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Meatheads Burgers & Fries, LLC
Fast casual restaurant
Founded 2007 (2007)
Founder Tom Jednorowicz
Headquarters Bloomington, Illinois, United States

Meatheads Burgers & Fries (commonly referred to as Meatheads) is a United States fast food retailer of high-end hamburgers and other related menu items based in Illinois.

The company was founded by Tom Jednorowicz, formerly an executive at Potbelly Sandwich Works and Einstein Bros. Bagels.[1][2] Meatheads started in Bloomington, Illinois in 2007[3][4] and became a popular spot among students of Illinois State University. The company has since opened fourteen more locations in the Chicago area, first entering that market in 2009.[5][6][7] As of October 2016, 17 locations are in operation. [8]

Among a growing number of specialty burger chains in the United States,[9] Meatheads attempts to differentiate from its competition such as Five Guys and Smashburger by cutting a customer's fries in front of them, similar to west-coast based In-N-Out Burger. Meatheads describes itself as a "fast-casual" chain as opposed to a traditional fast food chain.

With reported annual sales in 2011 of approximately $5 million, the chain is currently composed of company-owned stores, and has not implemented a franchise model.[10]


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