Samuel Democritus Druyan Sagan (b. 1991) is inspired by the beauty and power of words. He hopes to become a writer. Family and friends recognize his kind ways and concern for others. JPL
9184 Vasilij 1991 PJ3 Vasilij Rumyantsev (b. 1968), a Russian astronomer. JPL
9186 Fumikotsukimoto 1991 RZ1 Fumiko Tsukimoto (b. 1987), a painter and illustrator, whose nickname is "Painting Witch". JPL
9187 Walterkröll 1991 RD4 Walter Kröll, German physicist
9189 Hölderlin 1991 RH41 Friedrich Hölderlin, German poet. JPL
9190 Masako 1991 VR1 Masako Muramatsu, wife of the second discoverer. JPL
9191 Hokuto 1991 XU Hokuto-shi is the largest city in Yamanashi-ken in Japan. The city, home to the discoverer, is famous for its beautiful starlit sky.JPL
9193 Geoffreycopland 1992 ED1 Geoffrey Malcolm Copland, British physicist
9194 Ananoff 1992 OV2 Alexandre Ananoff (1910-1992) was a Russian-French space expert, author of L´Astronautique (1950) and organizer of the first International Astronautical Congress. In 1950 he was the first recipient of the Hermann Oberth Medal, and he was an advisor on fellow writer Hergé's Adventures of Tintin on the Moon.JPL
9196 Sukagawa 1992 WP5 Sukagawa, Fukushima, Japan. JPL
9197 Endo 1992 WH8 Shu Endo (b. 1953), one of Japan's leading astrophotographers. JPL
9198 Sasagamine 1993 BJ3 Sasagamine, mountain in Shikoku, Japan. JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
9203 Myrtus 1993 TM16 Named for Myrtaceae, the myrtle family of aromatic trees and shrubs, with more than 100 genera and nearly 4000 species. This family is typical of the Southern Hemisphere, where the Eucalyptus genus is prevalent. Myrtus communis (common myrtle) is a species native to the Mediterranean and is cultivated as far north as England. JPL
9204 Mörike 1994 PZ1 Eduard Mörike, German poet. JPL
9205 Eddywally 1994 PO9 Eduard Van de Walle (b. 1930), a Flemish singer. JPL
9206 Yanaikeizo 1994 RQ Keizo Yanai (b. 1941), once of researchers at the Japanese National Institute of Polar Research. JPL
9207 Petersmith 1994 SF12 Peter H. Smith (b. 1947), planetary scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory. JPL
9208 Takanotoshi 1994 TX2 Toshiaki Takano (b. 1954), an associate professor at Chiba University Graduate School of Science and Technology. JPL
9211 Neese 1995 SB27 Carol Lynn Neese, American astronomer
9212 Kanamaru 1995 UR3 Naomiki Kanamaru (b. 1970) is an amateur astronomer. After acquiring first-class registered architect status in 1997, he has focused his attention on the architecture of public astronomical observatories, as well as university affiliated astronomical observatories. His current interest is solar eclipses.JPL
9215 Taiyonoto 1995 UB45 The famous monument Taiyonoto, "Tower of Sun", is in Suita City. JPL
9216 Masuzawa 1995 VS Hitoshi Masuzawa (b. 1945), a lecturer and curator of the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo. JPL
9217 Kitagawa 1995 WN Ryuji Kitagawa (1949-2009) was a professor at Hiroshima University. From his research of clay mineralogy, he clarified the mechanism of weathering of granite and generation of landslide and slope failure. In addition to his own research, he mentored many other scientists.JPL
9218 Ishiikazuo 1995 WV2 Kazuo Ishii (b. 1950), employed in the past in the manufacture of planetaria, has been working since 2005 as an architectural consultant in the design of astronomical facilities. His interest in astronomy was aroused at the sight of Comet 1965 S1 (Ikeya-Seki).JPL
9220 Yoshidayama 1995 XL1 Yoshidayama is a hill located in Sakyo, a district in the northeastern part of Kyoto. It contains temples, shrines and many maple trees and has been familiar for 100 years as a walking area for students.JPL
9221 Wuliangyong 1995 XP2 Wu Liangyong (b. 1922) is an architect, city planner, and educator, and the founder of Sciences of Human Settlements in China. JPL
9222 Chubey 1995 YM Markiyan S. Chubey (b. 1940) is a Ukrainian-born Russian scientist working at the Pulkovo Observatory. He is an astrometrist and is leading a team to develop astrometry and astrophysics at the sun-earth L4 and L5 points using the stereo principle.JPL
9223 Leifandersson 1995 YY7 Leif Erland Andersson (1943-1979) observed that most satellites of the outer planets rotate synchronously about their parent planets, helped determine Pluto's pole position and albedo map, and determined that Pluto and its satellite Charon would display mutual transits and eclipses. He also made a catalogue of lunar craters. JPL
9224 Železný 1996 AE Jan Železný, Czech javelin thrower
9225 Daiki 1996 AU Daiki Matsubayashi (b. 1961) has been a member of the Saga Astronomical Society since the time of its establishment in 1981. He is an amateur astronomer whose interests include meteors and comets, with photography of solar eclipses his personal favorite.JPL
9226 Arimahiroshi 1996 AB1 Hiroshi Arima (b. 1958) is a registered architect who also designs individual observatories in Japan. While a university student he was a leader of the Kyushu Meteoric Network. With members of the Kumamoto Civil Astronomical Observatory, he helped carry out a solar eclipse observation in Mexico in 1991.JPL
9227 Ashida 1996 BO2 Masafumi Ashida (b. 1957), a teacher of elementary school in Kyoto, is widely known by schoolchildren as an astronomical teacher in everyday life. His interests include comet observations, and he has labored continuously as the chief editor of the Kansai Astronomical Society's monthly magazine since 1974.JPL
9228 Nakahiroshi 1996 CG1 Japanese amateur astronomer Hiroshi Nakanishi (b. 1936) is a well-known grass-roots popularizer of astronomy in Kagawa prefecture.JPL
9229 Matsuda 1996 DJ1 Junichi Matsuda (b. 1948), a professor at Osaka University. JPL
9230 Yasuda 1996 YY2 Satoshi Yasuda (b. 1948), a member of Amateur Radio on the International Space Station-Japan and a professor at Hitotsubashi University. JPL
9231 Shimaken 1997 BB2 Shimaken is the research group led by Toshihiko Shimamoto (b. 1946), a professor emeritus of Kyoto University. The group reproduced seismogenic fault motion in the laboratory and found that the fault motion itself dramatically weakens the fault by frictional heating and promotes generation of large earthquakes.JPL
9232 Miretti 1997 BG8 Named in memory of Manlio Miretti (1928-1996), who, blessed with a powerful and warm baritone voice, devoted his whole life to the opera. JPL
9233 Itagijun 1997 CC1 Jun Itagi (b. 1958), an amateur astronomical educator famous in the San-In district (Tottori and Shimane prefectures), has served as general-affairs director of the San-In Society of Astronomy. He is well known for his in-depth studies of the Mihonoseki and Tahara meteorites.JPL
9234 Matsumototaku 1997 CH4 Takuya Matsumoto (b. 1966) is a high-school teacher and amateur astronomer who has also been director of the 100-member headquarters of the San-In Society of Astronomy since 1990.JPL
9235 Shimanamikaido 1997 CT21 Nishiseto Expressway
9236 Obermair 1997 EV32 Erwin Obermair, Austrian amateur astronomer
9238 Yavapai 1997 HO2 Yavapai, the county in Arizona of which Prescott is the county seat. JPL
9239 van Riebeeck 1997 JP15 Jan van Riebeeck, Dutch merchant and founder of the Cape Colony in South Africa
9240 Nassau 1997 KR3 Jason John Nassau (1893-1965), a director of the Warner and Swasey Observatory and professor at Case Institute of Technology during 1924-1959. JPL
9241 Rosfranklin 1997 PE6 Rosalind E. Franklin (1920-1958), a brilliant chemist. JPL
9242 Olea 1998 CS3 Named for Oleaceae, the olive family, with about 25 genera and nearly 1000 species. Genera include ash, lilac, jasmine and forsythia. Olea europea (common olive) is profitable as a fruit and source of oil. JPL
9244 Višnjan 1998 HV7 Višnjan, a small picturesque medieval town situated on the western rim of the Istrian peninsula highlands, Croatia. JPL
9246 Niemeyer 1998 HB149 Oscar Niemeyer (b. 1907), the chief architect in Brazil. JPL
9248 Sauer 4593 P-L Carl G. Sauer, Jr., a principal flight mechanics engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL
9249 Yen 4606 P-L Chen-wan L. Yen, a senior analyst within the Mission and Systems Architecture Section of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL
9250 Chamberlin 4643 P-L Alan B. Chamberlin, a senior engineer within the Navigation and Flight Mechanics Section of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL
9251 Harch 4896 P-L Ann P. Harch, the Cornell University scientist. JPL
9252 Goddard 9058 P-L Robert Goddard, American rocketry pioneer. JPL
9253 Oberth 1171 T-1 Hermann Oberth, Romanian-born German rocketry pioneer
9254 Shunkai 2151 T-1 Shibukawa Shunkai (1639-1715), an expert on the calendar. JPL
9255 Inoutadataka 3174 T-1 Inou Tadataka (1745-1818), a Japan geographer and surveyor. JPL
9256 Tsukamoto 1324 T-2 Tsukamoto Akitake (1833-1885), a geographer who worked for both the Tokugawa and Meiji governments. JPL
9257 Kunisuke 1552 T-2 Kunisuke Kinoshita (1901-1931), an astronomer at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory from 1924 to his death. JPL
9258 Johnpauljones 2137 T-2 John Paul Jones, American Revolutionary War naval hero. JPL
9259 Janvanparadijs 2189 T-2 Jan van Paradijs, Dutch astronomer
9260 Edwardolson 1953 TA1 Edward C. Olson (b. 1930), an emeritus professor at the University of Illinois. JPL
9261 Peggythomson 1953 TD1 Peggy Y. Thomson (b. 1927) was responsible for a major gift to Indiana University from a charitable trust that allowed the Daniel Kirkwood professorship to be fully endowed as a chair of astronomy. The name was suggested by F. K. Edmondson, whose elementary astronomy course inspired Thomson when she was a student. JPL
