Medard Gabel

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Medard Gabel
OccupationDesigner, Social Scientist
Notable worksGlobal Inc. and Designing a World That Works for All

Medard Gabel is an author and speaker who co-founded World Game Institute with Buckminster Fuller. Medard also founded BigPictureSmallWorld, Inc.

In conjunction with Global Education Motivators, Medard created the Design Science Lab which is a workshop for developing strategies to address the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. The results of the Lab have been published in Designing a World That Works for All.

Published works[edit]

  • Designing a World That Works for All (CreateSpace, 2010) ISBN 978-1-4563-2975-4
  • Global Inc.: An Atlas of Global Corporations (New Press 2003) ISBN 1-56584-727-X
  • Energy, Earth, and Everyone (Doubleday; Revised edition 1980) ISBN 0-385-14081-9
  • Ho-ping--food for everyone (Anchor Press/Doubleday; 1st ed edition 1979) ISBN 0-385-14082-7
  • A new world map for a new world order OCLC 38449342
  • Jobs for Americans: The untapped potential for employing more people in America's largest industry (Cornucopia Project, Rodale Press 1984) ASIN B0006YNX9U
  • Nitrogen use in Pennsylvania: Prospects for self-sufficiency (Cornucopia Project, Rodale Press 1984) ASIN B0006YWGB6. OCLC 13043516
  • World Game Report Two: Summary of a Project (Design Dept Southern Illinois University 1970) ASIN B000EVRJYU. OCLC 9474840
  • Empty Breadbasket? The Coming Challenge to America's Food Supply and What We Can Do About It (Cornucopia Project, Rodale Press 1981)
  • Environmental Design Science Primer (Advocate Press/Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Division of Environmental Education, 1975) OCLC 5750315

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