Medal for Bravery (Silver)

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Medal for Bravery (Silver)
Medal for Bravery-Silver.jpg
Image of the medal
Awarded by  Hong Kong
Awarded for gallantry of an extremely high order
Post-nominals MBS
Established 1997
First awarded 1999
Next (higher) Silver Bauhinia Star
Next (lower) Distinguished Service Medals
Medal for Bravery
Traditional Chinese 銀英勇勳章
Simplified Chinese 银英勋勳章

The Medal for Bravery (Silver) (Chinese: 銀英勇勳章, MBS) is the second rank in the Order of the Medal for Bravery. It is awarded for gallantry of an extremely high order.[1] It was created in 1997 to replace the British honours system after the transfer of sovereignty to the People's Republic of China and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

List of recipients[edit]


  • Mr David Neil BENNETT MBS
  • Mr CHEUNG Chi-ming, MBS
  • Mr CHAN Chiu-ming, MBS
  • Mr LAU Wai-yan, MBS
  • Mr TAM Siu-hung, MBS


  • Mr LEE Chi-wah, MBS
  • Mr CHOI To, MBS


  • Mr CHEUNG Yat-ming, MBS
  • Mr TO Chi-ming, MBS
  • Mr PANG Yuk-wa, MBS
  • Mr CHOI Yu-shing, MBS
  • Mr CHENG Kam-wah, MBS


  • Mr LEUNG Shing-yan, MBS (posthumous)


  • Ms WONG Kang-tai, MBS (posthumous)
  • Mr LAU Wing-kai, MBS (posthumous)
  • Ms LAU Kam-yung, MBS (posthumous)
  • Dr CHENG Ha-yan, Kate, MBS (posthumous)
  • Ms TANG Heung-may, MBS (posthumous)
  • Mr LEUNG Bo-ming, MBS (posthumous)
  • Mr HUI Chi-leung, MBS
  • Mr NG Ka-man, MBS


  • Mr YIP Chi-hang, Czeven, MBS


  • Mr WONG Hon, MBS
  • Mr TAM Po-ming, MBS


  • Captain CHAN Chi-pui, Michael, MBS, GMSM
  • Captain WU Wai-hung, MBS
  • Mr CHAN Siu-kei, MBS
  • Mr CHAK Hoi-leung, MBS
  • Mr LI Yuk-wah, MBS
  • Mr LEE Kwok-ming, Thomas, MBS[2]


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