9262 Bordovitsyna 1973 RF Tatiana Valentinovna Bordovitsyna (b. 1940), head of the department of celestial mechanics and astrometry in the Institute for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of Tomsk University. JPL
9263 Khariton 1976 SX5 Yulij Borisovich Khariton (b. 1904), a physicist and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. JPL
9265 Ekman 1978 RC9 Agnita and Arne Ekman, Swedish encyclopaedists
9266 Holger 1978 RD10 Holger Pedersen, Danish astronomer
9267 Lokrume 1978 RL10 Lokrume, socken on Gotland island, Sweden
9272 Liseleje 1979 KQ Liseleje, Zealand, Denmark JPL
9273 Schloerb 1979 QW3 Frederick Peter Schloerb, American astronomer
9274 Amylovell 1980 FF3 Amy Jean Lovell, American astronomer
9275 Persson 1980 FS3 Jöran Persson, sixteenth century prosecutor and counsellor to King Eric XIV of Sweden
9276 Timgrove 1980 RB8 Timothy L. Grove (b. 1949), a professor of geology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. JPL
9277 Togashi 1980 TT3 Tom Togashi (1937-2000), a pioneering filmmaker whose stunning television documentaries included a Galactic Odyssey series and specials on solar eclipses, the aurora borealis, and the search for life in the universe. JPL
9279 Seager 1981 EY12 Sara Seager (b. 1971), a professor of physics and planetary science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. JPL
9280 Stevenjoy 1981 EQ14 Steven P. Joy (b. 1960), the Dawn mission science manager at the University of California Los Angeles. JPL
9281 Weryk 1981 EJ15 Robert J. Weryk (b. 1981), a researcher at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. JPL
9282 Lucylim 1981 EP16 Lucy F. Lim (b. 1977), a planetary scientist at the Goddard Space Flight Center. JPL
9283 Martinelvis 1981 EY17 Martin S. Elvis (b. 1951), an astrophysicist and expert on quasars at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. JPL
9284 Juansanchez 1981 ED24 Juan Andres Sanchez (b. 1979), a postdoctoral research fellow at the Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Katlenburg-Lindau. JPL
9285 Le Corre 1981 EL24 Lucille Le Corre (b. 1983), an associate researcher at the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona. JPL
9286 Patricktaylor 1981 ED35 Patrick Alan Taylor (b. 1981), a research scientist at the Arecibo Observatory studying near-Earth asteroids. JPL
9287 Klima 1981 ER43 Rachel L. Klima (b. 1974), a planetary geologist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. JPL
9288 Santos-Sanz 1981 EV46 Pablo Santos-Sanz (b. 1971), a postdoctoral researcher at the Instituto Astrofisica Andalucia in Granada. JPL
9289 Balau 1981 QR3 The Balau area, near Costigliole d´Asti (Piedmont, Italy), is renowned for its natural beauty, its agricultural products and the wines (both red and white) produced there. JPL
9291 Alanburdick 1982 QO Alan Burdick (b. 1965), a student of the natural world, is author of numerous popular magazine articles, including one about his efforts to get something in the universe named after him. This in turn helped to land him a writing job at the new Rose Center at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. JPL
9293 Kamogata 1982 XQ1 With the neighboring town of Yakage, the town of Kamogata borders the Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. JPL
9295 Donaldyoung 1983 RT1 Donald L. Young (b. 1935), recently retired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was responsible for building and directing NASA/JPL's Table Mountain Facility. In addition to conducting astronomical research, the facility is a centerpiece of the JPL educational outreach program. The name was suggested by C. Young. JPL
9297 Marchuk 1984 MP Gurij Ivanovich Marchuk (b. 1925), a director of the Institute of Numerical Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. JPL
9298 Geake 1985 JM At the University of Manchester's Institute of Science and Technology, John E. Geake (1925-1998) was well known for his laboratory interpretation of the optical polarization of the lunar and asteroidal surfaces. He invented the first direct-reading linear refractometer, one of which he designed for the Cassini-Huygens Titan probe. JPL
9299 Vinceteri 1985 JG2 Vince (b. 1959) and Teri (b. 1960) Grout are true friends to two-legged and four-legged animals. JPL
9300 Johannes 1985 PS Johannes Andersen (b. 1943), of the Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, works mainly on the chemical and dynamical evolution of the Milky Way's disk. As IAU General Secretary (1997-2000), he has offered sage guidance on the IAU's role with near-earth objects. The name is endorsed by B. G. Marsden and H. Rickman. JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
9305 Hazard 1986 TR1 Cyril Hazard (b. 1928), a British radio astronomer. JPL
9306 Pittosporum 1987 CG Named for Pittosporaceae, the Australian laurel family, with nine genera and more than 200 species, mainly in tropical Africa and Pacific islands. Among the species is Pittosporum eugenioides (lemonwood). JPL
9307 Regiomontanus 1987 QS Johannes Regiomontanus (1436-1476), a German mathematician and astronomer. JPL
9308 Randyrose 1987 SD4 Randy Rose (b. 1963), an electrical engineer and currently leader of the Radio Astronomy and Radar Group at Goldstone. JPL
9309 Platanus 1987 SS9 Named for Platanaceae, the plane family, with one genus and seven species. They grow wild mainly in the United States and Mexico, but they are also typical of southern France. Platanus acerifolia (London plane) reaches a height of almost 30 m and is widely planted in cities because of its resistance to air pollution. The brown, bristly fruits, hanging two to four together on a single stalk, persist over the winter. JPL
9313 Protea 1988 CH3 Named for Proteaceae, the firebush family, with some 75 genera and over 1000 species. They are native to the Southern Hemisphere, where they grow wild. Some species, such as Protea mellifera (honeyflower), extend also to the warm regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The family is best known for its ornamental plants, such as Embothrium coccineum (Chilean firebush), which are cultivated for their edible nuts. JPL
9315 Weigel 1988 PP2 Erhard Weigel (1625-1699), a German mathematician and astronomer. JPL
9316 Rhamnus 1988 PX2 Named for Rhamnaceae, the buckthorn family of deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs and climbing plants, with 60 genera and around 900 species. They grow wild in all parts of the world. Some of the species yield dyes. The berrylike fruits appear in dense clusters. Rhamnus purshina (bearwood) produces a dry bark (cascara sagrada) that is used as a laxative. JPL
9319 Hartzell 1988 RV11 Christine M. Hartzell (b. 1988), an assistant professor in aerospace engineering at the University of Maryland. JPL
9321 Alexkonopliv 1989 AK Alex Konopliv (b. 1960), a principal scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is an internationally recognized authority on the determination of gravity fields for those solar-system objects that have tracking data from an orbiting spacecraft. His gravity fields for Mars have supported several spacecraft missions.JPL
9322 Lindenau 1989 AC7 Bernhard von Lindenau (1779-1854), a German scientist, statesman and promotor of the arts. JPL
9323 Hirohisasato 1989 CV1 Hirohisa Sato (b. 1951) studies the orbits and brightness of comets for the Comet Section of the Oriental Astronomical Association. He also has interests in archeology and history. The name was suggested by S. Harada. JPL
9325 Stonehenge 1989 GG4 Stonehenge, prehistoric megalithic complex, whose design relies on astronomical observation in great part JPL
9326 Ruta 1989 SP2 Named for Rutaceae, the rue family, with over 150 genera and 1500 species, including citrus fruits. Ruta graviolens (common rue) is a perennial herb with a particularly strong scent. The family thrives in tropical and warm, temperate regions. JPL
9327 Duerbeck 1989 SW2 Hilmar Duerbeck, a German astronomer. JPL
9329 Nikolaimedtner 1990 EO Nikolai Karlovich Medtner, Russian composer. JPL
9331 Fannyhensel 1990 QM9 Fanny Hensel (1805-1847), the sister of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and wife of painter Wilhelm Hensel. JPL
9333 Hiraimasa 1990 TK3 Masanori Hirai (b. 1943), a professor at Fukuoka University of Education. JPL
9334 Moesta 1990 UU3 Carl Wilhelm Moesta (1825-1884), a German mathematician and astronomer. JPL
9336 Altenburg 1991 AY2 The town of Altenburg, noted for its outstanding buildings (e.g. the theater and Lindenau Museum) and its eventful 1000-year history. JPL
9339 Kimnovak 1991 GT5 Kim Novak (b. 1933), a screen actress much admired for her work, together with William Holden, in Picnic, a movie from the 1950s based on a Pulitzer prize-winning novel. JPL
9340 Williamholden 1991 LW1 William Holden (1918-1981), a screen actor admired for his work in Picnic (1955), with Kim Novak, and in The Bridge over the River Kwai, with David Niven. He is also the initiator of a wildlife foundation in Kenya. JPL
9341 Gracekelly 1991 PH2 Grace Kelly, American actress, later Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco. JPL
9342 Carygrant 1991 PJ7 Cary Grant (Archibald Leach, 1904-1986), British-American actor. JPL
9344 Klopstock 1991 RB4 Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, a German poet. JPL
9346 Fernandel 1991 RN11 Fernandel (Fernand Joseph Désié Contandin) (1903-1971), French actor. JPL
9349 Lucas 1991 SX François Édouard Anatole Lucas (1842-1891), a French number theorist. JPL
9350 Waseda 1991 TH2 Waseda University, one of the most prestigious private universities in Japan. JPL
9351 Neumayer 1991 TH6 Georg von Neumayer (1826-1909), a German geophysicist and hydrographer. JPL
