Mechander Robo

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Mechander Robo
(Gasshin Sentai Mekandā Robo)
Genre Mecha
Anime television series
Directed by Yoshitaka Nitta
Studio Wako Productions
Network Tokyo 12 Channel
English network GMA-7 (1979 Philippines)
GMA Cebu and Davao (Cebuano Philippines)
MBC TV (1986 South Korea)
Original run March 3, 1977December 29, 1977
Episodes 35
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Mechander Robot (合身戦隊メカンダーロボ Gasshin Sentai Mekandā Robo?) was an anime series aired in 1977 in Japan. There were 35 episodes aired at 25 minutes each. It is also known as "Gasshin Sentai Mechander Robo", "Mekander", "Mechander", "Combiner Battle Team Mekander Robot", "Combining Squadron Mechander Robo", "Mekander Robot" and "Mekanda".

Original story[edit]

The Doron Empire, hailing from the Ganymede system came to Earth in order to conquer it. General Doron already overthrew the queen Medusa of Ganymede in the Magellan star cluster. Earth's defenses were no match; in a matter of days, 95% of the Earth fell under Doron's occupation. Doctor Shikishima, a brilliant scientist, places his last hopes for Earth in a robot (Mechander Robo) that he has created. The mother of Jimi would be reborn into a cyborg who is now the leader of the opposing forces and her memory could not recall the past. An interesting twist to the usual giant robot formula was that the Doron empire, after having devastated Earth in their successful first strike, ringed it with energy-detecting satellites programmed to lob hugely destructive payloads (similar to H-bombs) on Earth's surface wherever they picked up energy signatures suggesting human technological activity. Having no mean to tackle the alien satellites the Mechander's crew had less than three minutes to successfully engage and beat the invaders' mecha on Earth's surface, before being atomized by the incoming alien bombardment.

Production note[edit]

The production company was plagued with bankruptcy issues, so the main sponsors forced the studios to reuse footage from old episodes to patch newer episodes without redrawing new animation. The final episode was merely a complete recap of the series.


Mechander Robo following combination

Three command jets - Mechander-1, Mechander-2 and Mechander-3 - combine to form one larger jet known as Mechander Max, which then would dock at the back of Mechander Robo. Some of the trademark weapons include spiked shields, missile pod forearms, chest flame throwers and missiles shaped like sharks. Halfway through the series, Mechander Robo is severely damaged, but is rebuilt as four component ships combining to form the robot before docking with Mechnder Max.[1]

Despite the show targeting young audiences at the time and that the opposing forces were robots, the attack techniques and damages in battle are quite violent by today's standards.



Name Vehicle Voices by
Narrator Kouji Nakata
Jimmy Orion Mechander-1 Akira Kamiya
Kojiro Hachijima (Marcus Vance) Mechander-2 Kazuyuki Sogabe
Ryosuke Shikishima (David Humbolt) Toraika B-3 Akio Nojima
Mika Shikishima (Jenny Humbolt) Keiko Yokozawa
General Ozmel (Gen. Goznel) Masane Tsukayama
Professor Shikishima (Prof. Humbolt) Masaya Taki
Medusa Natsuko Fuji

International broadcasts[edit]

Mechander Robo was dubbed in English for broadcast in the Philippines in the late-1970s.[2] It also aired by MBC TV Korea in 1986 as "메칸더V" MechanderV and was dubbed in Korean, and was one of the most popular robot animations.[3]

Video game appearance[edit]

Mechander Robo debuted in the Super Robot Wars series as part of Super Robot Wars Compact 3 for the Wonderswan Color. True to the anime, if Mechander Robo is deployed and a certain amount of turns pass, the Omega Missile will appear and attempt to destroy as many robots in the player's force as it can reach.


During the series' release, a toy of Mechander Robo was released by Bullmark.[4]

In 2009, CM's Corporation released an 18 cm. action figure of Mechander Robo as part of the Mecha Action Series line. The figure features a Mechander Max jet that docks in the back, as well as cargo bays on the feet to store either the Triger-3 ship, the New Triger or two Jaws shark missiles. The forearm shields can combine into the Mechander UFO weapon. Other accessories include the Mechander Fencer sword, additional hands and an Omega Missile.[5] A second edition in a metallic finish was also released.[6]