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Media cooperatives are a form of cooperative that report on news based on the geographic location of their membership, or the general interests of the membership. Often they are a form of alternative media, critical of capitalism, with left-wing stances.[1] Media Cooperatives often unite customers and service providers to oppose a pure profit motive in the media.[2] In contrast to mainstream media companies, media cooperatives are able to report independently, due to the minimization of the Principal–agent problem.[citation needed]

Examples are: in Germany Junge Welt (1947) and Die Tageszeitung (1978), in Italy Il manifesto (1969), and in Switzerland WOZ Die Wochenzeitung (2012). In Hamburg, there is also the "media puzzle factory" as an association of providers to the media and cultural industry.

Some media cooperatives publish the local edition of Le Monde diplomatique.

Types of Media Cooperatives[edit]




List of Media Cooperatives[edit]

Name Country Language Format Type of Coop Established Publishing Frequency
Daily Herald Press USA English Online Worker 2001 Daily
Apache Belgium Flemish Online Multi-Stakeholder 2009 Daily
New Internationalist UK English Print, Online Multi-Stakeholder 1973 10 issues a year
Bristol Cable UK English Print, Online Consumer 2014 Quarterly Germany German Print, Online Consumer 1978 Daily
NB Media Co-op Canada English Online Consumer Weekly
Brazil Popular Brazil Portuguese Online Multi-Stakeholder 2015 Daily
Junge Welt Germany German Print, Online 1947 Daily
West Highland Free Press Scotland English Print, Online Worker 2009 Daily
El Critic Spain Spanish Online Worker 2015 Daily
Ethical Consumer UK English Print, Online Multi-Stakeholder Monthly
Sheffield Live UK English TV, Online Multi-Stakeholder 2003 Daily
Positive News UK English Print, Online Multi-Stakeholder Weekly
La Marea Spain Spanish Print, Online Multi-Stakeholder 2012 Daily
Haverhill Matters USA English Online Consumer 2016
Alternativas economicas Spain Spanish Online Worker 2013 Daily
Alternatives Economiques France French Online Worker 1980 Monthly
Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative USA English Online Worker 2011 Weekly
Il manifesto Italy Italian Print, Online Worker 1969 Daily
The Ferret Scotland English Online Multi-Stakeholder 2015 Daily
The Media Co-op (The Dominion (Canada)) Canada English Online Multi-Stakeholder 2006
Medor Belgium French Print, Online Multi-Stakeholder 2014 Monthly
Fourth Estate USA English Online Multi-Stakeholder 2011 Daily

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