9356 Elineke 1991 YV Eline Deneweth (b. 1970), named after Eline Vere, a novel by the Dutch author Louis Couperus, is the niece of the discoverer. JPL
9357 Venezuela 1992 AT3 The Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela ("Little Venice") was named in 1499 by Amerigo Vespucci because of the resemblance between the natives' houses, built on water, and the situation in Venice. JPL
9358 Fårö 1992 DN7 Fårö island, northernmost socken on Gotland island, Sweden
9359 Fleringe 1992 ED11 Fleringe, socken on Gotland island, Sweden
9362 Miyajima 1992 FE1 Kazuhiko Miyajima (b. 1946), a professor at Doshisha University. JPL
9364 Clusius 1992 HZ3 Carolus Clusius (Charles de l´Escluse; 1526-1609), a Flemish botanist. JPL
9365 Chinesewilson 1992 RU3 Ernest Henry "Chinese" Wilson, a prolific hunter of plants. JPL
9368 Esashi 1993 BS3 Esashi, a small town in northern Hokkaido, on the Sea of Okhotsk. JPL
9372 Vamlingbo 1993 FK37 Vamlingbo, socken on Gotland island, Sweden
9373 Hamra 1993 FY43 Hamra, socken on Gotland island, Sweden
9374 Sundre 1993 FJ46 Sundre, southernmost socken on Gotland island, Sweden
9375 Omodaka 1993 HK Toshihiro Omodaka, Japanese radio astronomer
9376 Thionville 1993 OU7 Thionville, the French city in northeastern France, near the Luxembourg border. JPL
9377 Metz 1993 PJ7 Metz, the French city in the Lorraine region of France, at the confluence of the Moselle and Seille rivers. JPL
9378 Nancy-Lorraine 1993 QF3 Nancy-Lorraine, the French city Nancy, in the Lorraine region of France, near the left bank of the river Meuse. JPL
9379 Dijon 1993 QH3 Dijon, the capital of Co\te d´Or, in east-central France. JPL
9380 Mâcon 1993 QZ5 Mâcon, the French city in the Bourgogne, on the right side of the river Saône. JPL
9381 Lyon 1993 RT19 Lyon, the French city, capital of the Rhône departement in east-central France. JPL
9382 Mihonoseki 1993 TK11 Mihonoseki, a small town and port on the beautiful sea-encircled Shimane-hanto peninsula in northeastern Shimane prefecture. JPL
9383 Montélimar 1993 TP15 Montélimar, the city in southeastern France, near the confluence of the Roubion and Rhône rivers. JPL
9384 Aransio 1993 TP26 Aransio. the city of Ornage in southeastern France in the department of Vaucluse. JPL
9385 Avignon 1993 TJ30 Avignon, the city in southeastern France, at the east bank of the Rhône river. JPL
9386 Hitomi 1993 XD1 Hitomi Doi (b. 1955), wife of Takao Doi, the first Japanese space walker. JPL
9387 Tweedledee 1994 CA Tweedledee and Tweedledum, from Alice in Wonderland. JPL
9388 Takeno 1994 EH2 Hyoichiro Takeno (1910-2000) and his son Setsuo Takeno (b. 1936) were both professors of Hiroshima University. The former was a theoretical physicist and contributed much on the theory of spherically symmetric space-time. The latter was an experimental mineralogist and proved the stability relations of many sulfide minerals.JPL
9389 Condillac 1994 ET6 Étienne Bonnot de Condillac, French philosopher
9391 Slee 1994 PH1 Bruce Slee (b. 1924), one of the pioneers of radio astronomy. JPL
9392 Cavaillon 1994 PK7 Cavaillon, a small city on the road from Avignon to Digne in southern France. JPL
9393 Apta 1994 PT14 French town of Apt, Vaucluse[4]
9394 Manosque 1994 PV16 Manosque, a small city in southern France (Provence). JPL
9395 Saint Michel 1994 PC39 Saint Michel l´Observatoire is a small village only 2 km away from the Observatory of Haute Provence. JPL
9396 Yamaneakisato 1994 QT Akisato Yamane (b. 1949), a professional engineer, is also an amateur astronomer who is intrigued by solar eclipses, having observed them in Indonesia in 1983 and in Romania in 1999. He is currently a member of the Tokyo Astronomical Association and Shimane Society of Astronomy.JPL
9397 Lombardi 1994 RJ Giuseppe Lombardi (born 1939) is an Italian amateur astronomer at the CCAF observatory in Farra d´Isonzo. JPL
9398 Bidelman 1994 SH3 William Pendry Bidelman, a director of the Warner and Swasey Observatory during 1970-1975 and professor of astronomy at Case Western Reserve University (formerly Case Institute of Technology) during 1970-1986. JPL
9399 Pesch 1994 ST12 Peter Pesch, director of the Warner and Swasey Observatory during 1975–1994 and professor of astronomy at Case Western Reserve University during 1961–1997. JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
9403 Sanduleak 1994 UJ11 Nicholas Sanduleak, American (of Romanian descent) astronomer
9405 Johnratje 1994 WQ1 Since 1993, John R. Ratje (born 1946) has been the assistant director and site manager of Mt. Graham International Observatory, a division of Steward Observatory. Before joining Steward Observatory in 1984, he was an oil-company engineer and manager. JPL
9407 Kimuranaoto 1994 WS3 For 20 years, Naoto Kimura (born 1956) has been a lecturer and curator at the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo. He took many astrophotographs used for planetarium programs. The name was suggested by O. Muramatsu. JPL
9408 Haseakira 1995 BC Akira Hase, professor emeritus at Hiroshima University. JPL
9409 Kanpuzan 1995 BG1 Kanpuzan, a 1763-m-high mountain to the west side of Mt. Sasagamine in the Shikoku range. JPL
9411 Hitomiyamoto 1995 CF Hitomi Miyamoto, a scientist at the Japan Meteorological Agency. JPL
9413 Eichendorff 1995 SQ54 Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff (1788-1857), a Silesian poet. JPL
9414 Masamimurakami 1995 UV4 Masami Murakami, one of the observer lieaders within the Mars Section of the Oriental Astronomical Association since 1988. JPL
9415 Yujiokimura 1995 VE Yuji Okimura (born 1932), Hiroshima University professor emeritus, is a paleontologist and biostratigrapher of the Late Paleozoic smaller foraminifera. JPL
9416 Miyahara 1995 WS Kenji Miyahara (1937-2011) clarified the occurrence mechanism of geological disasters in the regions of weathered granite in southwest Japan. He contributed much to the mitigation of these disasters. JPL
9417 Jujiishii 1995 WU Juji Ishii (1865-1914), a Japanese doctor who devoted himself to the welfare of children. JPL
9418 Mayumi 1995 WX5 Mayumi Sato, Japanese wife of the first discoverer JPL
9419 Keikochaki 1995 XS Keiko Chaki (b. 1954), the president of the Sidewalk Astronomy Society in Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan. JPL
9420 Dewar 1995 XP4 Sir James Dewar, Scottish chemist and physicist. JPL
9421 Violilla 1995 YM2 Violet Lilian Laurie, mother of the discoverer
9422 Kuboniwa 1996 AO2 Atsuo Kuboniwa (b. 1964), a science torch-bearer and an amateur astronomer. JPL
9423 Abt 1996 AT7 Helmut Abt (b. 1925), one of the founders of Kitt Peak National Observatory. JPL
9424 Hiroshinishiyama 1996 BN Hiroshi Nishiyama (b. 1956), an amateur astronomer who observers of variable stars and undertakes astronomical outreach via stargazing parties. JPL
9425 Marconcini 1996 CM7 Massimiliano Marconcini (1955) is an amateur astronomer of the Montelupo group. JPL
9426 Aliante 1996 CO7 Italian name for a glider, the silent plane. The Latin root of the name emphasizes the key role of the wings in the absence of an engine. JPL
9427 Righini 1996 CV7 Guglielmo Righini (b. 1908), Italian solar physicist. JPL
9428 Angelalouise 1996 DW2 Angela Louise Laurie, wife of the discoverer
9429 Poreč 1996 EW1 Porec, a town of cultural monuments, including the sixth-century Euphrasius Basilica. JPL
9430 Erichthonios 1996 HU10 Erichthonius of Athens, the son of Dardanos and the father of Tros. JPL
9432 Iba 1997 CQ Yasuaki Iba (1894–1957) was a trading merchant and an amateur astronomer in Kobe, Japan. He informed the astronomical world that the occurrence of the 1054 Crab supernova was described in Meigetsuki, a famous diary written by Fujiwara-no-Teika.JPL
9434 Bokusen 1997 CJ20 Numajiri Bokusen (1775–1856) was a Japanese educator, geographer and astronomer, who lived in Tsuchiura during the Edo period. He opened a school for the common people, and devised many things, including a folding globe.JPL
9435 Odafukashi 1997 CK20 Fukashi Oda (b. 1957), a science teacher of Shudo Junior and Senior High School in Hiroshima, Japan. JPL
9436 Shudo 1997 EB Shudo is a private boys' junior and senior high school in Hiroshima, Japan. Yoshinaga Asano, Fifth Lord of the Hiroshima Clan, established the school in 1725. The school motto is `Wisdom and Morality'. JPL
9437 Hironari 1997 EA3 Hironari Yamane (b. 1980) has been director of the Kamagari Astronomical Observatory on an island of Kure City, Hiroshima, since 2009. He is an active member of the Japanese Society for Education and Popularization of Astronomy. JPL
9438 Satie 1997 EE16 Erik Satie, French composer
9445 Charpentier 1997 JA8 Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643-1704), a French musician. JPL
9446 Cicero 1997 JT11 Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman statesman
9447 Julesbordet 1997 JJ18 Jules Bordet (1874–1961), Nobel laureate in medicine (1919). JPL
9448 Donaldavies 1997 LJ3 Donald W. Davies (1925–2000), a British expert in computer security. JPL
9449 Petrbondy 1997 VU2 Petr Kalas, alias Bondy (1944–2000), leader of the Prague Scout section Maják ("Lighthouse") and a lover of historical American cars. JPL
9452 Rogerpeeters 1998 DY33 Roger Peeters (born 1948), head of the mechanical workshop at the Royal Observatory at Uccle and responsible for maintaining all the telescopes. JPL
9453 Mallorca 1998 FO1 Majorca, Spanish island
9460 McGlynn 1998 HS30 Thomas A. McGlynn (born 1956), currently the chief archive scientist for the High Energy Science Archive Research Center at the Goddard Space Flight Center. JPL
