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HD5 logo
Launched 22 December 2006 as MediaCorp TV HDTV
1 January 2007 as Mediacorp TV HD5
Network Mediacorp TV
Owned by Mediacorp
Picture format 1080i (HDTV) 16:9
Slogan Entertaining Your First
(1 January 2007-31 December 2007)
Come Home to 5
(1 January 2008-31 December 2014)
It's Good to be Home on 5
(1 January 2015-now)
Country Singapore
Language English
Broadcast area Singapore, Johor and Riau Islands
Headquarters Caldecott Broadcasting Centre (1 January 2007-7 December 2015)
Mediapolis@one-north in Buona Vista (8 December 2015-present)
Formerly called Mediacorp TV HDTV
Replaced Mediacorp TV HDTV
Sister channel(s) Channel 5
Channel 8
Channel U
Channel NewsAsia
Website MediaCorp HDTV
Mediacorp - Digital (DVB-T) (ceased) Channel 38 UHF (610 MHz) Ceased starting 1 March 2017.[1]
StarHub TV Channel 155 (HD)
Singtel TV Channel 2/305 (HD)

Mediacorp HD5 or HD5 (Chinese: 高清5頻道, formerly known as MediaCorp TV HDTV or HDTV) is Singapore's first 24-hour digital free-to-air high-definition television channel, simulcasting high-definition version of Mediacorp Channel 5 programming when available. It is the first digital terrestrial television broadcast high-definition channel in Southeast Asia and also first in the world to use MPEG4/AVC compression.

There are about 10-hours of True HD programmes shown on HD5 every week. The types of programmes include movies, dramas and local productions.

At other times, HD5 shows simulcast of upconverted Mediacorp Channel 5 broadcast.

On 1 January 2007, MediaCorp officially rolled out its HD5 television signal.

Since late 2013, Channel 5 (via DVB-T2) has been simulcast with this channel due to the start of digital TV in Singapore and the channel has been just simply known as "Channel 5 HD". However, a DVB-T version (alongside Channel 5, Channel 8 and Channel NewsAsia) with hard encoded subtitles was available until 28 February 2017. It ceased starting 1 March 2017 due to general availability of these services on DVB-T2 and to free up radio specturm. [1]


1 January 2005
22 December 2006
1 January 2007
  • The channel was renamed MediaCorp TV HD5 (shortened as HD5).
  • MediaCorp officially rolled out its HD5 television signal. 30 percent of primetime shows were broadcast in True HD format.
  • MediaCorp announced its plan for the official launch of HD5 during the last quarter of 2007.
  • Subscribers of Singapore Telecom Mio TV are able to receive HD5 via its high-definition television set-top box.
  • "HD5 LIFTOFF", an HD5 channel showcasing event was held at Suntec City Hall 401.
  • Various high-definition television manufacturers were also at the event to promote their products.
  • HD5 broadcast various foreign and national high-definition productions for its channel showcase during the 2 days.
  • The programming on that day included National Day Rally 2007, National Day Parade 2007 and 2007 Singapore Fireworks Celebrations.

The number of True HD programmes shown every week is increased to 7-hours.

  • Subscribers of StarHub TV are able to receive HD5 via its high-definition television set-top box.
8 August 2008
11 August 2010
15 February 2013
  • To celebrate 50 years of TV in Singapore since its pilot service in 1963, MediaCorp TV held a year-long golden jubilee celebrations.
1 December 2013
  • DVB-T2 version of Mediacorp Channel 5 was upgraded to HD to be able to broadcast MediaCorp HD5 digitally.
1 March 2017
  • DVB-T version of Mediacorp HD5 stopped broadcasting alongside other channels broadcasting on DVB-T platform. [1]


Before 1 January 2007, MediaCorp HD5 was known as:

  • 22 December 2006 – 1 January 2007
    • MediaCorp HDTV

Transmission Hours

HD5 is a 24-hour channel.

Every day at 06:00 SST, the Majulah Singapura (National Anthem of the Republic of Singapore) is played on HD5 as well as on its other sister stations.

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