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Industry Television production (Audiovisual)
Founded 1994
Headquarters Barcelona, Spain
Area served
Spain, Portugal
Key people
Jaume Roures (CEO)
Revenue Increase 1.387 billion euros (2013)
Increase 91 millon euros (2013)
Increase 122 millon euros (2013)
Number of employees
Parent Imagina Media Audiovisual, S.L.
Divisions Madrid, Bilbao, Seville, Girona (Spain), Lisbon, Porto (Portugal), Miami (USA), Paris (France), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Qatar, Brussels (Belgium), London (UK), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Singapore.

Mediapro is a multimedia communications group in Spain. Founded in 1994 in Barcelona, the company is involved in movie and television production, as well as media (beIN Sports).

MediaPro is based in Barcelona, with branch offices in Madrid, Seville, Girona, Lisbon, Madeira, Budapest, Miami, Porto, Qatar, Amsterdam and Tenerife.

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