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Medanta-The Medicity
Medanta logo.jpg
LocationLucknow, Uttar Pradesh,India and Sector–38, Gurgaon, Haryana,122 001, North India, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Care systemMedicare, Private
FundingFor-profit, Public
Hospital typeSpecialist
SpecialityHeart & Kidney Institute
FoundedOctober 2009
WebsiteOfficial Website
Medanta - The Medicity
Founder Dr. Naresh Trehan, Sunil Sachdeva

Medanta (The Medicity) is a multi-specialty medical institute located in Gurgaon in the National Capital Region of India.[1][2] It was established in 2009, with cardiac surgeon, Naresh Trehan.[3]


Medanta - The Medicity[4] is one of India's largest and most prestigious multi-super specialty medical institutes. Spread across 43 acres in Gurgaon NCR and houses 1,250 beds and over 350 critical care beds, with 45 operation theatres, the hospital was founded in 2009 by renowned cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Naresh Trehan and is located in Gurgaon, which is part of the National Capital Region.[5][6] Primarily known as an institute specializing in cardiology, presently Medanta has 32 institutions, departments and division that cater to over 20 specialities. Adhering to NABH standards [7] , and JCI.[8]Medanta has big library for medical doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff. at Library more than 2500 books, 700 online journals and thesis. Library is open 24*7 in year> Library services/ Circulation services/ article on request/ email service/ library at your palm/Contact Person/ Dr Anoop Kumar Bajpai (Ph.D in Library science and M.Sc. in Yoga)/

Medanta- Institutes, divisions and departments[edit]

Medanta has nine multi-specialty institutes and over 20 specialty divisions and departments, which assists with clinical care, education and research.[9]


  • Medanta Heart Institute
  • Medanta Institute of Neurosciences
  • Medanta Bone & Joint Institute
  • Medanta Kidney & Urology Institute
  • Medanta Cancer Institute
  • Medanta Institute of Critical Care & Anesthesiology
  • Medanta Institute of Digestive & Hepatobiliary Sciences
  • Medanta Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Medanta Institute of Transplant & Regenerative Medicine


  • Division of Chest Services
  • Division of Endocrinology & Diabetes
  • Division of ENT & Head Neck Surgery
  • Division of GI & Bariatric Surgery
  • Division of Gynaecology & Gynaec Oncology
  • Division of Mental Health & Quality of Life
  • Division of Peripheral Vascular & Endovascular Sciences
  • Division of Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Division of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
  • Division of Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology
  • Emergency and Trauma Care
  • Medanta Breast Service
  • Pharmacy


  • Department of Dental Sciences
  • Department of Integrative Medicine & Holistic Therapies
  • Department of Internal Medicine
  • Department of Nursing
  • Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • Department of Pediatric Heart Care
  • Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Liver Transplantation
  • Department of Ophthalmology
  • Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Department of Respiratory & Sleep Medicine
  • Department of Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank)


Dr. Naresh Trehan, the Chairman and Managing Director of Medanta - The Medicity, is a cardiovascular surgeon. He was born on 12 Aug 1946 at Batala, Punjab. He received his medical degree from K.G.M.U. Lucknow and served as assistant professor of surgery at New York University Medical Center, New York. He was also the Executive Director and Chief Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon at Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre for 20 years.

Dr. Trehan’s honours include being awarded both India’s third and fourth highest civilian awards, the Padma Bhusan and the Padma Shri, Life Time Achievement Award from the International Society of Cardiovascular Ultrasound, FRACS (Hon) from the Hon. Fellow Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Australia as well as the India International Gold Award and the Rajiv Gandhi National Unity Award.


Heart Institute

  • Division of Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery - Dr. Naresh Trehan MD, Chairman
  • Division of Peripheral Vascular & Endovascular Sciences- Dr. Rajiv Parikh- Director
  • Division of Clinical and Preventive Cardiology - Dr. RR Kasliwal- Associate Director
  • Division of Paediatrics/Child Heart Speciality & ICU incharge- Dr. Rajesh K.Sharma (Child Heart Super Specialist)- Associate Director
  • Division of Interventional Cardiology - Dr. Praveen Chandra
  • Division of Electrophysiology - Dr. Balbir Singh
  • Division of Heart Transplantation - Dr. Anil Bhan
  • Division of Heart Problems - Dr. Nagendra Singh Chouhan
  • Division of Heart Problems - Dr. Sanjay Mittal
  • Division of Discussions about heart - Dr. Harry (Social Worker)

Kidney & Urology Institute

  • Dr. Anil Mandhani - Chairman of Urology Division
  • Academic and Research Division, Urology - Dr. Narmada P. Gupta
  • Division of Nephrology - Dr. Vijay Kher
  • Division of Urology & Kidney Transplant - Dr. Rajesh Ahlawat

Cancer Institute

  • Division of Medical and Hemato-oncology- Dr. Ashok Vaid
  • Division of Radiation Oncology- Dr. Tejinder Kataria
  • Division of Breast Services - Dr. Rajiv Agarwal

Rheumatology & clinical immunology department - Dr. Rajiva Gupta - Director

Neurosciences Institute - Dr. Ajaya Jha

Bone & Joint Institute Dr.SKS Marya

Critical care & anesthesiology Institute - Dr. Yatin Mehta

Medanta Vattikutti Institute of Robotic Surgery - Dr. Naresh Trehan

Liver Transplant and Regenerative Medicine - Dr. Arvinder Soin

Division of Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery - Dr. RakeshKhazanchi

