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The following is a list of media in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Newspapers and magazines[edit]

Daily newspapers[edit]

Ethnic media[edit]

Weekly/monthly newspapers[edit]

Neighborhood newspapers[edit]

  • The Herald - free weekly newspaper delivered to northeast Winnipeg homes
  • The Lance - free weekly newspaper delivered to south and southeast Winnipeg homes
  • The Metro - free weekly newspaper delivered to west Winnipeg homes; not related to Metro Winnipeg
  • The Sou'wester - free weekly newspaper delivered to southwest Winnipeg homes
  • The Times - free weekly newspaper delivered to northwest Winnipeg homes


  • Uptown - local alternative urban weekly newspaper[5]


  • Border Crossings: A Magazine of the Arts[6]
  • Canadian Dimension[7]
  • Ciao! Magazine
  • Herizons[8]
  • The Huddle
  • Manitoba Hockey News
  • OutWords[9]
  • WHERE Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg Men
  • Winnipeg Women

Television stations[edit]

There are five English-language stations and one French-language station based in Winnipeg that supply free programming to the city. Most homes subscribe to cable television through Shaw Communications, or IPTV through MTS. There are also two satellite services available through Shaw Direct and Bell TV. Some homes use grey market satellite dishes to bring in signals from American satellite services.

OTA virtual channel
OTA channel Shaw Cable Call Sign Network Notes
3.1 51 (UHF) 10 CBWFT-DT Ici Radio-Canada Télé
6.1 27 (UHF) 2 CBWT-DT CBC Television
7.1 7 (VHF) 5 CKY-DT CTV
9.1 40 (UHF) 12 CKND-DT Global
13.1 13 (VHF) 8 CHMI-DT City
35.1 35 (UHF) 11 CIIT-DT Independent Formerly Joytv 11

Additionally, American network affiliates broadcasting from Fargo and Grand Forks, North Dakota are available over-the-air in many parts of Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba. Until the mid-1980s, KRDK-TV (then known as KXJB) and KVLY-TV (then known as KTHI) from Fargo were available on Winnipeg's cable service. These channels were replaced by WDIV-TV and WJBK from Detroit, later WTOL from Toledo. Currently, WCCO-TV and KARE from Minneapolis, Minnesota are available to Winnipeg via cable. WDAZ-TV from Grand Forks is still available on Winnipeg cable TV systems.

For decades, the Fargo/Grand Forks stations depended heavily on advertising in Winnipeg, as Winnipeg has more than double the population of the Fargo/Grand Forks market. WUHF, the Fox-affiliate from Rochester, New York, has been available on cable since December 1994. Fargo Fox affiliate KVRR operates a repeater, KNRR, in border town Pembina, North Dakota; it reaches Winnipeg over-the-air. However, its weak signal requires either a rooftop VHF antenna aimed south or being located on a high floor of a tall building.

KNRR was intended to target Winnipeg, but is not carried on any Winnipeg-area systems due to Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission concerns that Winnipeg businesses will advertise on KNRR rather than Winnipeg stations. Ironically, some Winnipeg businesses advertise on WDAZ, which is carried on cable TV in Winnipeg, as many Winnipeg residents shop in Grand Forks (and Fargo) to take advantage of lower taxes. However this is sometimes ineffective due to simultaneous substitution. This practice requires cable systems to replace WDAZ's signal with that of a Winnipeg station (usually either CKY or CKND) whenever the same program and episode air simultaneously.

The PBS member network for North Dakota, Prairie Public Television, has been carried on Winnipeg cable systems for over four decades by way of its Grand Forks outlet, KGFE. Winnipeg is almost as large as the entire American population of Prairie Public's footprint, and has long been a significant supporter of the network.

Locally based national cable television channels[edit]

Former locally based national cable television channels[edit]


Winnipeg is home to 24 AM and FM radio stations. The most popular station for many years has been CJOB, a talk-oriented station famous for its coverage of major storms and floods. After an absence of many years, Winnipeg is now home to two English-language and one French-language campus radio stations. NCI is devoted to Aboriginal programming, and CKJS is devoted to ethnic programming. CBC Radio One and CBC Radio 2 broadcast local and national programming, and two Radio-Canada stations also broadcast French programming. There are several rock and pop oriented stations, two country stations, and one tourist information station.