9463 Criscione 1998 HW38 Lisa Marie Criscione (born 1998) is a finalist in the 2012 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competition for middle-school students, for her physical sciences project. JPL
9466 Shishir 1998 KR46 Shishir Hitesh Dholakia (born 1999) is a finalist in the 2012 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competition for middle-school students, for his earth and space sciences project. JPL
9468 Brewer 1998 LT2 James Brewer, ESO astronomer working on stellar populations and carbon stars. JPL
9469 Shashank 1998 MY34 Shashank Hitesh Dholakia (born 1999) is a finalist in the 2012 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competition for middle-school students, for his earth and space sciences project. JPL
9470 Jussieu 1998 OS10 Bernard de Jussieu, Joseph de Jussieu, Antoine-Laurent de Jussieu, and Adrien-Laurent-Henri de Jussieu, French botanists
9471 Ostend 1998 OU13 Ostend, Belgium
9472 Bruges 1998 OD14 Bruges, Belgium
9473 Ghent 1998 OO14 Ghent, Belgium
9474 Cassadrury 1998 QK15 Cassa Frances Drury (born 1999) is a finalist in the 2012 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competition for middle-school students, for her biochemistry, medicine, health science and microbiology project. JPL
9477 Kefennell 1998 QK41 Katherine Elizabeth Fennell (born 1999) is a finalist in the 2012 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competition for middle-school students, for her animal and plant sciences project. JPL
9478 Caldeyro 2148 P-L Roberto Caldeyro-Barcia (1921–1996), Uruguayan physiologist
9479 Madresplazamayo 2175 P-L Asociación Madres de Plaza de Mayo
9480 Inti 2553 P-L Named for the sun god in Inca religion, also called Apu-Punchau, believed to be the ancestor of the Incas. Inti was at the head of the state cult. He was usually represented in human form, his face portrayed as a gold disk from which rays and flames extended. Inti's sister was the moon, Mama-Kilya, who was portrayed as a silver disk with human features. JPL
9481 Menchú 2559 P-L Rigoberta Menchú Tum, Guatemalan 1992 Nobel Peace Prize winner. JPL
9482 Rubéndarío 4065 P-L Rubén Darío (1867–1916), pseudonym of Félix Rubén Garc{í}a Sarmiento, Nicaraguan poet, journalist and diplomat. JPL
9483 Chagas 4121 P-L Carlos Chagas (1879–1934), Brazilian epidemiologist, discoverer of Chagas disease. JPL
9484 Wanambi 4590 P-L Named for the Australian Aborigines' best known spirit, the Rainbow Snake, which is the rainbow and the revealer of truth. Wanambi is one of the rainbow's names. JPL
9485 Uluru 6108 P-L Uluru, the Australian Aboriginal sacred place, the center or navel of the island continent. It is also known as Ayers Rock. JPL
9486 Utemorrah 6130 P-L Daisy Utemorrah (b. 1922), the Australian Aboriginal poet, teller of Dreamtime stories in the Kimberley: "Words are my gun and my spear".JPL
9487 Kupe 7633 P-L Kupe, the legendary sailor and explorer whose discovery of the islands now known as New Zealand led to the coming there of the Maori people around the ninth century.JPL
9488 Huia 9523 P-L Huia, extinct bird of New Zealand[5]
9489 Tanemahuta 1146 T-1 For Tāne of Maori mythology; also for the particular tree in New Zealand named Tāne Mahuta[6]
9490 Gosemeijer 1181 T-1 Hennie Gosemeijer, Dutch amateur astronomer
9491 Thooft 1205 T-1 Gerardus 't Hooft, Dutch 1999 Nobel physics laureate +
9492 Veltman 2066 T-1 Martinus J. G. Veltman, Dutch 1999 Nobel physics laureate
9493 Enescu 3100 T-1 George Enescu, Romanian musician
9494 Donici 3212 T-1 Nicolae Donici, Romanian astronomer
9495 Eminescu 4177 T-1 Mihai Eminescu, Romanian poet
9496 Ockels 4260 T-1 Wubbo Ockels, Dutch astronaut
9497 Dwingeloo 1001 T-2 Dwingeloo Radio Observatory
9498 Westerbork 1197 T-2 Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope
9499 Excalibur 1269 T-2 Excalibur, the name of the sword of King Arthur. JPL
9500 Camelot 1281 T-2 Camelot, the location of the castle of the King Arthur legend. JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
9501 Ywain 2071 T-2 Owain mab Urien/Sir Ywain, legendary king of Rheged and knight of the Round Table JPL
9502 Gaimar 2075 T-2 Gaimar, obscure legendary knight of the Round Table, lover of Morgan le Fay (mentioned in the 13th-century Lancelot und Ginevra) JPL
9503 Agrawain 2180 T-2 Agravaine, legendary knight of the Round Table JPL
9504 Lionel 2224 T-2 Sir Lionel, legendary knight of the Round Table JPL
9505 Lohengrin 4131 T-2 Lohengrin, character from Arthurian legend and star of the eponymous opera JPL
9506 Telramund 5200 T-2 Brabantine Count Friedrich (Frederick) von Telramund, character from the opera Lohengrin JPL
9507 Gottfried 5447 T-2 Herzog (Duke) Gottfried, character from the opera Lohengrin JPL
9508 Titurel 3395 T-3 A Fisher King, legendary guardian of the Holy Grail, father of Amfortas and a character from the opera Parsifal JPL
9509 Amfortas 3453 T-3 A Fisher King, legendary guardian of the Holy Grail, son of Titurel and a character from the opera Parsifal JPL
9510 Gurnemanz 5022 T-3 Gurnemanz, character from Arthurian legend, and a character from the opera Parsifal JPL
9511 Klingsor 5051 T-3 Klingsor, sorcerous character from Arthurian legend, and in the opera Parsifal JPL
9512 Feijunlong 1966 CM Fei Junlong, Chinese taikonaut JPL
9514 Deineka 1973 SG5 Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Deineka (1899-1969), a Russian painter. JPL
9515 Dubner 1975 RA2 Gloria Dubner, Argentinian astronomer JPL
9516 Inasan 1976 YL3 INASAN, the Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow (INstitut AStronomii (Rossiiskoi) Akademii Nauk). JPL
9517 Niehaisheng 1977 VL1 Nie Haisheng, Chinese taikonaut JPL
9518 Robbynaish 1978 GA Robby Naish, American windsurfer. JPL
9521 Martinhoffmann 1980 FS1 Martin Hoffmann (astronomer), German astronomer †[7]
9522 Schlichting 1981 DS Hilke E. Schlichting (b. 1982), an assistant professor of planetary science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. JPL
9523 Torino 1981 EE1 Torino (Turin) is the Italian capital of the automobile and aerospace industries. Among the scientists in the city's history are Avogadro, Lagrange, discoverer of the rotating magnetic field Galileo Ferraris and 1986 Nobel prizewinner Rita Levi-Montalcini. The city has also lent its name to a scale used to assess NEO impact risk.JPL
9524 O'Rourke 1981 EJ5 Laurence O'Rourke (b. 1970), a research scientist at the European Space Astronomy Centre in Madrid. JPL
9525 Amandasickafoose 1981 EF11 Amanda A. Sickafoose Gulbis (b. 1975), an astronomer at the South African Large Telescope. JPL
9526 Billmckinnon 1981 EC13 William B. McKinnon (b. 1954), a professor of planetary science at Washington University in St. Louis. JPL
9528 Küppers 1981 EH24 Michael Küppers (b. 1967), a planetary scientist at the European Space Agency. JPL
9529 Protopapa 1981 EF25 Silvia Protopapa (b. 1981), an assistant research scientist at the University of Maryland. JPL
9530 Kelleymichael 1981 EO26 Michael Sean Peterson Kelley (b. 1978), an assistant research scientist at the University of Maryland. JPL
9531 Jean-Luc 1981 QK Jean-Luc Margot (b. 1969), a scientist at the Arecibo Observatory. JPL
9532 Abramenko 1981 RQ2 Aleksandr Nikolaevich Abramenko, chief engineer at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
9533 Aleksejleonov 1981 SA7 Aleksei Leonov, Russian cosmonaut. JPL
9535 Plitchenko 1981 UO11 Aleksandr Ivanovich Plitchenko (1943-1997), a Russian writer in Novosibirsk city. JPL
9536 Statler 1981 UR27 Thomas S. Statler (b. 1961), a professor of astronomy at Ohio University. JPL
9537 Nolan 1982 BM Michael C. Nolan (b. 1963), a scientist at the Arecibo Observatory. JPL
9539 Prishvin 1982 UE7 Mikhail Mikhajlovich Prishvin, Russian writer
9540 Mikhalkov 1982 UJ7 Sergey Vladimirovich Mikhalkov, Russian writer and poet
9541 Magri 1983 CH Chris Magri (b. 1961), a scientist at the University of Maine at Farmington. JPL
9542 Eryan 1983 TU1 Eileen V. Ryan (b. 1960), of New Mexico Highlands University, has contributed to the field of fragmentation studies of minor planets by conducting laboratory impact experiments and developing numerical simulations. Recently, she has helped initiate an observational program to study minor planets of the Vesta family. JPL
9543 Nitra 1983 XN1 Nitra, a historical town in western Slovakia, was the seat of prince Pribina and center of the Nitra principality early in the ninth century. JPL
9544 Scottbirney 1984 EL Scott Birney (Dion Scott Birney) (b. 1926), a professor of astronomy at Wellesley College, Massachusetts, from 1968 to 1991. JPL
9545 Petrovedomosti 1984 MQ Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti, oldest Russian newspaper. JPL
9548 Fortran 1985 CN Fortran (FORmula TRANslator), the first widely distributed symbolic programming language for digital computers. JPL
9549 Akplatonov 1985 SM2 Aleksandr Konstantinovich Platonov, Russian mathematician, specialising in the applications of mathematics in celestial mechanics, solar system astronomy, spaceflight, medical and industrial robotics, and economics. JPL
9550 Victorblanco 1985 TY1 Victor Manuel Blanco (b. 1918), director of the Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory from 1967 to 1981. JPL
9551 Kazi 1985 UJ Kazi, legendary Bohemian princess, daughter of Prince Krok and the wife of Bivoj. JPL
9553 Colas 1985 UG2 François Colas (b. 1959), an expert on modern solar-system astrometry at the Institut de Mécanique. JPL
9554 Dumont 1985 XA Simone Dumont (b. 1924), a Meudon mathematician and astronomer. JPL
9555 Frejakocha 1986 GC Freja Koch Augustesen, granddaughter of one of the discoverers JPL
9556 Gaywray 1986 GF Gay Firestone Wray, American founder of the Firestone postdoctoral fellowship at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory JPL
