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For the comic book series, see Meat Cake (comics).

Meatcake, or meatloaf cake, is a cake or other dessert look-alike that is made with meat in a meatloaf style, and not a pastry. Layers of meatloaf, baked in cake pans, are commonly "frosted" with mashed potatoes in classic layer cake fashion.

The term is used in a sketch by comedian George Carlin, in which he describes finding an unidentifiable item in the refrigerator. "Could be meat, could be cake.... It looks like... meatcake!" However, meatcake itself has occurred as a delicacy for quite some time before George Carlin. Also, meatcake (like beefcake) has been used as a term to refer to strong men who pose as models in club venues.

Meatcake can also refer to an Asian dish similar to meatloaf. Ground meat (e.g. pork, fish, etc.) can be mixed with other ingredients (e.g. pickled greens), and steamed. Often served with rice or congee.

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