Frequency Call sign Brand name Format Owner City Notes
580 AM CJML special events (unknown) Winnipeg Since 2005, this low-power special events radio station has been used from time to time
on CKY's former AM frequency at 580 kHz.[10][11]
680 AM CJOB CJOB 68 news/talk/sports Corus Entertainment Winnipeg
810 AM CKJS -- ethnic Evanov Communications Winnipeg
990 AM CBW CBC Radio One public news/talk Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Winnipeg
1290 AM CFRW TSN Radio sports radio Bell Media Radio Winnipeg
88.1 FM CKSB-10-FM Ici Radio-Canada Première public news/talk (French) Société Radio-Canada Winnipeg
89.9 FM CKSB-FM Ici Musique public music (French) Société Radio-Canada Winnipeg
91.1 FM CKXL Envol 91 community radio (French) La Radio communautaire du Manitoba inc. Winnipeg
92.1 FM CITI 92 Citi FM classic rock Rogers Communications Winnipeg
93.7 FM CJNU pop standards Nostalgia Broadcasting Cooperative Winnipeg
94.3 FM CHIQ 94.3 The Drive classic hits Jim Pattison Group Winnipeg
95.1 FM CHVN CHVN 95.1FM contemporary Christian music Golden West Broadcasting Winnipeg
95.9 FM CKUW CKUW 95.9 campus radio University of Winnipeg Winnipeg
96.7 FM CILT Mix 96.7 adult contemporary Golden West Broadcasting Steinbach
97.5 FM CJKR Power 97 active rock Corus Entertainment Winnipeg
98.3 FM CBW CBC Radio 2 public music Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Winnipeg
99.1 FM CJGV Peggy @ 99.1 FM adult contemporary Corus Entertainment Winnipeg
99.9 FM CFWM Bob FM adult hits Bell Media Radio Winnipeg
100.7 FM CFJL Pop 100.5 '90s/00's hits Evanov Communications Winnipeg
101.5 FM CJUM UMFM campus radio University of Manitoba Winnipeg
102.3 FM CKY 102.3 KiSS FM hot adult contemporary Rogers Communications Winnipeg
103.1 FM CKMM Virgin Radio CHR Bell Media Radio Winnipeg
104.1 FM CFQX QX 104 country Jim Pattison Group Selkirk
104.7 FM CIUR Hot Country 104.7 country Native Communications Winnipeg
105.5 FM CICY NCI country NCI Selkirk
106.1 FM CHWE Energy 106 CHR Evanov Communications Winnipeg
107.1 FM CKCL Classic 107 Classical and Jazz Golden West Broadcasting Winnipeg


Frequency Call sign Brand name Format Owner/Notes City
107.9 FM CJWV "Flava 107.9" urban Harmony Broadcasting Ltd Winnipeg
92.9 FM CKIC KICK FM campus radio Red River College Winnipeg


In 1922, George Melrose Bell of Calgary was licensed to launch a radio station in Winnipeg known as CKZC-AM but this station never made it to the airwaves as he was too busy putting stations on the air in Calgary and Regina, and the license expired.[12] Another defunct station, CKZC was launched by Lynn V. Salton in 1922. It is currently unknown of what happened to CKZC.[13]

On January 23, 2012, the CRTC ruled that campus radio stations in Canada could no longer use students as on-air DJs, and instead would follow the definition of a community radio station. This move meant that CKIC was to be the first station forced off the air due to such a decision.[14] On July 4, 2012, at 4 PM, the station indeed shut down its operation as an over-the-air broadcaster and turned in the corresponding license to the CRTC.[15] Starting in the Fall of 2012, it plans to return to the air as an internet-only radio station.

Internet media[edit]


  • Couch Surfin' - Hosted by Devin Bray and Terrance Williams, it was voted the "Best Local Podcast 2013" by University of Winnipeg's student newspaper The Uniter. They typically have interviews with Winnipeg luminaries or people they find interesting. Notable guests include Fred Penner, Charles Adler, Jon Ljungberg, UFC fighters Joe Doerkson and Roland Delorme and rapper Broms of the Filthy Animals.[16][17]
  • The Garbage Hill Podcast Network - Winnipeg's first independent podcast network
  • Manitoba Podcast Network - a collection of locally produced online shows that run the gamut from movies and pop culture to craft beer and video games[18]
  • Media Nerds Podcast - a weekly discussion about media: TV, Netflix, movies, advertising, journalism, radio and social; hosted by Kenton Larsen and Dan Vadeboncoeur, instructors in Red River College's Creative Communications program[19]
  • Return to Sender - a music and comedy podcast focused on promoting little-known, often local, bands[20]
  • The Supporting Act - an informal interview podcast highlighting the personalities of local and touring comedians, musicians and other artists.[21]