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Metrobus Mecidiyeköy station and Mecidiyeköy panorama

Mecidiyeköy is a neighbourhood located in the Şişli district of Istanbul, Turkey.[1] It is also one of the prominent business quarters of Istanbul.[2] It is situated between Fulya, Kuştepe, Gültepe, Esentepe, and Gülbahar neighbourhoods. According to the 2008 demographic data, the population of the neighbourhood is 20,331.[3]

The neighbourhood of Mecidiyeköy took its name from the Ottoman sultan Abdülmecid I, since the neighbourhood started to be settled during his reign.[4]


Mecidiyeköy is an important passenger transport hub on the European part of Istanbul.

The motorway that forms the inner half ring road of Istanbul connecting European and Asian parts via the Bosphorus Bridge, runs through Mecidiyeköy on a viaduct.

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