Medalha de Mérito Militar

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Medal of Military Merit
Medalha de Mérito Militar
Awarded by Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Republic
Type Order
Established 1946
Eligibility Portuguese and foreign military personnel
Awarded for Distinguished exceptional military qualities and virtues.
Status Currently constituted
Next (higher) Medalha de Serviços Distintos
Next (lower) Medalha de Comportamento Exemplar

The Medalha de Mérito Militar (Medal of Military Merit), is a Portuguese military medal created on May 28, 1946. This medal is an award to individuals with exceptional military qualities and virtues.[1] The 'Military Merit Medal' may also be awarded to foreign military personnel.


The medal of military merit comprises:

  • The Grand Cross of the Military Merit Medal (GCMM) that can only be awarded to General Officers;
  • The remaining classes of the military merit medal may be awarded to military personnel who hold the following rank or rank:
Class 1 (MPMM) - General officer, colonel or sea captain;
Class 2( MSMM) - Lieutenant colonel, captain of frigate, major or captain-lieutenant;
Class 3 (MTMM) - Captain, first lieutenant, other officers of lower rank and sergeant-master;
Class 4 (MQMM) - Other sergeants and squares.

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