9560 Anguita 1987 EQ Claudio Anguita (Claudio Anguita Cáceres), 20th-century Chilean astrometrist at the Universidad de Chile, critically helpful during the establishment of the Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory, and an IAU Vice President during 1994–2000 JPL
9561 van Eyck 1987 QT1 Jan van Eyck, Flemish painter. JPL
9562 Memling 1987 RG Hans Memling (1430-1494), a Flemish painter. JPL
9563 Kitty 1987 SJ1 Katherine ("Kitty") F. Putnam (b. 1916), president of the Springfield, Massachusetts, Television Corporation from 1975 through 1984. JPL
9564 Jeffwynn 1987 SG3 Jeffrey C. Wynn, a humorous, curious, inventive, adventurous geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey has studied the Wabar Craters of Saudi Arabia with Gene Shoemaker. JPL
9565 Tikhonov 1987 SU17 Andrej Nikolaevich Tikhonov (1906-1993), a Russian mathematician. JPL
9566 Rykhlova 1987 SX17 Lidiya Vasil'evna Rykhlova, head of the Space Astrometry Department of the Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences, is a specialist in the astrometry and dynamics of artificial satellites and an expert on earth rotation. JPL
9567 Surgut 1987 US4 Surgut, one of the main administrative and supply centers for the vast oil and natural gas producing fields along the Ob River in the Khanty-Mansi autonomous district of the Tyumen province in Siberia. JPL
9569 Quintenmatsijs 1988 CL2 Quinten Matsijs (1466-1530), a Flemish painter. JPL
9573 Matsumotomas 1988 UC Masaru Matsumoto (b. 1936) lived in the house in Mihonseki, Shimane prefecture, that was struck by a 6.4-kg meteorite on 1992 Dec. 10. JPL
9574 Taku 1988 XB5 Hiroshi Nakamura (1891-1974), a Japanese medical biochemist and researcher of old maps. JPL
9576 van der Weyden 1989 CX2 Rogier van der Weyden (Rogier de la Pasture, 1399-1464), a Flemish painter. JPL
9577 Gropius 1989 CE5 Walter Gropius, a German architect. JPL
9578 Klyazma 1989 GA3 Klyazma river, whose source is north of Moscow, and which is connected by the Oka river with the Volga at Nizhny Novgorod JPL
9579 Passchendaele 1989 GO4 Passchendaele is a village in West Flanders, close to Ypres. The village was first mentioned in 844 as Pascandale.JPL
9580 Tarumi 1989 TB11 Tarumi, a ward of Kobe City where the first discoverer was born and lives. JPL
9584 Louchheim 1990 OL4 For many years Thomas Louchheim (b. 1957), of Tucson, Arizona, has been a highly regarded counsellor for hundreds of Tucson-area families. Active in childhood education, Louchheim's optimistic philosophy has brightened the lives of many young people. JPL
9587 Bonpland 1990 UG4 Aimé Bonpland (Aimé Jacques Goujard Bonpland) (1773-1858), a physician. JPL
9588 Quesnay 1990 WE2 François Quesnay, a physician. JPL
9589 Deridder 1990 WU5 Remi Adolph De Ridder (1843-1930), a professor of law at Ghent University. JPL
9592 Clairaut 1991 GK4 Alexis Clairaut (Alexis-Claude Clairaut) (1713-1765), one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. JPL
9594 Garstang 1991 RG Roy Henry Garstang (1925-2009) made basic contributions in atomic physics and astronomical spectroscopy. A pioneer in modeling light pollution, he promoted night sky protection. Assistant director of the University of London Observatory (1959-1964), he then joined the faculty of the University of Colorado in Boulder.JPL
9599 Onotomoko 1991 UP2 Tomoko Ono (b. 1968), one of the most active staff members in the Public Relations Center at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
9602 Oya 1991 UU3 Reinosuke Oya (b. 1923) led to the success of the third International Conference of Oriental Astronomy, held in Fukuoka City in Oct. 1998 with an exhibition on the history of astronomy in eastern Asia from early to modern times. JPL
9604 Bellevanzuylen 1991 YW Belle van Zuylen, pseudonym for Isabella Agneta Elisabeth van Tuyll van Serooskerken, 18th-century Dutch writer from the Enlightenment JPL
9609 Ponomarevalya 1992 QL2 Valentina Leonidovna Ponomareva (b. 1934), of the Institute of History of Science and Technology, is a specialist on aircraft and spacecraft JPL
9610 Vischer 1992 RQ Peter Vischer the Elder (c. 1460-1529), the greatest German brass-caster master in the Middle Ages. JPL
9611 Anouck 1992 RF7 Anouck Vrouwe, Dutch science journalist †[8]
9612 Belgorod 1992 RT7 Belgorod, Russia. JPL
9614 Cuvier 1993 BQ4 Georges Cuvier (1769-1832), a French zoologist. JPL
9615 Hemerijckx 1993 BX13 Frans Hemerijckx (1902-1969), a medical doctor who went in 1929 to Africa and India to fight against leprosy. JPL
9617 Grahamchapman 1993 FA5 Graham Chapman, British member of Monty Python[9]
9618 Johncleese 1993 FQ8 John Cleese, British actor and member of Monty Python[10]
9619 Terrygilliam 1993 FS9 Terry Gilliam, British film maker and member of Monty Python[11]
9620 Ericidle 1993 FU13 Eric Idle, British member of Monty Python[12]
9621 Michaelpalin 1993 FT26 Michael Palin, British member of Monty Python[13]
9622 Terryjones 1993 FV26 Terry Jones, British member of Monty Python[14]
9623 Karlsson 1993 FU28 Per Olow Karlsson, Swedish technician at Uppsala Observatory and Kvistabergs Observatorium[15]
9626 Stanley 1993 JF1 John Stanley (1713-1786), blind from the age of three, became a well known organist and composer of oratorios and concertos for string orchestra. For the organ he wrote several Voluntaries, which organists like to play. JPL
9628 Sendaiotsuna 1993 OB2 Sendai Otsunahiki, a 400-year-old tug-of-war festival, held in Satsumasendai City in the evening of the day before the Autumnal Equinox. JPL
9629 Servet 1993 PU7 Miguel Serveto y Reves (Michel Servet, 1511-1553), a doctor of medicine and a theologian living in France. JPL
9630 Castellion 1993 PW7 Sébastien Castellion (1515-1563), a French humanist well known for his generosity and aversion to fanaticism. JPL
9631 Hubertreeves 1993 SL6 Hubert Reeves, a professional astronomer at the French CNRS. JPL
9632 Sudo 1993 TK3 Kenichi Sudo (b. 1958), a Japanese medical technologist and amateur astronomer. JPL
9633 Cotur 1993 UP8 Peter Cotur, Belgian scientific journalist
9637 Perryrose 1994 PJ2 Perry J. Rose (b. 1966) is a former member of the Palomar Planet Crossing Asteroid Survey and currently lead solar observer on the 18-meter solar tower at Mt. Wilson Observatory. JPL
9638 Fuchs 1994 PO7 Leonhard Fuchs, German botanist and physician
9639 Scherer 1994 PS11 Marc Scherer, Belgian scientist
9640 Lippens 1994 PP26 Carlos Lippens, Belgian scientist
9641 Demazière 1994 PB30 Martine De Mazière, Belgian scientist
9642 Takatahiro 1994 RU Hiroyuki Takata (b. 1961), a Japanese amateur astronomer and chief editor of the newsletter of the Chiba Science Society. JPL
9645 Grünewald 1995 AO4 Matthias Grünewald (real name Mathis Gothart Niethart), German Renaissance painter. JPL
9648 Gotouhideo 1995 UB9 Gotou Hideo, Japanese amateur astronomer JPL
9649 Junfukue 1995 XG Jun Fukue (b. 1956), professor at Osaka Kyoiku University, works on theoretical studies concerning accretion disks embedded in quasars and black holes. He also has engaged in science outreach and has published many popular-level books on astronomy. JPL
9650 Okadaira 1995 YG The Okadaira Shell Mound located in Miho village, Ibaraki prefecture, was built on the south coast of Lake Kasumigaura about 7,000 to 3,500 years ago. The research by Sasaki and Iijima in 1879 is appreciated as "the Starting Point of Japanese Archeology". It was the first Japanese-only excavation. JPL
9651 Arii-SooHoo 1996 AJ Computer mathematician Vicki Arii-SooHoo (b. 1962) became team leader at AMOS in 1997 and is directly responsible for the successes of the AMOS program. With untiring support from her family, she has dedicated long hours and sleepless nights to ensure that the AMOS team is productive, efficient and motivated. JPL
9654 Seitennokai 1996 AQ2 Seitennokai, an astronomy club in Japan, which was founded in 1985, with about 20 members. JPL
9655 Yaburanger 1996 CH1 Yaburanger is a nickname for Japanese amateur castle researchers in Ibaraki and Chiba prefectures. `Yabu' means bush in Japanese. The Yaburangers explore castles from the Middle Ages, and they wrote the book Castles in Ibaraki. JPL
9657 Učka 1996 DG2 Učka, the highest mountain on the Istrian peninsula, which extends into the northern Adriatic sea. JPL
9658 Imabari 1996 DD3 Imabari, Japanese city
9661 Hohmann 1996 FU13 Walter Hohmann, German civil engineer †[16]
9662 Frankhubbard 1996 GS Frank Hubbard (1920-1976), an American harpsichord maker. JPL
9663 Zwin 1996 GC18 Zwin, natural reserve on the Belgian-Dutch coast †[8]
9664 Brueghel 1996 HT14 Pieter Brueghel, Flemish painter
9665 Inastronoviny 1996 LA IAN, or Instantní Astronomické Noviny, is a Czech Internet Astronomical Newspaper founded by Jirí Dusek and Rudolf Novák in Brno in 1997. JPL
9667 Amastrinc 1997 HC16 Amateur Astronomers, Inc., now at Union County College, Cranford, New Jersey, where it built the William Miller Sperry Observatory JPL
9668 Tianyahaijiao 1997 LN "Tianya Haijiao", which literally means "edge of the sky, rim of the sea", is the name of a famous rocky outcrop of historical significance on the south coast of Hainan Island just to the west of Sanya, the southernmost city in China.JPL
9669 Symmetria 1997 NC3 Name suggested by the palindromic shape of the numeral 9669, and the fact that each pair of its digits is invariant under a rotation by 180 degrees.JPL
