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Instructions and special-case notes

By default, protection lasts indefinitely. To specify an expiry, enter a length of time (e.g. "31 hours", "5 days" or "1 week") or an expiration date (e.g. "1 March 2017") in GNU standard format. Please update the protection templates on the page after changing the protection level.

  • Avoid non-integer values, such as "2.37 weeks" or "1.84 days"; the MediaWiki software might format them incorrectly.
  • Expiry times for move-protection and edit-protection can be set for different lengths of time.
    • This allows pages to be protected from editing for a definite period of time while move-protection can remain indefinitely.
  • The confirmed or autoconfirmed user rights are needed to move pages.
  • All pages edit protected here are publicly visible at Special:ProtectedPages.
  • All pages create protected here are publicly visible at Special:ProtectedTitles.
  • All pages protected with pending changes here are publicly visible at Special:StablePages.