Military awards and decorations of Bangladesh

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The following are the various gallantry, service and war medals of the Bangladesh Armed Forces.[1][2][3][4][5]


Decorations in the order of precedence:

Wartime gallantry awards[edit]

Bir Sreshtho Ribbon.png Bir Sreshtho
Bir uttom.JPG Bir Uttom
Bir Bikram.JPG Bir Bikrom
Bir Protik.JPG Bir Protik

Peacetime gallantry awards[edit]


  • Bir Sorbottam-(Bengali: বীর সর্বোত্তম; literally, "The Foremost Braves"), the highest gallantry award
  • Bir Mrittunjoee- (Bengali: বীর মৃত্যুঞ্জয়ী; literally, "The Immortal Braves"), the second highest gallantry award
  • Bir Chiranjib- (Bengali: বীর চিরঞ্জীব; literally, " The Incorruptible Braves"), the third highest gallantry award
  • Bir Durjoy- (Bengali: বীর দুর্জয়; literally, "The Indomitable Braves"), the fourth highest


Distinguished Service medals[edit]

Bangladesh Order of Military Merit ribbon.jpg Order of Military Merit
Extraordiary Service Medal.png Extraordiary Service Medal
Distinguished Service Medal new.png Distinguished Service Medal

Army service Medals[edit]

Army Medal Bar.png Army Medal
Army Medal of Glory.gif Army Medal of Glory
Army Medal of Excellence Bar.png Army Medal of Excellence
Army Efficiency Medal Bar.png Army Efficiency Medal

Service and campaign medals[edit]

Liberation War medals[edit]

War Medal.JPG Samor Padak (War Medal)
Victory Medal.JPG Joy Padak (Victory Medal)
Rono Taroka.JPG Rono Taroka (Campaign Star)
Campaign Star.JPG Mukti Taroka (Liberation Star)
Songbidhan Padak(Constitution Medal).JPG Sanghbidhan Padak (Constitution Medal)

Hill Tracts Campaign medals[edit]

Dabanal Padak.JPG Dabanal Padak (Operation Dabanal Medal)
Uttoron Padak Medal BAR.png Uttoron Padak (Operation Uttoron Medal)
Nirapotta Padak.JPG Nirapattya Padak (Internal Security medal)

Service medals[edit]

Plaban 1998 Padak.JPG Plaban 1988 Padak (Flood Relief of 1988)
Gurnijar 1991 Padak.JPG Ghurnijhar 1991 Padak (Cyclone Relief of 1991)
Mahaplaban 1998 Padak.JPG Mahaplaban 1998 Medal (Great Flood Relief of 1998)
Sangsadia Nirbachan 1991.png Sangsadiyo Nirbachon 1991 (1991 National Elections Medal)
Bangladesh Sangsadia Nirbachan 1996.png Sangsadiyo Nirbachon 1996 (1996 National Elections Medal)
Bangladesh Sangsadia Nirbachan 2001.png Sangsadiyo Nirbachon 2001 (2001 National Elections Medal)
Silver Jubilee.gif Silver Jubilee Medal (25 years of liberation)
Golden Jubilee.JPG Golden Jubilee Medal (5oth anniversary of East Bengal Regiment)
BDR Padak.JPG BDR 200 Years Padak (200th anniversary of Bangladesh Rifles)

Long service awards[edit]

Jestha Padak I.JPG Jestha Padak I (10 years service)
Jestha Padak 002.gif Jestha Padak II (20 years service)
Jestha Padak III.JPG Jestha Padak III (30 years service)

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