9670 Magni 1997 NJ10 Named in honor of Gianfranco Magni (b. 1943), who joined the Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale in Rome in 1975. He has worked on the physics of stellar interiors, in particular on the equation of the state of gas at high pressure and temperature. Currently, his main field of interest is the origin of the solar system and of planetary systems in general, with special attention to the structure and evolution of circumstellar disks and the formation of giant planets. Involved also in the study of the origin and structure of comets, he is a team member of the cometary mission Rosetta. A lover of early music, he plays the recorder and belongs to two musical groups, "L´Amoroso Cantar" (Medieval music) and "Il Martellato" (Renaissance music).JPL
9671 Hemera 1997 TU9 Hemera, the primordial Greek goddess of the Day. *
9672 Rosenbergerezek 1997 TA10 Kamila Rosenberger and Tomaš Rezek, friends of the discoverer (Tomaš worked for two years at Ondřejov Observatory); the asteroid was named on the occasion of Tomáš and Kamila's marriage on 19 June 1999 †[17]
9673 Kunishimakoto 1997 UC25 For 21 years, Makoto Kunishi (b. 1954) was a lecturer and curator at the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo. His lectures were so powerful that many listeners were spellbound. The name was suggested by O. Muramatsu.JPL
9674 Slovenija 1998 QU15 Slovenia, former Yugoslav republic*
9676 Eijkman 2023 P-L Christiaan Eijkman, Dutch physician and pathologist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology in 1929 (with Hopkins) †[8]
9677 Gowlandhopkins 2532 P-L Frederick Gowland Hopkins, British biochemist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology in 1929 (with Eijkman) †[8]
9678 van der Meer 2584 P-L Simon van der Meer, Dutch physicist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1994 †[8]
9679 Crutzen 2600 P-L Paul Crutzen, Dutch chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1995 †[8]
9680 Molina 3557 P-L Mario J. Molina, Mexican physical chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1995*
9681 Sherwoodrowland 4069 P-L F. Sherwood Rowland, American chemist, winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1995*
9682 Gravesande 4073 P-L Willem Jacob 's Gravesande, Dutch scientist and lawyer †[8]
9683 Rambaldo 4099 P-L Alfred Emile Rambaldo, Dutch East Indies aviation pioneer and involved in atmospheric research †[8]
9684 Olieslagers 4113 P-L Jan Olieslagers, Belgian air ace of World War I*
9685 Korteweg 4247 P-L Diederik Korteweg, Dutch mathematician †[8]
9686 Keesom 4604 P-L Willem Hendrik Keesom, Dutch physicist †[8]
9687 Uhlenbeck 4614 P-L George Eugene Uhlenbeck, Dutch-born American physicist †[8]
9688 Goudsmit 4665 P-L Samuel Abraham Goudsmit, Dutch-born American physicist, member of the ALSOS Commission †[8]
9689 Freudenthal 4831 P-L Hans Freudenthal, Dutch mathematician †[8]
9690 Houtgast 6039 P-L Jacob Houtgast, Dutch astronomer †[8]
9691 Zwaan 6053 P-L Cornelis Zwaan, Dutch astronomer †[8]
9692 Kuperus 6354 P-L Max Kuperus, Dutch astronomer †[8]
9693 Bleeker 6547 P-L Johan Bleeker (J. A. M. Bleeker), Dutch astronomer, Director of the Netherlands Foundation for Space Research †[8]
9694 Lycomedes 6581 P-L Lycomedes of the Trojan War*
9695 Johnheise 6583 P-L John Heise, Dutch astronomer †[8]
9696 Jaffe 6628 P-L Walter J. Jaffe (b. 1947) is an American astronomer at Leiden Observatory with an interest in galaxies, their dynamics, internal and external (clusters) and gas processes therein. He also contributed to the software for the Hubble telescope.JPL
9697 Louwman 1295 T-1 Peter Louwman, Dutch amateur astronomer †[8]
9698 Idzerda 2205 T-1 Hanso Schotanus à Steringa Idzerda, Dutch radio pioneer †[8]
9699 Baumhauer 3036 T-1 Albert G von Baumhauer, Dutch aviation pioneer †[8]
9700 Paech 3058 T-1 Wolfgang Paech, German electronic engineer and amateur astronomer †[18][19]


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
9701 Mak 1157 T-2 Arie Mak, Dutch amateur astronomer, member of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society) †[8]
9702 Tomvandijk 2108 T-2 Thom van Dijk, Dutch amateur astronomer, member of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society) and former president of the Working Group on Metweors of that society †[8]
9703 Sussenbach 3146 T-2 John Sussenbach, Dutch amateur astronomer, member of the Working Group on Astrophotography of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society) †[8]
9704 Georgebeekman 5469 T-2 George Beekman, Dutch science writer and editor of the astronomy magazine Zenit[8]
9705 Drummen 3137 T-3 Mat Drummen, Dutch Director of the 'De Koepel' Foundation (Stichting 'De Koepel') which supports amateur astronomy in the Netherlands †[8]
9706 Bouma 3176 T-3 Reinder J. Bouma (b. 1949), one of the best known Dutch amateur astronomers. JPL
9707 Petruskoning 3226 T-3 Piet Koning, Dutch educational staffmember of the Volkssterrenwacht Bussloo (Public Observatory of Bussloo), in the Netherlands †[8]
9708 Gouka 4140 T-3 Adriaan Gouka, Dutch co-founder of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society) †[8]
9709 Chrisnell 5192 T-3 Christiaan Nell, Dutch co-founder of the (Koninklijke) Nederlandse Vereniging voor Weer- en Sterrenkunde ((Royal) Dutch Meteorological and Astronomical Society) †[8]
9711 Želetava 1972 PA Bearing a 13:12:5 Pythagorean relationship to (8964) [Corvus] Corax and (3735) Trebon, (9711) Zeletava is a small Moravian town near the center of the hypotenuse of a similar triangle with short leg centered on Trebon, Bohemia, and long leg running through Vranov (crow, Corvus), Moravia, and Raabs (raven, Corax), Austria. JPL
9712 Nauplius 1973 SO1 Nauplius, a son of Poseidon and Amymone, was king of Euboea and father of Palamedes. JPL
9713 Oceax 1973 SP1 Oceax, the son of Nauplius of Euboea and brother of Palamedes. JPL
9715 Paolotanga 1975 SB1 Paolo Tanga (b. 1966), an adjoint astronomer at the Observatoire de la Côte d´Azur. JPL
9716 Severina 1975 UE Severina Feitknecht-Gallati (1945-2000), who hailed from Glarus, the same home town as the discoverer, was a highly esteemed physician at Interlaken. JPL
9717 Lyudvasilia 1976 SR5 Lyudmila Vasil'evna Shaposhnikova (b. 1926), orientalist and writer. JPL
9718 Gerbefremov 1976 YR1 Gerbert Alexandrovich Efremov, Russian designer of space technology, creator of the Proton rocket and Almaz space station, member of the Tsiolkovsky Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, and decorated with the Leonardo da Vinci Medal of the International Association of Peace Foundations JPL
9719 Yakage 1977 DF2 With the neighboring town of Kamogata, the town of Yakage borders the Okayama Astrophysical Observatory, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. JPL
9720 Ulfbirgitta 1980 FH1 Ulf and Birgitta Heyman, friends of the discoverer †[20]
9721 Doty 1980 GB Arthur G. Doty (1951-1999), an amateur astronomer. JPL
9722 Levi-Montalcini 1981 EZ In 1952 Italian neurologist Rita Levi-Montalcini (b. 1909) discovered the Nerve Growth Factor, the protein responsible for the nervous system cell proliferation. Winner of the 1986 Nobel prize for Medicine, she promotes programs for educating women in developing countries.JPL
9723 Binyang 1981 EP13 Bin Yang (b. 1977), a research fellow at the European Southern Observatory in Chile. JPL
9724 Villanueva 1981 EW17 Geronimo L. Villanueva (b. 1978), a research assistant professor of physics at Catholic University of America. JPL
9725 Wainscoat 1981 EE19 Richard J. Wainscoat (b. 1961), an astronomer at the University of Hawaii. JPL
9726 Verbiscer 1981 EY19 Anne J. Verbiscer (b. 1964), an associate research professor at the University of Virginia. JPL
9727 Skrutskie 1981 EW24 Michael F. Skrutskie (b. 1959), a professor of astronomy at the University of Virginia. JPL
9728 Videen 1981 EX38 Gordon Videen (b. 1964), a research scientist with the Space Science Institute of Boulder, Colorado. JPL
9732 Juchnovski 1984 SJ7 Ivan Juchnovski (b. 1937), president of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences since 1996. JPL
9733 Valtikhonov 1985 SC3 Valentin Fedorovich Tikhonov, Russian astrophysicist and member of the Russian Mission Control Center JPL
9737 Dudarova 1986 SC2 Veronica Borisovna Dudarova (b. 1916), the only woman conductor in Russia. JPL
9739 Powell 1987 SH7 James Lawrence Powell, director of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, professor of geology at Oberlin College. JPL
9741 Solokhin 1987 UU4 Valentin Fedorovich Solokhin (b. 1933), the director general of a company in Surgut of the Tyumen province in Siberia. JPL
9742 Worpswede 1987 WT1 Worpswede, the German colony of artists near the city of Bremen. JPL
9743 Tohru 1988 GD Tohru Takahashi, a professor of information optics at the Oita National College of Technology. JPL
9744 Nielsen 1988 JW As the physician responsible for the mental and physical fitness of a close-knit team of researchers, construction workers and support staff at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole research station, Jerri Nielsen (b. 1952) is noted for her friendship and concern for the "Polies" and her courage to face her own serious illness. JPL
9745 Shinkenwada 1988 VY Shinken Wada, Japanese NHK announcer. JPL
9746 Kazukoichikawa 1988 VS1 Kazuko Ichikawa, Japanese teddy-bear artist
9748 van Ostaijen 1989 CS2 Paul van Ostaijen, Belgian poet
9749 Van den Eijnde 1989 GC1 Peter Van den Eijnde (b. 1966) has academic degrees in German philology and management and has always been active in astronomy. During the 1980s he helped the discoverer with the reduction of astrometric work. He is now park manager of the Antwerp Zoo. JPL
9751 Kadota 1990 QM Ken-ichi Kadota (b. 1961), a computer engineer and renowned amateur astronomer in Ageo, Saitama prefecture. JPL
9756 Ezaki 1991 CC3 Yusuke Ezaki (b. 1957), a CCD astrometric observer in Toyonaka, Osaka prefecture. JPL
