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The following is a list of media outlets for Hamilton, Ontario:


Hamilton has seven FM stations and three AM radio stations. Two of the stations are operated by local post-secondary institutions and one is news only.

On September 19, 2007, the CBC organized a meeting in Hamilton at the Convention Centre to discuss the idea of bringing a new radio station to the city, citing that "Hamilton was the largest, and most underrepresented city in the country in terms of media coverage."[1] In early 2012, the CBC confirmed its final plans for a new local news service in Hamilton; see "web" section below for further details.

Most of Toronto's radio stations also cover Hamilton.

To see a list of defunct radio stations in Hamilton, see Canadian Communications Foundation.[2]


Hamilton is part of the Toronto television market and receives most broadcast television from Toronto. CBC Television (CBLT-DT), Radio-Canada Télé (CBLFT-DT) and TVOntario (CICA-DT) are received directly from the networks' Toronto transmitters on the CN Tower; Global service is received from CIII-DT's re-broadcaster in Paris; CTV service may be received either from CFTO-DT (Toronto) or CKCO-DT (Kitchener), both stations are normally available on local cable systems. CTV Two is provided over-the-air by a local rebroadcaster, due to the distance of the CKVR-DT main transmitter in Barrie from Hamilton.

Television stations based in Hamilton include:

OTA virtual channel (PSIP) OTA actual channel Rogers Cable Cogeco Source Cable Call sign Network Notes
11.1 15 (UHF) 12 12 12 CHCH-DT Independent
35.1 35 (UHF) 71 22 18 CHCJ-DT CTV Two Rebroadcaster of CKVR-DT (Barrie)
36.1 36 (UHF) 19 17 35 CITS-DT Yes TV
14 14 14 Cable 14 Community channel operated jointly by all Hamilton cable providers

In addition, most of the Buffalo, New York stations easily reach Hamilton.

Cable service in Hamilton is divided up between two different cable companies: Cogeco and Rogers Cable (the former third independent company, Source Cable, is now a Rogers subsidiary).[3] Each system holds a monopoly in a specific part of Hamilton.



  • Hamilton Spectator The city's main daily newspaper. Established in 1846, it has a daily circulation over 100,000 and over 300,000 weekly readers. It is owned by Metroland Media Group, a division of Torstar
  • Hamilton Community News, formerly known as Brabant Newspapers, publishes weekly editions for Mountain News, Ancaster News, Dundas Star, and Stoney Creek News (now owned by Metroland Media Group).
  • Presencia Latina a monthly Spanish-language community paper.

Other publications[edit]

  • Unpack Magazine (a print and online magazine published by the Immigrant Women's Centre)
  • Hamilton Arts & Letters (an online magazine published by Samizdat Press)
  • View Magazine (local entertainment weekly)
  • Hamilton Magazine (published by Town Media, a division of Sun Media)
  • Biz Magazine (also published by Town Media)
  • H Magazine
  • Urbanicity (published by Martinus Geleynse | creator Reg Beaudry)
  • Mayday Magazine, a publication of the Sky Dragon Centre
  • Greater Hamilton Musician Annual, a printed compilation of local music news
  • Gusto Magazine A free monthly independent wellness magazine for Hamilton Ontario | creator Amy Bonin
  • Caledonia Grand River Sachem Glanbrook Gazette
  • Flamborough Review Inc
  • Coffee News - Ancaster Edition
  • Coffee News - Dundas/Westdale Edition
  • Coffee News - Waterdown Edition


In 2012, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announced its plans for a new local news service in Hamilton.[4] With the Hamilton area already within the broadcast range of CBC Radio and CBC Television's services in Toronto, it was not financially or technically feasible for the public broadcaster to launch new conventional radio or television stations in Hamilton; accordingly, the corporation has developed a new model, with Hamilton as its test project, to launch a local digital service that would be accessible on the Internet and telecommunications devices such as tablets and smartphones.[4] The project, CBC Hamilton, launched in May 2012.[5]

Local web sites include:

  • THEZine Arts & Events E-Blasts - On Line Arts, Entertainment and Business promotion covering Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe regions
  • Hamilton Scores! - Hamilton Amateur Sports News
  • Here Magazine - Dedicated to local news, mostly arts based
  • Hamilton Tigers - Dedicated to bringing the NHL back to Hamilton
  • Hamilton Music Awards - Annual Music Awards for Bands/ Artists from the Hamilton region
  • Greater Hamilton Musician - News for musicians and the music trade in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Brantford. Reviews, interviews
  • Raise the Hammer - Dedicated to sustainable urban revitalization
  • Software Hamilton - Covers local tech and startups


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