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Private company
Industry Healthcare Technology, Medical Software
Founded 1995
Headquarters Johnstown, PA, United States
Key people
Shawn Long, CEO
Richard Sukenik, CFO
Chris McCain, CIO
Products Electronic Medical Record, Electronic health record, Practice management software

MedcomSoft is a developer of interoperable software tools for the ambulatory care environment.

The name is a bi-capitalized portmanteau of "medical communication software," and is often abbreviated as MCSR.[citation needed]

Company history[edit]

MedcomSoft Purchased in February 2009 by (ECP) Company Founded in 1996 by Shawn Long is a US-based Software and Medical Billing Service company - - maintaining headquarters in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

On February 2, 2009 ECP a US-based company purchased the remaining assets of Medcomsoft Inc. which included the product called Medcomsoft Record. ECP was the leading MedcomSoft reseller for the past 5 years prior to the acquisition.

MedcomSoft Record[edit]

MedcomSoft Record is a clinical automation suite including:

  • Electronic Medical Record System
  • Practice Management System
  • Provider Order Entry
  • Document Management System
  • Referral and Authorization Management
  • Disease Management and Health Maintenance Systems, and
  • Tools for inter-office workflow, clinical decision support, coding and compliance checking.

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Further reading[edit]

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