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This is a list of television and radio stations along with a list of media outlets in and around Iaşi, Romania including the Iaşi County.

TV stations[edit]

Channel Name Network Launch date Notes
6 TVR 2 Romanian Public Television Public channel
9 TVR 1 Romanian Public Television Public channel
24 Prima TV Iaşi Prima TV 2008 Affiliated station
28 Tele M None 1991 Local news channel
36 Antena 1 Iaşi Antena 1 2006 Affiliated station
38 TV Bit None 2000 Local news channel
44 Naţional TV Iaşi Naţional TV 2006 Affiliated station
48, 51 Pro TV Iaşi Pro TV 1999 Affiliated station
54 Iaşi TV Life None 2009 Local news channel
59 TVR Iași Romanian Public Television 1991 Regional station

The cable providers in Iaşi are UPC Romania and RCS&RDS.


Iaşi stations[edit]

Frequency Name Launch date Format Notes
AM 1053 Radio Iaşi Classic 1941 public / news Regional station
FM 105.0 Viva FM 2016 Commercial radio/News
FM 94.9 Radio Hit 1994 Contemporary hit radio
FM 96.3 Radio Iaşi FM 2007 public / Hot adult contemporary Regional station
FM 100.4 Radio Nord-Est 1994 Hot adult contemporary / news
FM 104
FM 102.2 - Paşcani
Vox T Radio 1990 Adult contemporary / Actual Based On

Other stations[edit]

Numerous radio stations outside Iaşi are also licensed to broadcast in the Iaşi area (Iaşi, Paşcani, Hârlău).[1]

Frequency Name Format Network Location
FM 87.8 - Iaşi PRO FM Commercial radio PRO FM Bucharest
FM 88.4 - Iaşi
FM 107.4 - Hârlău
FM 103.9 - Paşcani
Impact FM Commercial radio Impact FM Suceava
Bucharest - Radio ZU affiliated
FM 91.1 - Iaşi Magic FM[2] Commercial radio Magic FM Bucharest
FM 91.9 - Iaşi
FM 87.6 - Hârlău
Kiss FM Commercial radio Kiss FM Bucharest
FM 92.7 - Iaşi
FM 92.2 - Hârlău
Radio Trinitas Christian radio Radio Trinitas Iaşi, Bucharest
AM 1485 - Iaşi
FM 94 - Hârlău
Radio Vocea Speranţei Christian radio Radio Vocea Speranţei Bucharest
FM 97.9 - Iaşi RFI Iaşi Francophone news / talk RFI România Bucharest
FM 99.2 - Iaşi Info Pro

Digi FM

Commercial radio / news Info Pro

Digi FM

AM 1179
FM 101.1
Radio România Actualităţi Public radio Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company Bucharest
FM 101.6 - Iaşi
FM 91.4 - Paşcani
Radio 21

Virgin Radio

Commercial radio Radio 21 Bucharest
FM 102.7 - Paşcani Favorit FM Commercial radio Favorit FM Oradea
FM 103.1 Radio România Cultural Public radio / classical music Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company Bucharest
FM 107.4 - Hârlău Viva FM Iaşi Commercial radio Viva FM Suceava
FM 105.3 - Hârlău Radio ZU Commercial radio Radio ZU Bucharest
FM 106.5 - Iaşi Europa FM Commercial radio / news Europa FM Bucharest



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