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According to statistics for 2015–2016, the Richmond, Virginia market area is the 56th largest Designated Market Area in the United States, with 549,730 TV households. Richmond is served by a variety of communication media:

Print media[edit]


The local daily newspaper in Richmond is the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


  • Brick (defunct alternative weekly; published September 2006 to July 2010)
  • Style Weekly (alternative weekly)

Monthly / bi-monthly / quarterly[edit]

  • Boomer Magazine (bi-monthly)
  • Chesterfield Living, West Ends Best, Hanover Lifestyle (bi-monthly)
  • Greater Richmond Grid Magazine (bi-monthly)
  • Richmond Magazine (monthly)
  • RVA Magazine[1] (quarterly)
  • Whurk (monthly)

News and newsmagazines[edit]

The Richmond Free Press[2] and the Richmond Voice [3] are weekly newspapers that cover the news from a predominantly African American perspective. The only Hispanic magazine in the state, La Voz Hispana de Virginia [4] provides significant cultural and news content in both English and Spanish. There are also two major publications from the Jewish community of Richmond, published in English; The Reflector is the semi-weekly newspaper of the Jewish Federation of Richmond and Virginia Jewish Life (formerly Virginia Jewish News) is an independent monthly magazine published by the Chabad community of Richmond, but highlighting stories of general Jewish interest in Virginia. City Edition was a civic-minded newspaper that listed municipal and council related events, issues, and results, which stopped publication in October 2007. [5]. is an online newsmagazine with a wide readership. Other local topical publications include Richmond Parents Magazine and V Magazine for Women. the voice of women in Richmond. [6] Richmond Guide [7] is a quarterly that is targeted toward visitors. The Virginia Defender [8] is a quarterly statewide community newspaper with a press run of 16,000 distributed through nearly 300 distribution sites in Richmond, plus 16 other Virginia cities and five counties.

Richmond Planet on Saturday May 31, 1902.

Richmond's leading African American newspaper at the turn of the century was the Richmond Planet which ran from 1883-1996 and was edited by John Mitchel, Jr. from 1884 until his death in 1929.

Regional and county newspapers include the following:


VCU, VUU, and University of Richmond have student-run newspapers, including VCU's Commonwealth Times, Ink, Amendment, Emanata, and Poictesme.


Richmond is served by several television stations.


Richmond's over-the-air television stations:

Analog Digital Repack PSIP Callsign Licensed To Primary
Ownership Website
n/a 25 23 6 WTVR Richmond CBS 6.2 - Antenna TV
6.3 - Xtra News
Tribune Broadcasting
n/a 22 28 8 WRIC Petersburg ABC 8.2 - Ion Television
8.3 - GetTV
n/a 12 10 12 WWBT Richmond NBC 12.2 - Me-TV
12.3 - Escape
Raycom Media
17** 14* n/a n/a WXOB Richmond Religious Independent n/a KM Broadcasting none
n/a 42 22 23 WCVE Richmond PBS 23.2 - WCVE Create
23.3 - MHz Worldview
Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation
n/a 26 24 35 WRLH Richmond Fox 35.2 - MyNetworkTV/TBD/
35.3 - Comet
35.4 - Charge!
Sinclair Broadcast Group
n/a 28 TBD n/a WWBK-LP Richmond Laff n/a Regal Media
n/a 45 TBD 45 WZTD Richmond Telemundo n/a ZGS Communications
48 48 TBD 48 WRID-LD Richmond Daystar n/a Word of God Fellowship (Daystar)
n/a 44 29 57 WCVW Richmond PBS none Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation
n/a 47 8 65 WUPV Ashland CW 65.2 - Bounce TV
65.3 - GritTV
Southeastern Media Holdings
operated by Raycom Media

* These low-power stations have construction permits to move to new digital channels in the near future.
** As of December 31, 2015, this station is indicated as Silent on the FCC's broadcast database.

Repack refers to the impending reallocation of channel assignments following FCC Auctions 1001/1002, which is designed to sell unused TV spectrum to wireless service operators. Richmond-area stations will begin testing in January 2020, and will have to move to their new channels by March 13, 2020. Low-power stations will be affected, but new channel assignments have not been released as of May 2017.

Primary station signals air on 2-3 channels per cable system (usually one in standard definition and 1-2 in high definition). Subchannels are cleared on cable systems through contractual agreements, and are generally in standard definition.


