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meat magazine
Editor James Pallister Nick Hayes
Categories Art magazine
Frequency Bi-monthly
First issue 2004
Country United Kingdom
Language English

meat magazine is a UK-produced independently published bi-monthly magazine. It showcases new art and writing talent. It crosses the boundary between zine and magazine culture.

Its strapline proclaims "Having an opinion is vital - expressing it, more so. Get your work seen. Publish or Perish."

The founding editors hail from Reading, Berkshire (Nick Hayes) and Durham (James Pallister).

Winner of the Guardian Student Media Awards for best new small budget publication and runner up for best publication design in 2004.

It is retailed in Borders nationwide and many independent bookshops and galleries including the ICA and Tate Modern.

Press Coverage[edit]

meat magazine has featured in the International Herald Tribune, The Sunday Times, Esquire, Magazine News and women's writing magazine Myslexia amongst other publications.

Meat Creators[edit]

  • James Pallister - founding editor, designer
  • Nick Hayes - founding editor, cartoonist

Meat Guest Editors[edit]

March 2009

  • Tori Flower
  • Naomi Wood

Meat Collaborations[edit]

  • As Yet Collective - Acoustic Musical Collective see [1]
  • James Dawe - Illustrator aka Photomontadawe
  • Jeremy Warmsley - Singer/Songwriter

Featured Artists and Writers[edit]

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