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Media Chinese International Limited
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Language Chinese
Headquarters Malaysia

Media Chinese International Limited (simplified Chinese: 世界华文媒体有限公司; traditional Chinese: 世界華文媒體有限公司) (SEHK00685; MYX: 5090) is a leading Chinese language media platform targeting Chinese readers in major Chinese communities worldwide headquartered in Malaysia.[1][2] Tan Sri Datuk Tiong Hiew King is the Chairman. It was formed by the merger of Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation Limited (Hong Kong), Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad (Malaysia) and Nanyang Press Holdings Berhad (Malaysia) in April 2008. It is the first entity dually listed on the mainboards of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Media Chinese's product portfolio comprises 5 daily newspapers in 13 editions and 3 free newspapers with a total daily circulation of about 1 million copies, as well as about 30 magazines. The Group has also expanded its business into digital media. Media Chinese is the proprietor of Life Magazines, the largest Chinese language magazine publisher in Malaysia, and is the major shareholder of One Media Group Limited (listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited; stock code: 426).

Key milestones[edit]

1923 - Nanyang Siang Pau was launched in Malaysia

1929 - Sin Chew Daily was launched in Malaysia

1946 - China Press was launched in Malaysia

1959 - Ming Pao Daily News launched in Hong Kong

1968 - Ming Pao Weekly was launched in Hong Kong

1987 - Guang Ming Daily was launched in Malaysia

1988 - Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad taken over by Tan Sri Datuk TIONG Hiew King

1989 - Nanyang Press Holdings Berhad was listed on the Mainboard of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad

1991 - Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation Limited was listed on the Mainboard of the HKEx

1993 - Ming Pao Daily News expanded to Vancouver and Toronto

1995 - Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation Limited was taken over by Tan Sri Datuk TIONG Hiew King

1997 - Ming Pao Daily News expanded to New York

2000 - Yahoo!took equity stake in

2004 - Ming Pao Daily News expanded to San Francisco

2004 - One Media Group is formed to publish and operate its lifestyle magazines in the Greater China region

2004 - Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad was listed on the main board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad

2005 - Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation Limited spun off One Media Group; which was successfully listed on the HKEx

2007 - Ming Pao Enterprise entered into a merger agreement with Sin Chew Media and Nanyang Press Holdings

2008 - Ming Pao Enterprise Corporation Limited completed the merger with Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad and Nanyang Press Holdings Berhad to create Media Chinese International Limited

2008 - Media Chinese International Limited was dully listed on the HKEx and Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad

2009 - Ming Pao Daily News New York Edition merged with its free daily to become Ming Pao (NY) Free Daily

2009 - Ming Pao Daily News San Francisco Edition ceased its publication

2009 - Media Chinese established a partnership with IATOPIA.COM in e-publication technologies and content management system

2009 - Media Chinese tapped China's mobile reading market through an investment in ByRead

2015 - LogOn ecommerce marketplace launched in Malaysia.

Vision and business direction[edit]

The major corporate value of Media Chinese is "Global Affairs.Chinese Perspective", which is to present a comprehensive yet objective in Chinese perspective on global issues to the Chinese communities around the world. As one of the key global Chinese-language media operators, a four-pronged strategy has been set to achieve the objective of "from local to global" and "from print to multimedia". Firstly, Media Chinese will continue to capture the organic growth in the home markets by further developing and improving the existing products. Secondly, the Group will continue to implement and integrate local operations especially in Malaysia, and to better exploit synergistic benefits by unlocking growth potentials of the existing content assets. Thirdly, the Group will embark on the full capabilities in bringing foreign contents into China and exporting established home-grown contents to other Chinese speaking communities. And fourthly, the Group will actively develop and expand the multimedia content deliveries via non-print channels.

Key publications[edit]

Media Chinese has 5 well-established Chinese language newspapers.

Ming Pao (Chinese: 明報) Launched on 20 May 1959, Ming Pao Daily News reports and analyzes economic, political and social events in the world. Editions are available in Hong Kong, Toronto, Vancouver, New York City and San Francisco. Ming Pao Daily News is one of the most influential and credible newspapers in Hong Kong.

Sin Chew Daily (Chinese: 星洲日報) Launched on 15 January 1929, Sin Chew Daily ranks the first in terms of circulation and readership in Peninsular Malaysia. It is also the largest Chinese language newspaper in Southeast Asia in terms of circulation.

China Press (Chinese: 中國報) Launched on 1 February 1946. On 19 May 1990, China Press launched evening paper and it holds the largest market share in evening paper market.

Guang Ming Daily (Chinese: 光明日報) Launched on 18 December 1987, Guang Ming Daily is a leading Chinese language newspaper in the Northern region of Peninsula Malaysia. In 1994, its circulation network expanded to the whole Malaysia and it ranks the third in terms of circulation and readership in Peninsula Malaysia.

Nanyang Siang Pau (Chinese: 南洋商報) Launched on 6 September 1923, Nanyang Siang Pau is the one of the oldest Chinese daily in Malaysia. It is also one of the largest Chinese dailies which ranks the fourth in terms of circulation and readership in Peninsular Malaysia.

Other publications[edit]

Media Chinese has over 30 magazine titles comprising categories of entertainment and lifestyle, technology, children and automotive.

  • Hong Kong publications

Yazhou Zhoukan (Chinese: 亞洲周刊) - published weekly, and is the world's only Chinese language international affairs magazine

Ming Pao Weekly (HK Edition) (Chinese: 明報周刊) - published weekly, and is a premium lifestyles and entertainment magazines in Hong Kong

TopGear (HK edition) (Chinese: 極速誌) - unique magazine mixture of entertainment and car-buying information

  • PRC publications

Popular Science (Chinese: 科技新時代) - it leads the field of science and technology publish in Mainland China

TopGear (China edition) (Chinese: 汽車測試報告) - showcase for the finest and enthralling automobiles

  • Malaysian publications

Bintang Sin Chew (Chinese: 小星星周刊) - is the most popular national full-color children's weekly in Malaysia

Sinaran Sin Chew (Chinese: 星星周刊) - published weekly, is a student publication recommended by the Ministry of Education

Cahaya Sin Chew (Chinese: 學海周刊) - it conducts campaign to encourage secondary school students to take Chinese exams

There are another 21 magazine titles published under the Life Magazines, which is a member of the Nanyang Press Group. They include Feminine (Chinese: 風采), New Tide (Chinese: 新潮), Oriental Cuisine (Chinese: 美味風采), New Icon for Him (Chinese: 時尚男人), Long Life (Chinese: 大家健康), etc.

Other businesses[edit]

Ming Pao Publications - specializes in politics, economy, history and literature publications and book series

Ming Man Publications - channel to publish the works of aspiring and talented authors

Charming Holidays & Delta Tour - famous travel agency in Hong Kong and with business spans across North America

Kin Ming Printing - based in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China


Media Chinese's product has various online portals across key cities in North America, Southeast Asia and Greater China.

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