Mechanized Attack

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Mechanized Attack
Mechanized Attack
Arcade flyer art
Developer(s) SNK
Publisher(s) SNK
Platform(s) Arcade, Nintendo Entertainment System
Release Arcade version
NES version
Genre(s) Shooting game
Mode(s) Single-player

Mechanized Attack (メカナイズド・アタック?, Mekanaizudo Atakku) is a shooter game developed and published by SNK. It was released in North America for the arcade in 1989,[1] and it was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990.[2] It can be played with either the NES controller or the NES Zapper light gun.[3]

Easter egg[edit]

On the System Construction Screen in the NES version, the player can cause a female figure to undress herself by certain inputs. The player can continue to make certain inputs following the undressing of the female figure,[4] but it also will show a hexagram which will cause the game to freeze up.[5]


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(not shown): SNK, NES version Box Art by Marc Ericksen, 1989.