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MediaMan icon 64
Developer(s) He Shiming
Initial release 2004
Stable release
3.10.1105 / 2010
Written in C++ / WTL / skia / Chromium Embedded Framework
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English / Japanese
Type Home Hobby / Cataloging
License Commercial

MediaMan is a general purpose collection organizer software for establishing a personal database of media collections (DVDs, CDs, books, etc.) developed by He Shiming.

Debuted in 2004 as freeware, MediaMan is the first software in its genre to create the concept of general purpose organizer, as people usually have to pay two licenses for a book organizer and a video organizer.

The license of MediaMan was freeware until late 2006, when the author decided to switch to shareware with a price of $39.95 for each license.

Amazon Web Services (later called E-Commerce Service and Product Advertising API) was used to retrieve product information automatically during the import process in MediaMan, which means it is also a part of the Amazon Associates program. However, the latest version of MediaMan (v3.10 series) no longer uses this API due to the efficiency guidelines introduced in October 2010.

MediaMan is also known as a Windows alternative to Mac OS X's Delicious Library.

Software development seems to have stalled with the last release of a beta of MediaMan 4.0 back in December 2013. There have been a growing number of bugs in the software that has made the program unusable for some. Communications with the developer has stopped, and development and bug fixes have ceased, but the site is still up.[1]

Product history[edit]

Date Version Major features License
2004.3 0.8 Initial public release Freeware
2004.6 1.0 Import from 6 Amazon sites, status tracking Freeware
2004.8 1.5 4-style item listing Freeware
2005.1 2.0 Virtual-Shelf, theme, webcam barcode scanning Freeware
2005.9 2.30 Enhanced virtual-shelf, theme, performance Freeware
2006.10 2.65 Switched to SQLite for file format, rewritten GUI Shareware
2007.8 2.70 Playback of audio/video inside program Shareware
2008.9 3.0 Complete rewrite to improve experience and performance Shareware
2010.10 3.10 Complete rewrite to further improve user experience, adopted Chromium style GUI Shareware

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