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This is a list of media outlets in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


The city of Calgary has 33 terrestrial radio stations in which 8 are on the AM frequency and 25 on the FM frequency.

Frequency Call sign Branding Format Owner Notes
AM 660 CFFR 660 News news Rogers Media
AM 700 CJLI AM 700 The Light Christian music and talk Touch Canada Broadcasting
AM 770 CHQR AM 770 talk radio Corus Entertainment
AM 910 CKDQ Q91 country music Newcap Broadcasting broadcasting from Drumheller
AM 960 CFAC Sportsnet Radio Fan 960 sports Rogers Media
AM 1010 CBR CBC Radio One news/talk Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
AM 1060 CKMX Funny 1060 comedy[1] Bell Media airs a shortwave relay on 6.030 MHz with the call sign CFVP
AM 1140 CHRB AM 1140 news/sports and community Golden West Broadcasting broadcasts from High River
FM 88.1 CKAV-FM-3 Aboriginal Voices First Nations Aboriginal Voices Radio
FM 88.9 CJSI-FM Shine FM Christian music Touch Canada Broadcasting
FM 89.7 CBCX-FM Ici Musique public music Canadian Broadcasting Corporation French
FM 90.3 CKMP-FM Amp Radio 90.3 contemporary hit radio Newcap Broadcasting
FM 90.9 CJSW-FM CJSW 90.9 campus radio University of Calgary
FM 92.1 CJAY-FM CJAY92 active rock Bell Media
FM 92.9 CFEX-FM X92.9 modern rock Harvard Broadcasting
FM 93.7 CKUA-FM-1 CKUA Radio Network public broadcasting CKUA Radio Foundation Relays CKUA, Edmonton
FM 94.7 CHKF-FM FM 94.7 Asian Canadian community Fairchild Media Group
FM 95.3 CHPK-FM Wild 95.3 Country Jim Pattison Group
FM 95.9 CHFM-FM 95.9 CHFM adult contemporary Rogers Media
FM 96.9 CJAQ-FM Jack FM adult hits Rogers Media
FM 97.7 CHUP-FM Soft rock 97.7 adult contemporary Rawlco Communications
FM 98.5 CIBK-FM Virgin Radio 98.5 contemporary hit radio Bell Media
FM 99.1 CBR-1-FM CBC Radio One news/talk Canadian Broadcasting Corporation simulcasts CBR 1010 AM
FM 99.7 CFXO-FM Sun Country 99.7 country Golden West Broadcasting broadcasting from High River
FM 100.9 CKUV-FM The Eagle classic rock Golden West Broadcasting broadcasting from Okotoks
FM 101.5 CKCE-FM Kool 101.5 hot adult contemporary Jim Pattison Group
FM 102.1 CBR-FM CBC Music public music Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
FM 103.1 CFXL-FM XL103 classic hits/oldies Newcap Broadcasting
FM 103.5 C103 Legacy 103 campus radio Southern Alberta Institute of Technology cable FM only
FM 103.9 CBRF-FM Ici Radio-Canada Première news/talk Canadian Broadcasting Corporation French; relays CHFA Edmonton
FM 105.1 CKRY-FM Country 105 country music Corus Entertainment
FM 106.1 CFIT-FM Air 106.1 adult contemporary Golden West Broadcasting broadcasting from Airdrie
FM 106.5 CIRI-FM Traffic Advisory Radio traffic information City of Calgary
FM 106.7 CKYR-FM Red FM Multicultural Multicultural Broadcasting Corporation Inc.
FM 107.3 CFGQ-FM Q107 classic rock Corus Entertainment

Internet radio[edit]

On November 9, 2011, a number of applications were filed to the CRTC for new radio stations to serve Calgary.[2]


OTA virtual channel (PSIP) OTA actual channel Shaw Cable Call sign Network Notes
2.1 41 (UHF) 7 CICT-DT Global
4.1 29 (UHF) 3 CFCN-DT CTV
5.1 49 (UHF) 8 CKAL-DT City
9.1 21 (UHF) 6 CBRT-DT CBC Television
32.1 32 (UHF) 51 CKCS-DT Yes TV
38.1 38 (UHF) 4 CJCO-DT Omni Television News programming originates from CJEO-DT (Edmonton), or CFMT-DT/CJMT-DT (Toronto).
10 Shaw TV Calgary Shaw TV Community channel for Shaw Cable subscribers.

CTV Two Alberta ceased broadcasting over-the-air in Calgary on August 31, 2011.

The incumbent cable television provider in Calgary is Shaw Cable. Network programming from the United States is received on cable via affiliates from Spokane, Washington. While prime time in most of Canada runs from 8 pm to 11 pm, American prime time shows on weekdays run from 9 pm to midnight in Calgary, since Spokane is in the Pacific Time Zone. Although Calgary is in the Mountain Time Zone, many of the American cities closer to Calgary didn't have full network service until the late 1980s. Calgary has more than double the population of the Spokane stations' American coverage area. In particular, Spokane's PBS member station, KSPS-TV, has long relied on viewership in Calgary. Except for PBS, HDTV network programming is from Seattle, not Spokane.

On digital cable, U.S. network programming (in standard definition) is available from Detroit, Michigan in the Eastern Time Zone. Prime time shows on weekdays run from 6 to 9 pm. Via digital cable, Calgary customers can also receive broadcasts from other CTV and CBC markets across Canada.

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Daily (paid purchase)[edit]

Daily (free)[edit]


  • Coffee news - weekly fun news and community business marketing tool displayed primarily in local restaurants and coffee shops.



The city's four major post-secondary institutions publish student-run newspapers that are circulated throughout Calgary:


The following newspapers served Calgary and area, but are no longer published.

  • The Albertan - broadsheet daily which served Calgary from 1901 to 1980, at which point it was replaced by the tabloid-format Calgary Sun.
  • North Hill News - community weekly founded in the 1950s; later amalgamated with The Calgary Mirror.
  • The Calgary Mirror - community weekly, c.1970s to 2001; published by Sun Media during its final decade.
  • Fast Forward Weekly (FFWD) - free weekly newspaper, published from 1995 to 2015
  • The Calgary Straight - alternative news/entertainment weekly published from 1998 to 2002. Short-lived Calgary expansion of B.C.'s The Georgia Straight.
  • FYI Calgary In-Print - community weekly published January to May 2001 by Sun Media as successor to the Mirror. Tied into a news website initiative of Sun Media; later, the idea was revived as 24 Hours.
  • Dose - free daily newspaper, 2005–2006, published by CanWest. Later became a website. Succeeded by RushHour.

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