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Mebane Holoman Burgwyn (1914–1992) was an award-winning author of children's books. She was born in Rich Square, North Carolina, and graduated from Woman’s College [now The University of North Carolina at Greensboro] in 1935 with a bachelor's degree in primary education. She secured a master's degree in guidance and counseling from East Carolina University in 1961. Burgwyn lived with her family on a farm near Jackson, North Carolina, where she worked as Director of Guidance Services for Northampton County Schools. She was the author of seven books for young people, many of them about the experiences of farm life. She received the American Association of University Women award for the best juvenile book of the year in 1952 for Penny Rose and again in 1970 for The Crackajack Pony. Other books written by Burgwyn are: River Treasure, True Love for Jenny, Hunters’ Hideout, Lucky Michief[clarification needed] and Moonflower. Linda Mebane Holoman Burgwyn, was the daughter of Henry Dorsey Holoman (1882-1962) and wife Pattie Vaughn White Her father and grandfather owned a stately home on the Braswell Rd. near Rich Square/Jackson Rd. the Holoman Family Graveyard is on the property enclosed by an iron fence. She is the Grandchild of George D Holoman (1828-1890) & Mary Boyce. The Holoman, Boyce, and Burgwyns are early names associated with Northampton County NC. ---Reference—Find a Grave, Northampton Co., NC and Personal Research by Penny Beasley local genealogist, Northampton Co., NC


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