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Media in Zambia consist of several different types of communications media: television, radio, cinema, newspapers, magazines, and Internet-based Web sites. The Ministry of Information, Broadcasting Services and Tourism is in charge of the Zambian News Agency which was founded in 1969.


Radio stations in Zambia provide both music and news media to the public through FM broadcasting. These radio stations include Flava FM on channel 87.7, Breeze FM on channel 89.3, and Chikuni Community Radio Station on 91.9 FM.


Television in Zambia includes media developed and distributed by the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation.[1]


Newspapers in Zambia include the Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail, and The Post.


Partners Guide is a leading magazine discussing business and economic issues which is online at[2][3] The Bulletin & Record is an established magazine discussing political issues.


The Zambian Watchdog was a newspaper publication which eventually changed its media into an internet news website.

Freedom of the press[edit]

Freedoms of expression and of the press are constitutionally guaranteed in Zambia, but the government frequently restricts these rights in practice.[4] Although the ruling Patriotic Front has pledged to free state-owned media—consisting of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and the widely circulated Zambia Daily Mail and Times of Zambia—from government editorial control, these outlets have generally continued to report along pro-government lines. Many journalists reportedly practice self-censorship since most government newspapers do have prepublication review.[4] The ZNBC dominates the broadcast media, though several private stations have the capacity to reach large portions of the population.

The rights group Freedom House, which publishes annual country reports on press freedom status, has ranked Zambia’s press as “Not Free” even in 2016.[5]

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