Comcast is the primary cable television provider for the Richmond area (Richmond city proper, Chesterfield, Henrico County) and the Tri-Cities (area includes Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Hopewell and the counties of Dinwiddie and Prince George). In the city and Henrico County, it is the successor to the franchise originally held by Continental Cablevision, then MediaOne, then AT&T Broadband, before Comcast acquired AT&T Broadband. In Chesterfield, it is the successor to the franchise originally held by Storer Cable. In the nearby Tri-Cities area, it is the successor to the franchise originally held by Sammons Communications, then Marcus Cable, then Tele-Media, then Adelphia, before Comcast acquired Adelphia.

Verizon now offers television through its fiber-optic system, FiOS TV, in Richmond City and Henrico and Chesterfield Counties, and is currently expanding its services farther into the outlying Richmond area.


The metropolitan area is served by a variety of radio stations, serving a wide variety of musical and other interests.


Several AM stations serve a variety of music, talk, and sports topics, including the following:

Frequency Callsign Licensed To Nickname Format Owner Web site
590 WLES Bon Air The Truth Religious Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Truth Richmond website
800 WSVS Crewe Virginia's Country Legend Classic Country Gee Communications WSVS Facebook
820 WNTW Chester 820 The Answer Christian Talk Delmarva Educational Association WNTW website
910 WRNL Richmond FOX Sports Radio 910 Sports radio iHeartMedia WRNL website
ESPN Richmond 950 & 102.7 ESPN Radio Urban One WXGI website
990 WREJ Richmond Rejoice Radio Gospel Radio Richmond LLC WREJ website
1140 WRVA Richmond Newsradio 1140 WRVA News/Talk (50,000 watts) iHeartMedia WRVA website
1290 WDZY Colonial Heights AM1290 The Word Religious Wilkins Radio Network Wilkins Radio Richmond website
1320 WVNZ Richmond Maxima 1320 Spanish TBLC Media WVNZ website
1340 WHAP Hopewell Fox Sports Radio 1340 Sports/Variety/Talk PT Brown Broadcasting WHAP website
1380 WBTK Richmond Radio Poder Hispanic Religion Mt. Rich Media WBTK website
1430 WHAN Ashland 91.1 WTJU Variety Fifth Estate (LMA with University of Virginia)
(Carries programming from WTJU/Charlottesville)
WTJU website
1450 WCLM Highland Springs Heart & Soul Of Richmond Urban Oldies/Religion/Variety World Media WCLM website
1480 WTOX Glen Allen Activa 1480 Mexicana TBLC Media Activa Richmond website
1540 WONA Richmond Station went dark on Nov. 9, 2015
Current license to stay silent expired May 30, 2017
Delmarva Educational Association
1590 WFTH Richmond Modern Rock, No Commercials Modern Rock Stu-Comm
(Relay of WNRN-FM/Charlottesville)
WNRN-FM website
1620 WPQE514 n/a Highway Advisory Road Condition Reports Commonwealth Of Virginia none


On the FM dial, popular music stations include the following:

