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For Medial capitals, see Medial capitals.
Media Capital SGPS SA
Media company
Founded 1988
Headquarters Oeiras, Portugal
Products TV stations, radio stations, magazines, internet
Owner Grupo PRISA
Website Media Capital

Media Capital SGPS, SA, is a Portuguese media corporation founded in 1988 (originally named SOCI - Sociedade de Comunicação Independente, founded by Luís Nobre Guedes), based in Oeiras, Lisbon. Media Capital is a major media group in Portugal, and is one of the biggest media corporations in Europe. Media Capital distributes 20th Century Fox and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer home video releases in the Portuguese market under the Castello Lopes label. Grupo PRISA is the principal owner of Media Capital.


Media Capital operates in several areas of media and advertising. Here is a list of the companies owned by Media Capital.


TVI, a television broadcaster. It was acquired by Media Capital in 1997.

Media Capital Rádios, a radio broadcaster, which includes several radio stations:

  • Vodafone FM
    • 92.8 - Coimbra and Figueiró dos Vinhos
    • 94.3 - Maia - Porto
    • 101.1 - Moita (Setúbal) and parts of Lisbon
    • 107.2 - Amadora - Lisbon
  • Smooth FM
    • 89.5 - Matosinhos - Porto
    • 92.8 - Figueiró dos Vinhos (Coimbra)
    • 96.6 - Lisbon
    • 97.7 - Santarém
    • 103.0 - Barreiro

Shut down stations[edit]


  • Media Capital Edições, a magazine publisher:
    • Lux Magazine (women's magazine)
    • Maxmen (Portuguese version of Maxim men's magazine)
    • Portugal Diário (news magazine)
    • Agência Financeira (financial magazine)
    • MaisFutebol (Association football magazine)



Media Capital is owned by Grupo Prisa (95%), and by the Savings Banks of Vigo, Ourense and Pontevedra (5%). Until February 2007, Media Capital was co-owned by RTL Group and Grupo Prisa.

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