9757 Felixdejager 1991 GA6 Felix de Jager (b. 1999) is the second grandson of the discoverer and son of Sigyn and Philip de Jager-Elst. The fourth generation of professional musicians, Felix shows great love and ability for musical performance. JPL
9758 Dainty 1991 GZ9 John Christopher Dainty, British optical physicist
9761 Krautter 1991 RR4 Joachim Krautter (b. 1948), associate director of the Heidelberg Königstuhl Observatory and a well-known expert on pre-main-sequence stars and novae. JPL
9762 Hermannhesse 1991 RA5 Hermann Hesse, German writer
9764 Morgenstern 1991 UE5 Christian Morgenstern, German poet, writer and translator
9766 Bradbury 1992 DZ2 Ray Douglas Bradbury (b. 1920), the critically acclaimed science fiction author whose works include The Martian Chronicles and The Illustrated Man. JPL
9767 Midsomer Norton 1992 EB1 Midsomer Norton, English town
9768 Stephenmaran 1992 GB1 Stephen Paul Maran, American astronomer, latterly of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center[21]
9769 Nautilus 1993 DG2 Nautilus, submarine in Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. JPL
9770 Discovery 1993 EE Space shuttle Discovery. JPL
9774 Annjudge 1993 NO Ann Campana Judge (1951-2001), the travel office manager for the National Geographic Society. JPL
9775 Joeferguson 1993 OH12 Joe Ferguson (1962-2001), director of the geography education outreach program for the National Geographic Society. JPL
9777 Enterprise 1994 OB The Starship Enterprise, of Star Trek fame, or the Space Shuttle of the same name. JPL
9778 Isabelallende 1994 PA19 Isabel Allende, Chilean writer. JPL
9780 Bandersnatch 1994 SB Bandersnatch, from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky. JPL
9781 Jubjubbird 1994 UB1 Jubjub Bird, from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky. JPL
9782 Edo 1994 WM Edo is the former name for Tokyo, the capital and largest city of Japan. JPL
9783 Tensho-kan 1994 YD1 Tensho-kan, the first planetarium in Japan, located at the science center in Osaka. JPL
9784 Yotsubashi 1994 YJ1 Yotsubashi, in the center of Osaka, is where the astronomers of the Edo period observed eclipses. JPL
9785 Senjikan 1994 YX1 Senjikan, an astronomy group in Osaka in the Edo period. JPL
9786 Gakutensoku 1995 BB Gakutensoku, the first Japanese robot, created in 1928 by Makoto Nishimura. JPL
9788 Yagami 1995 EQ1 Junko Yagami (b. 1958), a renowned singer-songwriter. JPL
9791 Kamiyakurai 1995 YD1 Yakuraisan, popularly called Kami Fuji, is a mountain located in the town of Kami in northeastern Japan. People come here to enjoy beautiful seasonal nature, flowers and starry nights. JPL
9792 Nonodakesan 1996 BX1 Nonodakesan is a mountain located in the town of Wakuya in northeastern Japan. Konpo-ji Temple, popularly called Nonodake Kannon, was constructed on the summit of Nonodake in the eighth century. JPL
9793 Torvalds 1996 BW4 Linus Benedict Torvalds, Finnish developer of Linux. JPL
9795 Deprez 1996 GJ19 Brigitte Deprez (b. 1939), the wife of Uccle astronomer Jozef Denoyelle, colleague of the discoverer. JPL
9797 Raes 1996 HR21 Hugo Raes (b. 1929), a Flemish writer. JPL
9800 Shigetoshi 1997 ES2 Shigetoshi Inoue (b. 1961), a Japanese amateur astronomer and a key member of Ota Astronomical Club. JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
9804 Shrikulkarni 1997 NU Shrinivas Kulkarni (b. 1956) was a co-discoverer of the first millisecond pulsar, the first optical counterpart of a binary pulsar, the first pulsar in a globular cluster, the extragalactic origin of gamma-ray bursts and the first brown dwarf. JPL
9809 Jimdarwin 1998 RZ5 James L. Darwin (born 1939), instrument maker at Lowell Observatory. JPL
9810 Elanfiller 1998 RJ65 Elan Eng Filler (born 1998) is a finalist in the 2012 Broadcom MASTERS, a math and science competition for middle-school students, for her biochemistry, medicine, health science and microbiology project. JPL
9811 Cavadore 1998 ST Cyril Cavadore, French electronic engineer †[22]
9812 Danco 1998 SJ144 Emile Danco (1869–1898), who participated in the Antarctic expedition of Adrien de Gerlache, was responsible for the photography and observation of geomagnetism. He died during the trip, and his body was buried at sea near a newly discovered land, named Dancoland. JPL
9813 Rozgaj 1998 TP5 Slavko Rozgaj (1895-1978), director of the Zagreb Observatory. JPL
9814 Ivobenko 1998 UU18 Baron Ivo Benko (Baron Ivo von Benko of Bojnik) (1851-1903), the director of the Pola Observatory. JPL
9815 Mariakirch 2079 P-L Maria Margarethe Kirch, née Winkelmann (1670-1720), wife and mother of astronomers, was an astronomer in her own right, observing, computing and publishing calendars, working in Berlin and Danzig. Although the comet of April 1702 was first credited to her husband, she was later acknowledged as the discoverer. JPL
9816 von Matt 2643 P-L Baroness Elisabeth von Matt (Elisabeth Freiin von Matt), Austrian astronomer. JPL
9817 Thersander 6540 P-L Thersander, a son of the Theban Polyneices, was wounded by Telephus and later was one of the heroes in the Wooden Horse. JPL
9818 Eurymachos 6591 P-L Eurymachos, one of the heroes hidden in the Wooden Horse. JPL
9819 Sangerhausen 2172 T-1 In the vicinity of the German city of Sangerhausen, a remarkable archaeological object was unearthed. JPL
9820 Hempel 3064 T-1 Rolf Hempel, German mathematician and amateur astronomer. JPL
9821 Gitakresáková 4033 T-1 Margita Kresáková (née Margita Vozárová), Slovak astronomer, wife of astronomer Ľubor Kresák; Comet Vozárová is also named after her †[23]
9822 Hajduková 4114 T-1 Mária Hajduková, Slovak astronomer †[24]
9823 Annantalová 4271 T-1 Anna Antalová, Slovak astronomer †[25]
9824 Marylea 3033 T-2 Mary Lea Shane, née Heger (1897–1983), wife of Lick Observatory director C. Donald Shane. JPL
9825 Oetken 1214 T-3 Lore Oetken (b. 1929) has made significant contributions to the fields of magnetic stars, polarimetry and spectroscopy, a prominent part of the astronomical research at the Potsdam Observatory. The citation was prepared by A. Schnell. JPL
9826 Ehrenfreund 2114 T-3 Pascale Ehrenfreund, Dutch astrobiologist †[26]
9828 Antimachos 1973 SS Antimachos, one of the heroes hidden in the Wooden Horse. JPL
9829 Murillo 1973 SJ1 Bartolomé Estéban Murillo (1618–1682) created many religious paintings for churches. The painter from Seville is famous for his genre pictures of children that were poor but happy, and these are imitated even today. JPL
9831 Simongreen 1979 QZ Simon F. Green, British astronomer †[27]
9832 Xiaobinwang 1981 EH3 Xiao-bin Wang (b. 1966), an astronomer at the Yunnan Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences. JPL
9833 Rilke 1982 DW3 Rainer Maria Rilke, Austrian poet
9834 Kirsanov 1982 TS1 Semen Isaakovich Kirsanov, Russian poet
9836 Aarseth 1985 TU Sverre Aarseth (Årseth), Norwegian astronomer. JPL
9837 Jerryhorow 1986 AA2 Jerome Horowitz, father of the discoverer. JPL
9838 Falz-Fein 1987 RN6 Baron Eduard Aleksandrovich von Falz-Fein (b. 1912) is an outstanding collector of works of art and historical documents, known for his charity. Born in Russia, his uncle Friedrich Falz-Fein was the founder in 1875 of the well-known reserve Askania-Nova in Ukraine. JPL
9839 Crabbegat 1988 CT2 Crabbegat is an idyllic road at the border of the Wolvendael park, close to the Royal Observatory at Uccle. The name might refer to "crab", although Uccle is located near neither the sea nor even a stream. JPL
9841 Mašek 1988 UT Martin Mašek (b. 1988) is an avid observer of deep-sky objects, variable stars, comets and asteroids. JPL
9842 Funakoshi 1989 AS1 Hiromi Funakoshi (born 1961) works in Gifu prefecture's Fujihashi village office. He previously contributed to the spread of astronomy awareness as a researcher at Nishi Mino Observatory and still performs volunteer work there. JPL
9843 Braidwood 1989 AL3 Thomas Braidwood (1715-1806), a Scottish teacher of the deaf. JPL
9844 Otani 1989 WF1 Toyokazu Otani (born 1928), first lecturer at the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo. JPL
9845 Okamuraosamu 1990 FM1 Osamu Okamura (born 1954) is a Japanese certified public accountant and an amateur astronomer. JPL
9848 Yugra 1990 QX17 Yugra is the historical name, used in Russia in medieval times, of the vast area to the east of the Northern Urals, extending to the river Taz. Inhabited then by the Hanty and Mansi tribes, it is now part of the territory of the Hanty-Mansi autonomous area within the Russian Federation. JPL
9851 Sakamoto 1990 UG3 Makoto Sakamoto, a research fellow of the Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory. JPL
9852 Gora 1990 YX Ronald Gora (b. 1933), a former American swimmer. JPL
9854 Karlheinz 1991 AC3 Karlheinz Müller, German amateur astronomer. JPL
9859 Van Lierde 1991 PE5 Edmond Van Lierde (1888-1964), a brilliant student at the University of Brussels, later professor of mathematics, promoted modern mathematics and introduced this new discipline into Belgium. He was also a splendid pianist and an excellent tennis player. JPL
9860 Archaeopteryx 1991 PW9 Archaeopteryx, the early bird that had a dinosaur-like skeleton. JPL
9861 Jahreiss 1991 RB3 Hartmut Jahreiß (b. 1942), a staff astronomer at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut. JPL
9863 Reichardt 1991 RJ7 Johann Friedrich Reichardt, German composer
9865 Akiraohta 1991 TP1 Akira Ohta (1951-2002), an amateur observer of meteors and comets. JPL
9866 Kanaimitsuo 1991 TV4 Mitsuo Kanai (b. 1946), a lecturer and curator at the Gotoh Planetarium and Astronomical Museum in Tokyo for 15 years. JPL
9869 Yadoumaru 1992 CD1 Yasushi Yadoumaru (b. 1965), a research fellow at the Misato Observatory. JPL