Division of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine - Dr. SS Baijal, Dr. D Jangid

Digestive and Hepatobiliary Sciences - Dr. Randhir Sud

ENT & Head Neck Surgery - Dr. K K Handa

Medical Technology[edit]

Da Vinci Surgical System[edit]

The Da Vinci Surgical System with 3D HD vision is the most advanced platform available for minimally invasive surgery. This robotic surgery system which is designed ergonomically for enhanced dexterity, precision, and control with breakthrough surgical capabilities combined with superior 3D visualization.[10]

Cyberknife Robotic Radiosurgery System[edit]

With the CyberKnife System, patients can complete treatment in one to five days, unlike the conventional radiation therapy course, which takes weeks to complete. The system both reduces treatment time as well as the side effects associated with radiotherapy. Medanta was the first hospital in India to implement this system.[11][12]

Cataract suite[edit]

This suite comprises an image guided system along with laser technologies to perform cataract surgery with precision and accuracy. With a series of specialized services, the Cataract Suite is designed to provide high-end medical and surgical eye care.[15]Medanta was the first hospital in Asia to incorporate this system in its ophthalmology department.[13]

Brain Suite[edit]

The BrainSuite performs intra-operative MR imaging as well as MR guided surgery. It enables surgeons to perform high resolution MRIs during surgery to assess the degree of tumour removal and to avoid damaging normal brain tissues. The BrainSuite also provides tumour luminescence i.e. guiding techniques that visualise tumour during the surgery.[14]

Artis Zeego Endovascular Cath Lab[edit]

Artis Zeego Endovascular Cath Lab is a floor-mounted imaging system that provides advanced imaging and fulfills the requirements for treating complex cases such as high risk patients and structural heart disease. Since the Artis Zeego allows procedures to be contained in one room, emergencies or complications can be handled immediately, thus lower the risk for patients.[15]


Medanta – The Medicity is built over 43 acres in Gurgaon NCR with the 2.1 million sq. foot main building housing 1,250 beds, over 350 critical care beds and 45 operation theaters.

To provide connectivity between doctors and patients, the building is divided horizontally and each specialty institute has a complete floor. The inpatient and outpatient areas for every institute exist together on a 90,000 sq. ft. floor plate with the various institutes’ floors being linked vertically by 48 elevators and connected through 8 foot wide corridors which allow for un-disruptive patient transfers.This hospital has been termed as a picnic destination by many rather than a normal hospital.This hospital is filled with every thing

International patient services[edit]

Medanta assists international patients with few specialized services which includes, a special team of operational staff and patient care executives, appointment scheduling, interpretation services and guest services.[16]


  • In 2010, Medanta became the first hospital in the country to offer robotic surgeries in cardiac, urology and gynaecology under one roof.[17]
  • In January 2013, a panel of doctors from Medanta, headed by Dr. A.S.Soin performed the first successful intestinal transplant in India.[18]
  • Performed over 15,000 cardiac surgeries.
  • Performed over 2500 joint replacement surgeries.[19]
  • Over 500 living donor liver transplants, the highest in India and 2nd highest globally.[20]
  • Total Knee replacement of 101-year-old patient.[21]
  • Over 2, 500 kidney transplants.[22]
  • First successful intestinal transplant in India.[23]
  • First successful robotic kidney transplant.[24]
  • Highest number of renal robotic transplants in the world.[25]
  • World record for most number of Total Knee Replacements in least amount of time. 30 surgeries in one day by Dr. Ashok Rajgopal.[26]
  • Quality accredited by Joint Commission International, National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories.[27]

Special Services[edit]

Flying Doctors India[edit]

In June 2013, Medanta launched India's first state-of-the-art Air Ambulance,Flying Doctors India. Flying Doctors employs "PILATUS PC-12" aircraft as dedicated air ambulances that can transfer any patient, anytime, anywhere from India and abroad with a goal to provide critical care at the time of transit.[28]


The Telemedicine program at Medanta is based on cloud computing, wherein a group of doctors are available over the web for [29] video consultation from anywhere across the globe over any device be it a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.[30] Patients pay by using their credit cards after consultation.


Medanta Mediclinic, Cybercity[edit]

Medanta partnered with DLF and launched the Medanta Mediclinic in DLF Cybercity, building 10 C in 2014. The Mediclinic is a multi-super speciality clinic and out patient facility that delivers corporate healthcare services to Cybercity, Gurgaon, an interconnected set of office buildings that hold a workforce of 2.5 lakh people everyday.[31]

Medanta Mediclinic, Defence Colony[edit]

Medanta also has a multi- super speciality clinic and day-care branch set up as an extension of the flagship hospital. The Mediclinic serves to spread healthcare for patients who find it difficult to make the journey to the main hospital in Gurgaon. Set up as a ‘daycare only’ facility, the Mediclinic offers outpatient consultancy, wellness programs, dialysis, endoscopy, diagnostic testing and day care related surgeries across all specialties.

Medanta Airport Clinic[edit]

Medanta has two specific traveller-friendly Airport Clinic at Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3, New Delhi. Both clinics, one at the arrival and the other at the departure booth, are equipped with on-site doctors& outpatient services, including trauma centre with emergency beds and isolation room and allow for easy access to all passengers.[32]


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