Frequency Callsign Licensed To Nickname Format Owner Web site
88.1 WRIH-FM Richmond American Family Radio Religious American Family AFR Network website
WNRN-FM Midlothian
Modern Rock, No Commercials Modern Rock Stu-Comm
(Translators for WFTH-AM/Richmond, relaying WNRN-FM/Charlottesville)
WNRN-FM website
88.9 WCVE-FM Richmond Community Idea Stations Public Radio Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corporation WCVE-FM website
89.7 WLRJ Charles City Radio Nueva Vida Spanish Christian Educational Media Foundation Radio Neuva Vida website
90.1 WARV-FM Colonial Heights Air1 Contemporary Christian Educational Media Foundation Air1 website
90.1 WDCE-FM Richmond 90.1 FM Student-run Alternative Music University Of Richmond WDCE-FM website
WJYJ-FM Fredericksburg
Virginia's Positive Hits Christian and gospel Positive Alternative Radio PAR Network website
91.1 WHCE-FM Highland Springs Mix 91 Henrico County Student-run Contemporary Music County Of Henrico n/a
91.3 WVST-FM Petersburg The Source R&B/Urban/Jazz/Public affairs/Sports Virginia State University WVST-FM website
91.7 KAWZ Lakeside CSN International Christian Calvary Chapel of Twin Falls
(Translator for KAWZ-FM/Twin Falls, ID)
CSN Network website
WCDX-FM Mechanicsville
iPower 92 Mainstream Urban Urban One WCDX-FM website
92.5 W223AZ Richmond Radio IQ NPR/BBC Talk Virginia Tech Foundation
(Translator for Radio IQ Network)
Radio IQ website
93.1 WWLB Ettrick 93.1 Hank FM Classic Country music Alpha Media WWLB website
93.5 WBBC-FM Blackstone Bobcat Country Country / Sports Denbar Communications WBBC-FM website
93.7 WCFC-LP Richmond Christian Crusade for Christ Temple Church of God in Christ CFC Network website
93.9 WKLV Blackstone Oldies 93.9 Oldies Denbar Communications
(Simulcast of WKLV-AM/Blackstone)
WKLV website
94.5 WRVQ-FM Richmond Q94 Top 40/CHR iHeartMedia WRVQ-FM Website
94.9 WRVL Richmond The Journey Christian Liberty University
(Translators for WRVL-FM/Lynchburg)
WRVL-FM website
95.3 WKHK-FM Colonial Heights K95 Country music SummitMedia LLC WKHK-FM website
96.1 W241AP Midlothian 96.1 The Planet Classic rock iHeartMedia W241AP website
96.5 WKLR-FM Fort Lee Classic Rock 96.5 Rock SummitMedia LLC WKLR-FM website
96.9 WWUZ-FM Bowling Green 96-9 The Rock Classic rock* Alpha Media WWUZ-FM website
97.1 WSVS Crewe Virginia's Country Legend Christian Gee Communications
(Translator for WSVS-AM/Crewe)
WSVS website (offline)
97.3 WRIR-LP Richmond Richmond Indie Radio Specialty Music Programs
Community focused programming
Virginia Center For The Public Press WRIR-LP website
WLES Bellwood
The Truth Religious Delmarva Educational Association
(Translator for WLES/Bon Air)
Truth Richmond website
98.1 WTVR-FM Richmond Mix 98.1 Adult Contemporary iHeartMedia WTVR-FM website
98.5 W253BI Richmond Big 98.5 Country iHeartMedia W253BI website
K-LOVE Contemporary Christian Educational Media Foundation K-LOVE Network website
105.7 & 99.3 Kiss FM Urban Adult Contemporary Urban One Kiss FM website
99.9 WYFJ-FM Ashland FM 100 Christian and gospel BBN BBN Network website
100.9 WJSR Lakeside Star 100.9 Classic Hits SummitMedia LLC WJSR-FM website
101.3 WREJ Richmond Rejoice Radio Gospel Radio Richmond LLC
(Translator for WREJ/Richmond)
WREJ website
102.1 WRXL-FM Richmond XL102 Modern Rock iHeartMedia WRXL-FM website
102.7 WXGI Petersburg ESPN Richmond 950 & 102.7 ESPN Radio Urban One
Translator for WXGI/Richmond
WXGI website
102.9 WHAN Ashland 91.1 WTJU Variety Fifth Estate (LMA with University of Virginia)
(Carries programming from WTJU/Charlottesville)
WTJU website
103.3 WDZY Colonial Heights AM1290 The Word Religious Wilkins Radio Network
(Translator for WDZY/Colonial Heights)
Wilkins Radio Richmond website
103.3 WBDB-LP Richmond Not yet on air Big Deal Productions
103.7 WURV-FM Richmond 103.7 PLAY Hot Adult Contemporary SummitMedia LLC WURV-FM website
104.3 W282CA Richmond G104.3 Classic Hip-Hop SummitMedia LLC W282CA website
104.7 WPZZ-FM Crewe Praise 104.7 Urban Gospel Urban One WPZZ-FM website
105.3 WQCN-LP Richmond The Choice Gospel Faith & Love Fellowship Church WQCN-LP Facebook
106.1 W291CL Richmond Hot 106.1 Top 40/CHR SummitMedia LLC W291CL website
106.5 WBTJ-FM Richmond 106.5 The Beat Mainstream Urban iHeartMedia WBTJ-FM website
106.9 WAFX-FM Suffolk 106.9 The Fox Classic Rock Saga WAFX-FM website
107.3 WBBT-FM Powhatan 107.3 BBT Classic Hits ('80s) Alpha Media WBBT-FM website

Internet media[edit]

While electronic is a new category of media, several outlets compete for online readership. A number of neighborhood news sites have come online in 2007.

Media corporations[edit]

Radio ownership in Richmond is dominated by five companies:

  • SummitMedia LLC (WKLR, WMXB, WJSR, WKHK)
  • Alpha Media (WWLB, WBBT, WARV, WLFV)
  • Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting (WLES, WGGM-AM)

Two other media corporations are based in Richmond and own a substantial number of stations in Richmond and around the country:

Communication schools[edit]

Richmond is home to the VCU School of Mass Communications, which was founded in 1978 and offers bachelor's and master's degrees in journalism, advertising and public relations. It is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). The school houses Capital News Service, VCU InSight, and the VCU Create-A-thon.

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