9870 Maehata 1992 DA Hideko Maehata (née Hideco Hyodo, 1914-1995), born in Hashimoto city, Wakayama Prefecture, won the gold medal for the 200-m breast-stroke event in the 1936 Olympuic Games in Berlin. She was the first Japanese female Olympic gold medalist. JPL
9871 Jeon 1992 DG1 Jeon San-Woon (b. 1928), a historian of Korean astronomy and technology. JPL
9872 Solf 1992 DJ4 Josef K. M. Solf (b. 1934), professor of astronomy at Heidelberg and Jena, and since 1994 director of the Thüringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg. JPL
9878 Sostero 1994 FQ Giovanni Sostero, Italian aerospace engineer and amateur astronomer†[28]
9879 Mammuthus 1994 PZ29 Mammuthus or woolly mammoth was a kind of elephant, about 4 meters tall, with dense dark hair and an 8-cm-thick layer of fat, protecting the animal from the cold. JPL
9880 Stegosaurus 1994 PQ31 Stegosaurus'', a large dinosaur, 6 to 9 meters long, with a characteristic double row of large bony plates along the back. JPL
9882 Stallman 1994 SS9 Richard Stallman (b. 1953), the founder of the GNU project and an advocate and developer of free software. JPL
9884 Příbram 1994 TN3 Príbram, the town in central Bohemia. JPL
9885 Linux 1994 TM14 The Linux operating system was created by Linus Torvalds in 1991. JPL
9886 Aoyagi 1994 VM7 Fusao Aoyagi (b. 1952), the president of astronomical society in the town of Ishikawa, Fukushima prefecture. JPL
9891 Stephensmith 1995 XN1 Stephen Smith, American publisher of The Shallow Sky Bulletin from 1986 to 2000; the SSB contained cometary ephemerides JPL
9897 Malerba 1996 CX7 Franco Malerba (b. 1946), the first Italian astronaut. JPL
9898 Yoshiro 1996 DF Yoshiro Yamada (b. 1954), a leading popularizer of astronomy in Japan. JPL
9900 Llull 1997 LL6 Ramon Llull, Catalan philosopher JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
9902 Kirkpatrick 1997 NY Ralph Kirkpatrick (1911-1984), eminent American harpsichordist, clavichordist, musicologist and teacher. JPL
9903 Leonhardt 1997 NA1 Gustav Leonhardt, Dutch clavecinist, organist and musicologist †[8]
9904 Mauratombelli 1997 OC1 Maura Tombelli, Italian astronomer †[29]
9905 Tiziano 4611 P-L Tiziano Vecellio (Titian; c. 1477 or 1490-1576), a typical Renaissance painter. JPL
9906 Tintoretto 6523 P-L Jacopo Robusti (1518-1594), called Tintoretto, Italian (Venetian) painter. JPL
9907 Oileus 6541 P-L Oileus, the father of Ajax the Little. Next to Achilles, Ajax was the fastest-running Greek hero. JPL
9908 Aue 2140 T-1 Hartmann von Aue, a German poet. JPL
9909 Eschenbach 4355 T-1 Wolfram von Eschenbach (1168-1220) was, with von Aue and Gottfried von Strassburg, one of the greatest poets of medieval times. JPL
9910 Vogelweide 3181 T-2 Walther von der Vogelweide, a German lyric poet. JPL
9911 Quantz 4129 T-2 Johann Joachim Quantz, a German oboe playerand composer. JPL
9912 Donizetti 2078 T-3 Gaetano Donizetti, Italian composer. JPL
9913 Humperdinck 4071 T-3 Engelbert Humperdinck, a German composer. JPL
9914 Obukhova 1976 UJ4 Nadezhda Andreevna Obukhova (1886-1961), a Russian singer. JPL
9915 Potanin 1977 RD2 Grigorij Nikolaevich Potanin (1835-1920), a Russian geographer, ethnographer and publicist. JPL
9916 Kibirev 1978 TR2 Sergej Feodosievich Kibirev (b. 1950) is involved in new methods of the processing of information, organizing the production of microelectronics in Novosibirsk. A champion sprinter in his youth, he likes extreme forms of sports. He is also a poet. JPL
9917 Keynes 1979 MK John Maynard Keynes, 19th-20th-century British economist JPL
9919 Undset 1979 QF1 Sigrid Undset (1882-1949), a Norwegian author. JPL
9920 Bagnulo 1981 EZ10 Stefano Bagnulo (b. 1965), an astronomer at the Armagh Observatory and a specialist in polarimetry of early-type stars. JPL
9921 Rubincam 1981 EO18 David P. Rubincam (b. 1947), an American planetary geodynamicist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. JPL
9922 Catcheller 1981 EO21 Endowing the English language with a new term, the 1961 novel Catch-22 by U.S. writer Joseph Heller (1923-1999) epitomized both the problems of a sane person in an insane society and the absurdity of war. The name was suggested by B. G. Marsden. JPL
9927 Tyutchev 1981 TW1 Fedor Ivanovich Tyutchev, Russian poet
9929 McConnell 1982 DP1 John C McConnell, Historian of Astronomy. JPL
9930 Billburrows 1984 CP William E. Burrows (b. 1937), of New York University, is a top authority on space, national security, spy satellites and spy planes. JPL
9931 Herbhauptman 1985 HH Herbert A. Hauptman, mathematical chemist and Nobelist †[30]
9932 Kopylov 1985 QP5 Ivan Mikheevich Kopylov, Russian astronomer †[31]
9933 Alekseev 1985 SM3 Anatolij Semenovich Alekseev (b. 1928), a professor in the department of mathematical geophysics at Novosibirsk University. JPL
9934 Caccioppoli 1985 UC Francesco Caccioppoli (1855-1904) directed the Naval Institute in Procida, near Napoli, and was a passionate observer of the sky. Renato Caccioppoli (1904-1959) was an outstanding mathematician who carried out seminal work on linear and nonlinear differential equations. The name was suggested by E. Perozzi. JPL
9936 Al-Biruni 1986 PN4 Al-Biruni, 10th-11th-century Persian scientist (anthropologist, mathematician, and astronomer) JPL
9937 Triceratops 1988 DJ2 Triceratops, dinosaur genus. JPL
9938 Kretlow 1988 KA Mike Kretlow, a longtime friend of the discoverer. JPL
9941 Iguanodon 1989 CB3 Iguanodon, dinosaur genus. JPL
9943 Bizan 1989 UG3 Mount Bizan is a 277-m-high mountain in Tokushima Prefecture. The name is said to be derived from the mountain's visual similarity to an eyebrow.JPL
9945 Karinaxavier 1990 KX Karina Xavier (b. 1977) is a citizen of both Brazil and the U.S. but might have chosen to be born in Italy had she been asked; instead she obtained her doctorate in Italian Renaissance literature. A true citizen of the world, she speaks five languages fluently, often all at once, and has a passion for soccer.JPL
9947 Takaishuji 1990 QB An elementary school teacher, Shuji Takai (born 1967) is a member of the Kuroishi Subaru Association. JPL
9949 Brontosaurus 1990 SK6 Former name of Apatosaurus, dinosaur genus. JPL
9950 ESA 1990 VB European Space Agency JPL
9951 Tyrannosaurus 1990 VK5 Tyrannosaurus, dinosaur genus. JPL
9954 Brachiosaurus 1991 GX7 Brachiosaurus, dinosaur genus. JPL
9956 Castellaz 1991 TX4 Peter Castellaz (b. 1965), a German physicist. JPL
9957 Raffaellosanti 1991 TO13 The painter and architect Raphael (1483-1520), full name Raffaello Sanzio, is one of the most famous masters of the Italian Renaissance. JPL
9960 Sekine 1991 VE4 Masumi Sekine (b. 1950), the president of astromomical society at Ageo city. JPL
9962 Pfau 1991 YL1 Werner Pfau (b. 1936), director of the Jena University Observatory from 1990 to 2000 and a former chairman of the Astronomische Gesellschaft. JPL
9963 Sandage 1992 AN Allan Sandage (b. 1926), a distinguished American astronomer of Palomar and Mt. Wilson fame. JPL
9964 Hideyonoguchi 1992 CF1 Hideo Noguchi, a Japanese bacteriologist. JPL
9965 GNU 1992 EF2 The GNU project was created by Richard Stallman's Free Software Foundation in 1984. It enabled computer programmers to trade and improve on each other's ideas freely. Linux and academic computing owe much of their functionality to the firm foundations of GNU software. JPL
9967 Awanoyumi 1992 FV1 Yumi Awano (b. 1972), the curator of the Okayama Astronomical Museum. JPL
9968 Serpe 1992 JS2 9968 Serpe Discovered 1992 May 4 by H. Debehogne at the European Southern Observatory. Jean Nicolas François Jules Serpe (1914-2001) was the theoretical-physics professor of the discoverer at the University of Liege and was a member of the Académie royale de Belgique.JPL
9969 Braille 1992 KD Louis Braille, French cellist and organist, inventor of braille. JPL
9971 Ishihara 1993 HS Takahiro Ishihara (b. 1961), president of the Hiroshima Astronomical Society from 1987 to 1997. JPL
9972 Minoruoda 1993 KQ Minoru Oda (1923-2001), a cosmic-ray physicist. JPL
9973 Szpilman 1993 NB2 Wladyslaw Szpilman (1912-2000), a Polish pianist who managed to survive in the Warsaw ghetto. JPL
9974 Brody 1993 OG13 Adrien Brody, American actor who played Szpilman in the film The Pianist. JPL
9975 Takimotokoso 1993 RZ1 Koso Takimoto (b. 1965), a Japanese amateur astronomer. JPL
9977 Kentakunimoto 1994 AH Kenta Kunimoto (b. 1960), a Japanese neurosurgeon and a specialist in emergency medicine. JPL
9981 Kudo 1995 BS3 Takahiro Kudo (b. 1961), a Japanese amateur astronomer and a key member of the Ota Astronomical Club. JPL
9983 Rickfienberg 1995 DA Rick Fienberg, American editor-in-chief of Sky and Telescope. JPL
9984 Gregbryant 1996 HT Greg Bryant, Australian amateur astronomer †[32]
9985 Akiko 1996 JF Akiko Yamamoto, Japanese amateur astronomer
9986 Hirokun 1996 NX Hirokun, nickname for Hiroshi Fukazawa, fiancé of Mizuho Urata, daughter of the second discoverer JPL
9987 Peano 1997 OO1 Giuseppe Peano, Italian mathematician
9988 Erictemplebell 1997 RX6 Eric Temple Bell, Scottish-American mathematician and author
9991 Anežka 1997 TY7 Anežka Moravcová, the discoverer's grandmother †[33]
9993 Kumamoto 1997 VX5 Kumamoto, the name of both a prefecture and its capital city, on the Japanese island of Kyushu. JPL
9994 Grotius 4028 P-L Hugo Grotius, Dutch jurist and statesman †[8]
9995 Alouette 4805 P-L Alouette 1, Canadian science satellite †[34]
9996 ANS 9070 P-L Astronomische Nederlandse Satelliet, Dutch science satellite †[8]
9997 COBE 1217 T-1 Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE), science satellite. JPL
9998 ISO 1293 T-1 Infrared Space Observatory. JPL
9999 Wiles 4196 T-2 Andrew Wiles, British mathematician. JPL
10000 Myriostos 1951 SY Greek word for ten-thousandth


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